Fruitive Organic Juices Review

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Fruitive Organic Juices Review


Only fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices exist in our pantry!


Our produce is sourced from the best local farmers and organic suppliers we can find. Visit


We’re the first restaurant in Southeast Virginia to receive a 3-star certification by the Green Restaurant Association.”


Made by cold pressing a wide range of fruits and vegetables in unique combinations, our juices provide large amounts of phytonutrients while never sacrificing flavor. There are approximately 2 pounds of produce in each Fruitive bottle, with the equivalent of 2 to 3 large salads in our greener varieties. We use heaping amounts of kale, spinach, and other dense ingredients without the use of excessive fillers. We do not cut corners nor do we ever add water to our juices*; rather we want to uphold the unique flavor of each ingredient. The produce in our juices is always 100% organic or better, triple-washed before being juiced and comes to you in glass bottles – the safest, and most sustainable material we can find. We absolutely believe that we have the truest, highest-nutrient dense juices out there! *Note: We do use alkaline water in our almond milks.”

Juices I Tried:

Carrot Kick


“Carrot juice with a tangy kick! This Signature light-bodied blend is inspired by the tropics, and the orange and lime in Carrot Kick make sure you get there. Packed with beta-carotene and vitamin C, this juice delivers as much nutrition as it does deliciousness. A juice not necessarily made for root lovers, but rather for the average orange juice lover looking for a bit more nutrient denseness. No matter your preference, roots or citrus, Carrot Kick will surely have you asking for more!





“Our medium-bodied, green-lemonade-inspired Kalevolution, is sure to be your most favorite green drink ever! It’s a throw-in-your-cooler, super-nutritious green juice that’s not only a customer favorite, but a staff favorite as well. With hints of earthy kale, water-dense cucumber, sweet apple, alkalizing lemon, and a kick of ginger, this blend is nothing short of perfection! With Kalevolution, you can have your kale and drink it too!


Apple (Fuji/Gala)CucumberKale (Curly)Lettuce (Romaine)LemonGinger.”

Pineapple Xpress


“Zippy, fruity, and refreshing to the max, Pineapple Xpress is a juice that everyone can enjoy from start to finish. Not only is this elixir delicious, it’s also a delightfully soothing tummy tamer. Whether you’re craving a sweet drink, or a tonic for the stomach blues, Pineapple Xpress fits the bill. Plus, it works wonders as a natural morning sickness drink, our co-founder’s recently pregnant wife swears by it!


PineapplePearAloe VeraGinger.”



“Nobility was created in collaboration with the Noblemen Group, a charity based in Hampton Roads that gives back to local kids in need. Their motto, “Helping Kids and Changing Lives,” speaks to exactly what Fruitive hopes to do through health awareness in our community. Based on the Noblemen Group’s colors, we’ve designed Nobility to not only taste delicious, but to represent and support this fantastic charity and their efforts. With dark, leafy greens at its base, light cucumber, and refreshingly sweet pineapple, Nobility is a juice perfect for the intermediate juicer. Not unlike the Noblemen Group, Nobility is full of pure energy and good intention.


Apple (Green)PineappleKale (Curly)Cucumber,SpinachCeleryLime.”

Red Root Rising


“Red Root Rising is an incredibly grounding juice filled with some of nature’s most powerful superfoods. The super-root turmeric brings astounding anti-inflammatory benefits, while the beets and ginger promote circulation and provide even more anti-inflammatory support. But, let’s not forget, this juice doesn’t only pack nutritional benefits, it also packs one serious flavorful punch! It’s deliciously earthy, dense, creamy and slightly zingy. Think of Red Root Rising as our refined, adult fruit punch for the more sophisticated palate. So, we dare you, rise to the occasion and flourish with Red Root Rising!


CarrotCucumberBeetApple (Green)Lemon,CeleryGingerTurmeric.”



“We love our Signature Sweetgrass Juice, and we know you will too! It’s a light-bodied, well-balanced juice with sweet notes of apple, pear, pineapple, and a refreshing hint of mint. This juice is so delicious that it’s hard to believe it’s good for you. There is an entire ounce of wheatgrass in this sweet drink. Yes, we know, wheatgrass is super strong, bitter, and frankly hard to get down, but Sweetgrass provides you with all the benefits of this superfood without sacrificing flavor. The sweetest of our green juices, Sweetgrass is perfect for even the most inexperienced juice drinker.


Apple (Fuji/Gala)PearPineappleWheatgrassMint.”

Fruitive Organic Juices Review

I get extra excited about organic juices. I mean, really excited! I don’t think there’s any other food I get more excited about. I love the entire process–shopping for the veggies & fruit (which we often do at the farmers market), running them through the juicer or blender, then filling up my stomach with the pure goodness that is fresh juice.

While I love and enjoy doing it myself, I also like supporting brands who make it easy for the average joe to consume organic, raw juice.

Fruitive (rad name, right?!)  is doing SO many things right here. This brand has really impressed me. Not only do they use organic produce, but they source locally whenever possible. They cold-press their juices (which helps them retain fiber) and they don’t heat them or add any preservatives to increase shelf life. It’s just pure, organic, raw, nutrient rife, beautifully radical juice.

I enjoyed these juices the most because of how they made me feel while and after consuming them. Right as you take a gulp, you almost immediately feel a wave of calm come over you (seriously). It’s like a big hug from nature. These juices deliver a hefty dose of nutrients and leave you feeling energized, cleansed and beaming.

In addition to being immensely healthy, these juices taste delicious. The flavor combinations that Fruitive uses are unique and tasty. The ones I enjoyed most were the Pineapple Xpress (I’m a tropical fruit lover) and the Carrot Kick. I perhaps appreciate the healing benefits of the green juices the most, though greens aren’t as tasteful as pineapple–for example–I drink them with great gusto because I know the good they’re providing my body.

I can’t recommend this line of juices enough. To top off their awesomeness, they use glass bottles (hooray!) so there’s no need to worry about plastic contaminants. Go check them out and take advantage of the coupon code they are offering until the end of August!

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