Lululemon Athletica Running Apparel Review

I have had a recent affinity for buying (and receiving as birthday, Christmas, and “just because” presents) lots of running apparel from

Lululemon Athletica.

For several years as a runner, I almost exclusively wore Under Armour Frosty Tights when running. They have a great fit, they stay put and they are durable. I was apprehensive to try another running tight simply because of that satisfaction with UA.

I have been tremendously and pleasantly surprised with how much I like Lululemon’s “Runder Under” running tights.

The fabric is extremely comfortable and breathes just enough. They stay put, they fit nicely, and they look super duper awesome & groovy (see patterns & colors below). Also, I’ve heard from other avid Lulu patrons that these tights will last for several years.

Runder Unders

IMG_3206 IMG_3200 IMG_3721 IMG_2478 IMG_2989

I’ve yet to wear them because the weather has not been permitting to wear crop pants, but I am excited to wear these,

Run: For Your Life Crop

I’m sure I will enjoy them just as much as the Runder Unders. During the summer they will get plenty of use!


In addition to the tights, I got several other neat Lululemon items, my favorite of which is the

Run: Bundle Up Jacket

(pictured in black, below).

It is absolutely awesome! It’s very warm without being bulky and it fits well through my shoulders–not too snug nor uncomfortable. Pictured separately is the hood that attaches to the jacket (I run without it attached). I love how it adds a lacy feminine touch to this black jacket. 🙂 I also love the two different textures on the back of the jacket!

IMG_3508 photo-9

A long sleeve shirt that Lululemon calls the Run: Ice Queen Long Sleeve

is excellent to wear under my jacket or wear by itself on days with higher temps. I love the detail of the shirt (pictured in black below). It has neat detailing on the shoulders and elbows as well as holes for thumbs the ends of the sleeve. That feature is neat for keeping the sleeve in place while putting my jacket on and also for covering the skin where my jacket ends and my gloves begin.


I’ve also gotten 2 wide headbands. I so appreciate having these, as I am a headband connoisseur when it comes to running apparel.

Post Headstand Headhugger

They are designed to stay on the head while doing headstands. Although I won’t be attempting many, if any, headstands, I have and will continue to wear these during runs. They are excellent at keeping my “baby hairs” out of my face while also keeping my ears warm in the cold months.

IMG_3228 IMG_1986 photo-8

A blue Lululemon neck gaiter

also has helped me to stay toasty while it’s been in the freezing temps in Indianapolis. I find that if my neck is warm and shielded from the wind, my body temperature tends to remain tolerable. This gaiter has a feature that allows you to pull it tighter to your skin via a grey drawstring type material in the front (slightly visible in picture) which helps it stay up if you wear it up above your nose or mouth.


6 thoughts on “Lululemon Athletica Running Apparel Review”

  1. hey girl!! i followed you on Instagram forever and loveddd your updates, and i see you arent on there anymore?! I loved seeing all the updates with your new fiance! 🙂 i was artificiallybalanced like the name of my blog. glad i follow your blog too! i love this guide for LuLulemon gear cause its definitely hard to throw down cash on their items when you arent 100% sure if they really are so great!

    1. Thank you for the nice words!!!! Paul and I are both off on Instagram but I’m very much still blogging 🙂 i enjoyed the interaction on there but it was tok time consuming for me to keep up. Great to hear from you! I’ll have to stop by your stop again!! I know exactly what you mean about the pricey Lulu gear….hope this post helped if you wondered about any of it. 🙂

  2. Is their gaitor as warm as the “traditional” style we were using like the Keystone one you have on in
    one of the pictures?

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