Metabolism Boosting Green Drink Recipe

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Green is GOOD. Green vegetables are the single most powerful type of produce to put into your body. Best examples: Spinach, Kale and Chard.

The quickest, most efficient way that I get a plentiful amount of greens every day is to make a “Green Drink.” It is super simple and straight forward. I take a big handful of greens that I have on hand, throw it in the blender, then add enough water to cover all of the greens. Blend & gulp! It tastes just as you would think: greeny and fresh. Unlike a smoothie, this drink is meant to be gulped rather than sipped on and savored.

The benefits of consuming this drink daily are plentiful! Green plants are absolute super foods; chock full of vitamins and trace minerals that aid in functions like riding the body of toxins, accelerating metabolism, encouraging fat loss, replenishing energy stores and reviving vitality.

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This drink acts as an energy-boosting and appetite suppresser in the evenings, for me. I find that making this drink a habit in my every day routine is key in optimizing my daily food intake. It also happens to be beautiful to look at! These green beauties resemble human veins. Seems like a great reminder to feed your body these gorgeous plants.

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