More Than Alive Diatomaceous Earth Review & Giveaway!


More Than Alive Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

I have reviewed and given away several More Than Alive products and have loved every last one of them.

I am excited for one of you to win this Diatomaceous Earth Powder! I’m sure you’ll be just as pleasantly surprised as I was to discover its wide range of uses.


Diatomaceous Earth

More Than Alive’s Description:


My Description & Thoughts:

I get really excited when I find a product that has SO many uses. It really makes me feel like it increases the value of the product ten-fold. As More Than Alive mentions, diatomaceous earth has many health benefits (regulates blood pressure and cholesterol, detoxes the colon, relieves joint pain, strengthens hair and toughens nails) which would benefit everyone. As far as using this powder, there are several ways to do it:

-Combine with water and make a paste. Use as a facial mask.

-Blend with water and ingest as a supplement. This aids in detoxification and digestion.

-Sprinkle around house as a natural pest eliminator. (how interesting that you can drink it and use as a pest-repeller!)

-Apply to wet toothbrush and brush your teeth. This helps with removing plaque and naturally whitening teeth.

-Sprinkle over dog food to deworm.

-Use in pet shampoo to fight fleas.

-Apply paste to scalp to help promote hair growth.

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27 thoughts on “More Than Alive Diatomaceous Earth Review & Giveaway!

  1. Hi, I am a devoted follower on Facebook and Twitter> I don’t do the Instagram or Pinterest I would hope to still be able to win! I have heard a many good things about using FoodGrade Diam Earth. How much diam earth per 14-16 oz glass of almond milk smoothie type drink would one add?

  2. I love DE & put it in smoothies to increase hair growth & strength (we all in our family have thin hair & soft nails & I have seen a big improvement) & for colon support & better digestion. I’ve tried it for pest control with no success for ants but I had never thought of using it as a face mask. What a wonderful idea that I am going to try soon. Nice to meet you Jesica Syler I am liking you on facebook. I don’t use twitter, pintrest or instagram as of yet.

  3. I am a follower on twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest. I am looking forward to reading more from your blog.

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