Energy Bits Spirulina Algae Product Review

Welcome to this post: Energy Bits Spirulina Algae Product Review.

Thank you to Energy Bits for contacting me and sending me a sample of this unique product.

Energy Bits description: “100% organic spirulina algae, boosts mental and physical energy and endurance. A favorite of athletes, runners, teams and executives.”

They suggest taking 30 of these tablets before a workout. My first reaction: “THIRTY tablets? Goodness Gracious–seems like a lot?!” I still have feelings resonating from that initial thought–it seems like quite a task to chew on 30 tablets before a workout.

A lot of the bloggers I follow, like Laura and Kalli, have recently done blog reviews on this same product. I was intrigued after reading their thoughts. I wanted to give these little bits a try.

Let me just say, when I think of pre-workout/run fuel, I think of coffee, espresso and iced tea. Something that will give me a good jolt of “energy” and get my blood pumping. I wouldn’t say that Energy Bits had that affect. I don’t think I got any kind of noticeable sensation after taking them. Granted, I did not take 30 bits at once, because I did not want to use up the whole sample batch–I took 10 instead. I swallowed them with water, instead of chewing them.

I’m not sure if those factors affected the outcome, but the conclusion I’ve come to  is this: I see Energy Bits as more of a supplement than a pre-workout boost.

It’s funny that I chose the word supplement, because located on the product literature I received, it reads, “Why Algae is a Food, NOT a Supplement…”

I understand what they mean–they are trying to differentiate plant based items we ingest and lab-created items we ingest.Β In using the word supplement to describe Energy Bits, I mean I can imagine the benefits they provide in aiding or supplementing a healthy food intake.

From my own experience and what works for me before a run, I wouldn’t say this would do much for my rapid fire energy reserve I will be tapping into while running. πŸ™‚

I do, however, believe that all sea greens are absolute superfoods–so incredibly rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Laird Hamilton raves about them in his book, which I constantly refer to in regards to health and fitness.

I thoroughly enjoyed trying a new Spirulina product (I have taken spirulina in both powder and capsule form in the past for its nutritional benefits).

If you have tried this product, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by this post: Energy Bits Spirulina Algae Product Review.

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10 thoughts on “Energy Bits Spirulina Algae Product Review

  1. I appreciate your honest review. I am getting ready to try these little bits before a race tomorrow. I was also contacted and will be reviewing them on my blog as well. I think I will go ahead and scarf done at least 20 before my race. Like you, I see as 30 tablets being a chore. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. Spirulina is one of the best superfood available in nature. Its benefits are amazing but people are not aware of it. It is one of the richest sources of protein. It contains many other nutritional elements also. There are various types of spirulina like like Organic Spirulina Capsules . This post will motivate people.

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