mykind Organics by Garden of Life + Alicia Silverstone Review

This is a review of Garden of Life’s myKind Organics line made with Alicia Silverstone.


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2 thoughts on “mykind Organics by Garden of Life + Alicia Silverstone Review

  1. I have used Garden of Life and would love to try the MyKind line! I have also used Nordic Naturals vegan Vitamin D3 due to low levels-I really like this supplement as well. I definitely agree with you when saying that these are a compliment to eating the right foods. I also feel that our bodies can react differently to supplements and foods, depending on our health and sensitivities; and I love that MyKind offers some supplements as a spray. As someone with ongoing health issues, I would love to try their line to see if they are a fit for me. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Hi there, I posted on a different day, but it did not show up in the comments. Just want to make sure it came through. Thanks! 🙂

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