For the first time since I started college, (I graduated in May) I am getting to spend valuable time with my family for an extended period in southern Indiana. It has been wonderful. As a result, my blogging has slowed down.

I love the roads and scenery in Indiana as a backdrop for my runs. It is truly beautiful–I stop several times when I run to take photos. Here are a few of them at the end of this post!

Soon I will be posting reviews about Navitas Naturals products as well as Jay Robb’s protein products–it has taken me a while to try all of them and formulate some quality feedback. They should be posted within a week’s time.

I am grateful for my family and the happiness they bring me. I am also grateful for the small group so far that read my blog and stories. Here’s to you all! What are you grateful for?


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3 thoughts on “Indiana

  1. As downtown Indy resident for over 20 years (now living in Brown County) it was great to recognize some of the photos…remember when Georgetown Market was called Georgetown Health Food and was the size of a postage stamp…thanks for the memories.

    Be encouraged!

    1. Thanks for sharing all of that info with me! My family and I have been camping at Brown County State Park several times and I am always amazed at the beauty of that area–especially in the fall months. I also love Nashville–particularly “The Daily Grind” and the “Life is Good” shop there. I am not familiar with the earlier version of Georgetown market but I sure do enjoy what it has become. Happy to have crossed paths over the internet with someone so familiar with this area–very cool! 🙂

      Your words are very encouraging, thank you!!

      1. When your family and you are camping at the State Park you are about 4 miles from our home…go out Horseman’s Camp entrance, turn left, go 4 miles and you are in front of our house…Daily Grind is awesome…Susie (my wife) and I love it.

        Have fun and as always…Be encouraged!

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