Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Review

This is a review of Garden of Life’s Dr. Formulated Probiotics.

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ve likely noticed that I sing the praises of this brand as much as I breathe. Okay, okay……not that much. But, I am a believer in what this brand does. I use their products daily and have been a lucky beneficiary of the health benefits they provide.

I was lucky enough to tour & hang out in their headquarters earlier this year in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and was blown away by the people, the passionate minds behind these products, and their commitment to quality.

Garden of Life teamed up with renowned Dr. David Perlmutter to create this line of products health that hone in on the mothership of all absorption: your digestive system. These probiotic supplements are unparalleled in the world of probies. They even ship them cold so that they retain their longevity.

Blah, blah, blah, right? Maybe some of you just want to hear the answer to: “Why do I need to take these and what are they going to do for my body?”

The short answer:

Probiotics will help you become healthier, get leaner, have clearer skin, sustain more energy and absorb more of the good food you’re eating. Better absorption means more health. I’ve lived it.

The longer answer: (I’ll offer this up because it left a lasting impression on me

(something I learned from one of many lectures at the Garden of Life headquarters):

“Probiotics” is not JUST a buzz word. Your body NEEDS them to function optimally.

-The standard American diet, pharmaceutical drugs, etc. have diminished our bodies’ good bacteria population in the gut. The effect on human health is profound.

-Supplementing the diet with probiotics is key is returning this good bacteria population back to a point where the digestive system can assimilate, absorb and process nutrients as it’s supposed to.

-“At Garden of Life, we are greens, we are probiotics. It’s who are are.” -Sherri Gunn, Garden of Life.

-“So much more can be done with health & prevention.” -Dawn Jarvis, Garden of Life.

-There are trillions of microbial organisms in your body. You help the good microbes thrive by eating a rich, whole food based diet that limits processed foods.

-A natural, whole food diet without pesticides, GMOs helps heal the gut.

-Good bacteria in the gut helps protect against the bad bacteria. So, we need the good bacteria.

-Digestive health is responsible for absorption of all of the food we eat, which contributes to our overall vitality. That’s why gut health is such a focus.

If you made it this far reading this post, I am here giving you a virtual hug. Thank you. I know it’s a lot.

But, I say all of this to say: probiotics can REALLY help you in myriad of ways. I am a huge proponent of them. I use them and I feel a difference when I do.

Thanks for supporting ROO! Here’s to our health–cheers!

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7 thoughts on “Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Review

  1. I have never tried probiotics so I have no experiences with them to report. I look forward to possibly trying them to see how they would benefit me.

  2. I’ve been taking probiotics for years and they helped cut down my ibs symptoms drastically (turned out I also have fructose malabsorption). I take them daily, but would love to try these! I take GOL primal defense ultra right now but j bet these are even more amazing!

  3. I have used probiotics on a regular basis for several years. I do think they can help with mood, immunity, digestion, etc.

  4. I have never taken a probiotic. I always relied on yogurt/ kefir to do the work. However, I have decided to omit dairy from my diet for health reasons (doctor recommended)– so now I’m newly vegan. I would like to get my probiotics in a new way. I’ve been researching several different brands and I’m very curious about Garden of Life’s brand (I’ve used some of their other products)– and it helps to have it recommended by a trusted source (you!). 🙂

    1. That’s awesome that you have your convictions but you’re also open to new ways. These products are excellent to take your health to the next level. I already awarded a winner from this giveaway but stay tuned for more in the future! Thank you for your support and for looking at me with your trust 🙂 I work hard to put honest & good information out there. Cheers!

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