8 Foods that Speed Up Metabolism

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A recent focus of mine has been on METABOLISM: What slows it, what accelerates it, how important is it? One of the conclusions I’ve come to is that there are certain foods that contain components that actively amp up the body’s metabolism.

With that in mind, I decided to create a “Meta Drink” that contains several powerful foods. I drink it in as few gulps as possible, as the taste is INTENSE! (After you read the ingredients you’ll understand).

8 Foods that Speed Up Metabolism

-Cinnamon (ground)

-Ginger (ground)

-Cayenne Pepper (ground)

-Maca Powder

-Lemon Juice

-Orange Juice

-Grapefruit Juice

-Coconut Vinegar

The liquid ingredients help the ground ingredients come together. Sometimes adding a splash of water helps make this mixture more drinkable. I drink this first thing in the morning and I find it wakes me right up and revs my energy.

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6 thoughts on “8 Foods that Speed Up Metabolism

    1. I eyeball all of it– I’d estimate it’s about a tablespoon of each ground ingredient and a few tablespoons of each juice & the vinegar.

  1. which 5 foods would you say would be keepers….I noticed you mentioned 8 items in your list?
    Dad said..”.there are three types of people in this world…those that are good at math and those that aren’t” ; )

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