Horizon Fitness Treadmill Review

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Fitfluential; a review of the Horizon Fitness Treadmill.

Horizon Fitness Treadmills

For starters, I want to serve up this thought + opinion of mine: I don’t buy into the judgmental approach towards runners and how they choose to run. For instance: judging the choice to run on pavement, a track, sand or a treadmill. Breaking a sweat and challenging your body is what it’s all about and I love how a treadmill can fit into any routine and allows you to exercise remotely when need be.

My experience with Johnson Fitness began in college when I logged many hours running inside at my University’s Wellness Center as a way to zone out and take study breaks. Oddly enough, there were also times where I used the cardio equiptment to multitask and get studying done while I put some miles on the machine.

The treadmill is a neat way to integrate technological advancements in our era to elevate your fitness.

I have found this machine come in handy the most when:

-Conditions outside are dodgey (ice + snow) and I’d rather be inside sweating without avoiding obstacles

-I’m traveling and want to complete a late night workout without braving the streets of an unfamiliar town

-I am training and want to keep my mile paces consistent to keep me accountable

-I want to get some reading + video watching in while exerting myself

Horizon provides all kinds of neat science behind the structure and design of their treadmills:

“The simple assembly and easy-to-use features on Horizon Fitness machines make getting started and sticking to a workout routine easy. Horizon equipment is specially designed to fit the body so you can move naturally while you work out. And space-saving technologies like Featherlight Folding mean your machine will fit perfectly in your living space. When you buy Horizon, you buy direct from the manufacturer, so you can rest assured you’re getting a dependable machine for the best value.”

but my favorite part in my own less-sciency wording is that this machine allows for your natural motions and doesn’t impede it. Running is a free and natural feeling + experience, so it’s neat to have a machine that simply facilities that happening.

They are a brand that is worth checking out for your own exercise equipment. You can find them all over social media and also on their site. Check out the links below to locate their social platforms!




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