B’more Organic Skyr Cultured Milk Smoothie Review


B’More Organic Skyr Cultured Milk Smoothie

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

I am normally not a huge consumer of dairy products, however, it is often because of their abysmal quality and lactose content which affect my sinuses. I was open to trying this product because of what set it apart: low lactose, no added sugar, and the active cultures that can aid in digestion. Skyr was an entirely new thing to me–I needed to educate myself on it via B’More’s website. I’m impressed with this product’s choice of sweetener (Stevia) and the organic milk it contains. The only way to improve this product, to me, is for the milk to be raw. Raw milk is not easy to come by and is over regulated. Unfortunately, this prevents most consumers from receiving the nutritional benefits that raw milk contains. B’More is doing a great thing by proving the next best thing. Organic is always a great choice.

Vanilla – Skyr Cultured Milk Smoothie

B’More Organics’ Description:

“Yellin’ for vanilla! It’s been tantalizing our taste buds for centuries.
And who doesn’t love the popular vanilla/dairy duo? Our smoothies swirl together these two simple pleasures to create a drink that tickles your nose, and nourishes your body with unique probiotics, a third of your daily protein and no added sugar.”


My Thoughts & Description:

So delicious! Tastes like dessert. Vanilla is my favorite flavor of the three because I find it decadent and rich. It essentially tastes like a slightly more liquidy version of vanilla green yogurt. It has about the same mild sweetness of greek yogurt. I love that B’More sweetens these drinks with stevia, versus artificial sweeteners which have become too common, unfortunately. One serving contains a large amount of protein, which I find awesome! It makes it a perfect treat for post workout replenishment.

Banana – Skyr Cultured Milk Smoothie

B’More Organics’ Description:

“Appeelingly delicious. One sip of banana smoothie and you’ll be in tropical nirvana! We fused bananas with our skyr and birthed a
wonderfully flavored and sweet treat that will nourish your body with healthy probiotics, a third of your daily protein and no added sugar.”


My Thoughts & Description:

I have the same reaction to this product as the aforementioned description of the vanilla version. It has great qualities, and is comparable in texture and nutritional profile to the other two flavors. It seems that choosing one flavor over the next should be based merely on palette preference. I find the banana to be subtly fruity and yummy.

Mango Banana – Skyr Cultured Milk Smoothie

B’More Organics’ Description:

“ManGO for it! Fragrantly sweet, exotic mangoes and brazen bananas go boldly where no smoothie has gone before – swirled into our creamy skyr, creating a mouthwaterting flavor blast fueled with nutrition to keep you going! It does an island dance on your palate and nourishes your body with healthy probiotics, a third of your daily protein and no added sugar.”


My Thoughts & Description:

To prevent redundancy, I’ll just touch on my opinions of this flavor, as I already mentioned my thoughts on texture and nutritional content earlier.

The mango in addition to the banana flavor in this flavor is DELICIOUS. It adds a “tropical” zip to it that I find refreshing and delectable. This flavor just might be tied for 1st place with vanilla in my flavor vote. 🙂

I’m happy to have learned about this company, they value great ingredient and have exceptional customer service–they were a joy to work with!

*These complimentary products have been generously provided to me for the purpose of trying them in order to write a review on my experience.

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  1. I bought a Caffe Latte flavor Skyr Smoothie and it was so sour, I thought it had expired… It hadn’t. It was probably just a sour batch but I could not drink it. I bought the banana and it tasted great! Wonder what happened to the caffe latte smoothie?

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