Osmia Organics Skincare Review

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Osmia Organics Skincare Review

Osmia Organics Skincare Review


“Using an only-the-essentials approach to optimal skin health, Osmia products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients—always consciously-sourced, and organic whenever possible.

All Osmia products are made WITHOUT the following ingredients: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, ethoxylated ingredients, synthetic color, and synthetic fragrance.”

Vetiver Grey

Osmia Organics’ Description:

“A masculine combination of vetiver and virginia cedar wood, with a hint of lime. Dead sea mud and black clay give a gentle grey color and a deep clean. For: All skin types.”


My Description & Thoughts:

I had no idea what to expect with this soap. I knew the soap would do incredible things for my skin (as ALL Osmia products do) but I was not familiar with the smell of Vetiver. The first things that came to mind upon smelling this soap were: earthy, musky, clay, clean, and fresh. This scent I found very nice, mild and enjoyable. To me, it is indeed masculine smelling–making it a perfect bar of soap to have in the shower to share with your significant other. 🙂

Lavender Pine

Osmia Organics’ Description:

Lavender and pine in a beautiful purple bar. The scent is wonderful – the lavender and pine essential oils combine perfectly.  Mildly exfoliating due to the sandalwood powder, this soap also has a great feel on the skin. For: All skin types.”


My Description & Thoughts:

I currently am using this bar of soap as hand soap next to the sink in my bathroom. The scent of this soap is wonderfully earthy with the subtle flowery lavender aroma. I have used this soap in the shower too–the smell takes over the shower and it turns into a lavender & pine aromatherapy session. Just like every other Osmia soap I’ve used, the soap leaves my skin so incredibly nourished, soft, and healthy feeling.

Rose Clay Facial Soap

Osmia Organics’ Description:

Australian pink clay and white kaolin clay hydrate and heal the skin, and essential oils of geranium and palma rosa give a rose-like scent. For: Dry, mature, or sensitive skin. How: Use one to two times daily.  Rinse skin well and gently pat dry.

Osmia Organics Skincare Review rose clay facial soap

My Description & Thoughts:

I purchased this soap after using the other clay facial bar (black clay) that Osmia makes. I love that soap, so I was eager to try the rose clay soap as my facial cleanser. This soap is just as wonderful, yet It is slightly more gentle on the skin. The black clay did its best job when my skin was very oily (at the end of the day or after a workout). This rose clay seems to do its best job when my skin needs a mild cleanse/rinse. Both of these bar soaps are incredibly cleansing, yet nourishing, never drying–things that I would not expect from a bar. Osmia has shattered any previous aversions I had to bar soap. Great product–I will certainly keep these clay facial soaps as staples in my routine.

Osmia Organics Skincare Review lip doctor

Lip Doctor

Osmia Organics’ Description:

“For: chapped lips. Why: luxurious oils and lanolin heal and protect lips. How: apply as needed.”

My Description & Thoughts:

This lip balm is absolute perfection. Even though it has various essential oils in it, subtle peppermint is the scent & flavor that stands out the most to me. I apply it right after getting out of the shower so that my lips stay moisturized. I find that applying it right after a shower never gives them a chance to get chapped (in combination with reapplying it throughout the day).


Osmia Organics’ Description:

Osmia doesn’t yet distribute this item through their website, so I feel like I got a little sample of something great!

Osmia Organics Skincare deodorant

My Description & Thoughts:

This deodorant is earthy, pleasant, and effective. It is a great go-to organic deodorant for me. I’ve found that many organic deodorants do not absorb all of the body odor, whereas this deodorant masks odor wholly. The scent is an excellent choice for deodorant (earthy and clay-like) as it makes it a versatile, unisex deodorant.

Facial Calibration Serum

Osmia Organics’ Description:

A select combination of oils, chosen for their balancing qualities, helps skin become more even and smooth, and assists in regulating sebum production.  Absorbs quickly, and does not leave the skin oily.  In fact, used regularly, this serum can help oily skin behave itself, and combination skin become less confused. For: Normal, combination, oily skin. How: One pump over the face and neck after cleansing, while skin is still quite damp.

osmia organics serum oil

My Description & Thoughts:

I have just recently started using a moisturizer/serum on my face after washing it. For the longest time, I would just use a cleanser and pat my face dry–even though I would be left with some dry spots on my face. Since I have oily skin, it never occured to me that using a moisturizer or serum after washing would be the best choice for my skin to keep it balanced. This calibration serum is just what I have needed. Not only is it packed full of powerful, high quality essential oils, but it moisturizes perfectly without leaving my skin dirty and oily.

Forest Body Oil

Osmia Organics’ Description:

“Precious ambrette seed oil and invigorating evergreen oils provide a clean, green scent – excellent for use when you are completely run down and need a little boost.  Excellent when used with Lavender Pine Soap. For: All skin types. How: Apply to clean, wet skin.”

My Description & Thoughts:

This body oil is like taking a trip to the mountains. The aroma is so intoxicating, earthy, woodsy, and pleasant. I apply it (as Sarah of Osmia Organics suggests to) after getting out of the shower to damp skin. This application is ideal because the oil spreads on skin much easier when in combination with water droplets left on the skin after showering. Another wonderful thing about this oil is that my skin absorbs it, is left nourishes & moisturized, and is not sticky or oily. That is what these wonderful essential oils and organic carrier oils do for the skin. Well done, Osmia. 🙂

Osmia Organics Skincare Review

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6 thoughts on “Osmia Organics Skincare Review

  1. Osmia is my favorite skincare line of all time. I love everything Sarah makes. The Calibration Serum is one of my favorites! Have you tried the Lip Repair? best lip treatment ever. I can’t wait to try the deodorant cream!! Awesome review <3

  2. I would like to try Osmia but I dont know which product will be right for me. Does Sarah accepts online skin consultation?

    1. I’m not completely sure whether Sarah does or not, but you could always send her an e-mail and ask to be sure! I can tell you that Osmia is the single best brand I have come across. For my oily/combo skin, the black clay facial soap is best, the spot treatment is great for blemishes, and the coffee mint soap is my favorite to keep in the shower 🙂

  3. Thank you for your reply. My skin is dry, dehydrated so I am trying to get something that would help with that issue.

    1. You’re very welcome! If you check out their site you’ll see that they make a rose facial bar that is good for sensitive skin and a few serums/moisturizers that will help remedy your skin’s dryness.

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