Kiss Me Organic Matcha Green Tea Review

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kiss me organics matcha green tea

Kiss Me Organic Matcha Green Tea Review



Kiss Me Organic Matcha Green Tea Review

Though I’ve heard of Matcha Green Tea before, this was my first time to try it. I’m always open to trying new, plant-based, organic energy boosters.  I love that this tea provides antioxidants and naturally occurring caffeine. Reading the benefits got me excited to try this product. This matcha powder helps boost your metabolism, provides health-boosting antioxidants and improves skin appearance and complexion.

I have been adding about 1/2 tablespoon of this powder to my morning superfood concoction. This mixture includes cacao, maca, ginger, turmeric and cayenne powders combined with water in a blender bottle. Having this matcha powder on hand to throw into the mix has temporarily replaced my morning coffee habit.

The energy boost from this matcha powder is subtle and sustained–no jittery feelings. I have yet to experiment with making actual warm tea with this powder, but look forward to being more creative with how I use it.

I would recommend this powder to anyone who is looking for a new twist in their morning coffee routine. This may provide more health benefits than a typical cup of roasted, ground coffee beans–making it a potentially healthier choice. The quality of this brand is excellent–I appreciate that they make it very clear that this brand and product is organic.

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