Honest Fizz Soda Giveaway!

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Honest Fizz Soda Giveaway

About Honest Fizz:

“Honest Fizz features a tasty blend of two sweeteners – stevia and erythritol. Stevia, a plant originally from South America, has been used as a sugar substitute for hundreds of years. We blend it with erythritol (a sugar alcohol) for the perfect one-two punch of zero-calorie deliciousness.”

Honest Fizz

I see these drinks as a much healthier swap for traditional soda that is loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. The soda habit is the first bad habit that I would encourage anyone to kick (traditional soda–that is!). One of these Honest Fizz drinks every day will help satisfy your craving for something bubbly without ramping up your body’s acidity & size of your waistline.

Honest Tea wants to give TWO of you a case of Honest Fizz!

To Enter this Giveaway:

-Simply comment below and tell me why these drinks appeal to you!

I will e-mail the winners by 4/22!

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7 thoughts on “Honest Fizz Soda Giveaway!

  1. What a super way to give up soda and it has some awesome flavors. Can’t wait to give them a try.

  2. I would love to be able to offer the Honest version of a Fizzy drink to family and friends. I enjoy drinking Honest Unsweetened Tea and Honest White Peach Tea while on the go. Who knows maybe the offering of this type of soda will encourage my family and friends to go the Honest Fizzy way. Looking forward to seeing this happen.

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