Navitas Naturals Organic Snacks Review

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Navitas Naturals Organic Snacks Review

Let me start out by saying that all three of these products were completely new to me. A lot of the ingredients in these foods were new to me as well–what a great way to experience and taste new things.

Sun-dried White Mulberries

Navitas Naturals’ Description:

Turkish mulberries have been considered a precious fruit for thousands of years due to their incredible taste. A bit like a dried fig in flavor and chewy crunch, these sweet treats are an amazing snack on their own, and are also a special substitute for raisins in granola, pancakes, smoothies, and baked goods. Apart from their great taste, Navitas Naturals Mulberries offer an incredible display of nutrition as well: including high levels of iron, calcium, vitamin C, protein, and fiber. Plus, as one of the few natural foods containing Resveratrol (the “anti-aging” component in red wine grapes), mulberries serve as a true power food.

My Description and Thoughts:

I had no idea to expect when trying these. My best guess was that they would have a similar texture as other dried fruits I have tried. Just the look of these little berries is interesting–to me they look like tiny little pine cones. I popped a few into my mouth to give them a try and was pleased. The texture is crunchy and little bit chewy–very satisfying for those who like a little crunch to what they eat. My flavor is nice and mild fruitiness; not too pungent or overwhelming. These would be good to consume by the handful, or perhaps in a bowl of yogurt (or a soy/rice/coconut/almond alternative).

Blueberry Hemp Superfood

Navitas Naturals’ Description:

Grab a bite of energy and celebrate, because while your taste buds are singing, your body’s feeling even healthier. These delicious snacks are made from the most nutrient-dense plants found in nature, packed with functional food stars like cacao, maca, chia, and camu-camu. At Navitas, our tradition is to globally source the most nutritious, wholesome, and sustainably-cultivated ingredients we can find. Now, we’ve combined these premium organic superfoods into flavorful grab-and-go snacks, making it easier than ever to enjoy their vibrant benefits.

My Description and Thoughts:

These little nibbles come in a cubed form and are bite size. They taste like you might imagine–the main flavor is the blueberry and the hemp provides a hearty background. I imagine these being perfect to keep in your backpack to snack on during a hike, bike, or run. They are satisfying and filling; only a handful and you can fulfill a spike in hunger.

3 Berry, Cacao Nib, & Cashew Trail Mix

Navitas Naturals’ Description:

Ancient nomads were the first to discover the benefits of trail mix: potent wild foods that are portable, full of energy, and do not require cooking. Today, Navitas Naturals extends this tradition by using only the most powerful superfoods available to create the ultimate organic raw trail mix. This special trail mix contains high-energy cacao, healthy really-raw cashews, antioxidant-rich goji berries, sweet well-rounded mulberries, and vitamin-packed goldenberries. Excellent by the handful, or tossed into recipes for an easy gourmet boost, Navitas Naturals Trail Power is a delicious way to fuel your lifestyle.

My Description and Thoughts:

Before becoming a bit more conscious about my eating, I indulged in trail mix (the kind with m&m’s, peanuts, raisins, etc) thinking they were “good” for me. I have since cut that out of my daily intake, but I was happy to find a nutrient-packed and healthy alternative. Similarly to the dried mulberries, this trail mix is good by the handful or in yogurt (or a non-daily alternative). My favorite ingredients are the naturally sweet and salty raw cashews, cacao bits, and goji berries. The mulberries and goldenberries compliment the other ingredients well. I imagine putting a bag of these in my purse for when I need a hearty snack.

All in all, I’m extremely pleased with these healthy snacks because you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body while also satisfying your hunger or “munchies.”

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7 thoughts on “Navitas Naturals Organic Snacks Review

  1. The trail mix where did you get it looks really good ? And what does the cacao taste like I have been wanting to try it ?

    1. I received these as samples from Navitas Naturals– but you can buy any and all of their products online. Sometimes, your local health specialty store will have them. The trail mix is really yummy–the goji berries make it pleasantly tart, the mulberries & golden berries add a nice sweetness, and the cacao & cashews are decadent and a tad salty tasting. The cacao nibs are awesome–If you love chocolate, then you will love them. They are rich, slightly sweet and fulfilling!

  2. Hey jes! Maybe you can help my mom out with a problem: my mom is in pretty good shape for her age, eats tons of veggies/fruit, etc. She works out about 4-5 days a week, usually doing a Pilates class, a jog, etc, but nothing too strenuous. Just for muscle toning and some light weight loss.

    What is a good drink/smoothie idea for her to ‘replace’ a meal with? She is looking for something that ties her over, doesnt make her gain or necessarily lose weight, not too expensive and most importantly, it can’t be “gritty, grassy, beany, or artificially'” tasting.

    She is a teacher and doesn’t have time to sit and eat. She is obsessed with her magic bullet type blender and used to use protein powder and whey powder but they made her gain about 3-4 pounds after a week or so. I know one powder was a Jillian michaels one and she’s bought others at target.

    Any ideas? She usually uses plain Greek yogurt, a berry/fruit of some sort, almond milk, a protein powder and ice. She’s not vegan and just doesn’t want it to taste bad or make her gain weight. Oh, and prefferably she can buy it at a store instead of online.

    Thanks Dr.Jes!!!

    1. Thanks for asking! I’d love to help.

      I’ve found with the protein powders that if you consume the full serving it recommends, you might gain a little weight unless you are doing regular weight training and/strenuous exercise several days a week. That amount of protein is meant to help your body rebuild after intense exertion or exercise.

      You still need that protein in your diet–so if she likes using protein powder in smoothies, use half or a quarter of a serving instead of the whole recommended amount. This way, she is still getting an adequate amount of protein (which, in the right amount, will aid weight loss) without overdoing it.

      Since she has decreased the protein in her smoothie, look to produce to add the extra ingredients. Here are a few ideas (experiment with amounts so that the smoothie is about the size of a 16oz water bottle):

      -Almond milk (unsweetened)
      -1/4 scoop of protein powder (I like Jay Robb’s Whey protein- vanilla. You can find it at Market Street, and maybe Whole Foods or Central Market.)
      -Fresh or frozen (don’t use canned fruit) berries
      -Ice to make it the consistency you want

      She can also alternate using protein in her smoothies and not using it. So one day she includes the vanilla protein and another day she makes something like this:

      -Coconut Milk (unsweetened)
      -Fresh Pineapple (I buy the whole pineapple, then cut it up and put it into a Rubbermaid container for that week. You could also buy the precut pineapple in the produce/deli area)
      -A nectarine or peach. You could also use a mango or papaya. (these fruits are full of enzymes that make your digestion regular and accelerate your metabolism)

      Even though produce might be hassle for some to cut up, you cannot replicate the benefit of fresh fruit. Frozen is the best alternative–it keeps longer and is much better than canned fruit or fruit juices.

      This is a lot of info but I hope it helps. Basically, protein is not all bad, you just need to decrease the amount. And the produce section is her friend! She should pick the fruits she loves and incorporate them so that she enjoys what she drinks.

      A lot of these ingredients are not expensive and are available at a local market (market street, whole foods, central market) and even sometimes at Walmart and Albertsons.

      Good luck to her! 🙂 hope you’re doing well girl!!!

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