4 Things That Your Dog Can Teach You

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We leave for hours to run errands, go to work, etc. and our dogs have no choice but to be patient and wait for us to get home. They wait and wait and wait. They are professional patience practicers, making them a perfect reminder that we too should be diligent in being patient and not pushy.

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Don’t Overeat

When I am in the kitchen grabbing a snack, I often look down at Kona, who always follows me in there, and think about how she only eats when we feed her, essentially. That is the ultimate disciplined diet, in which you only eat specific portions that are given to you, versus roaming freely all day. Silly as it sounds, I even feel a “guilt” that I am eating and she is eagerly looking on. Needless to say, I quickly ditch the guilt tied with that, but I do ponder that it could be helpful to adopt the same similar discipline that dogs portray.

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You won’t see a dog more eager to eat her bowl of food than sweet Kona. She never fails to be excited and grateful for every last morsel of food. It’s so easy to slip into a pattern of taking little things for granted, like the food we eat.

4 Things That Your Dog Can Teach You

Unconditional Love

It doesn’t seem to matter what each new day brings, your dog(s) are always happy to see you and are eager to show affection and love. This is perhaps the best lesson of all that I have learned from my dogs growing up and especially our dog Kona, who inspired me to write this.

Always having love in your heart and expressing it is so paramount, regardless of the times–regardless of any negative situation you’ve endured that day.

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