Vive 1-Day Detox Review

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Vive 1-Day Detox Review

About Vive Detox:

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“Our specially formulated cleanse programs are based in nutritional and biochemical science. We provide the highest quality of clinically studied supplements available to support you in your goal to detox, build immunity or lose weight. The nutritional component of the Vive Detox is a success proven method of eliminating genetically modified, allergenic and toxic food substances from your diet in order optimize digestion, absorption and assimilation.

Each program is fully guided throughout, with day-by-day instructions, videos and challenges, as well as ongoing online support. Vive also draws its inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine, where Qi [chee], our life force, is tonified and organs are nourished to create balance and harmony within.

These empowering 14-day programs are all about choices: choices in what we eat, how we move, the way we want to live. It’s designed to allow the flexibility to build new habits and make healthier food choices while the body recalibrates. The end of a Vive Detox is just the beginning: it takes 21 days to build a new habit, after your 14 day Vive Detox you are two thirds the way there.

Each plan is dairy-free, gluten-free and refined-sugar free, with options for vegans, vegetarians and pescetarians. Guidelines are also provided for dining out and social events. The Vive Detox allows the body a chance to recalibrate. It builds a foundation for new habits and creates space for positivity. Vive provides a taste of how the benefits of a clean, sustainable lifestyle will feel in your body, for life!”


Vive 1-Day Detox Review

I absolutely love and believe in detoxing plant based foods and supplements. Vive takes this approach to detoxing–and I dig it.

The Pure Encapsulations products (after delving deeper and looking at their ingredient lists) are above average. They contain entirely natural ingredients (recognizable plant sources) and also have a few organic ingredients. I would love to see an entirely organic ingredients list (as this would lead to optimum detoxing). As they are, these products are better than most, but not the very best.

In organic form, I love green coffee powder. It’s packed with antioxidants and some naturally occurring caffeine. Healthy sources of protein are a large part of my breakfast every morning. Thus, I enjoyed adding this powder to my morning shake. The nuts (though I’m unsure of the quality and whether they are raw or not) were a tasty source of good fats.

Vive has a great thing going in that they encourage individuals to detox by utilizing nature’s goodness. If it was all organic, I would be completely on board to load up on a longer Vive Detox. Vive is also a unique idea, as they work with several brands (some completely organic, some not) to compile a well-rounded bundle of detoxifying goodies. Most detox brands are exclusively juice, powders or pills. Vive offers all sorts of selections to suite what you’re trying to achieve.

My interaction with Vive has been nothing short of wonderful. They’re very helpful and generous. I recommend Vive to those new to detoxing, who’re looking to get started in a very doable, not intimidating way.

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