Best Natural Acne Healing: Estroblock Pro Review

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*UPDATE as of 6.17.20: This product is now called Estro Balance and it’s under the brand name Doc Nutrients, which used to be Delgado Protocol (same formula) and all links in this post have been updated to take you to that product! 


Best Natural Acne Healing: Estroblock Pro Review

If you’ve ever struggled from stubborn, deep rooted, cystic acne, you understand the frustration and embarrassment that comes with it. Back in ’14, I finally experienced success in clearing up my skin when I started using Estroblock Pro Triple Strength. I had tried everything from eliminations diets to juice cleanses and nothing completely solved my skin problems for me.

The active ingredient in this supplement is DIM (short for Diindolylmethane), which is a compound found naturally in cruciferous vegetables like kale and broccoli. Estroblock Pro Triple Strength is a super condensed and concentrated form of DIM and it helps clear acne by balancing hormones, ridding your body of bad estrogens, thus clearing your complexion.


I took these pictures about 3 months apart. Although it took that long, it was worth it because it was really helping me on a deep level. Think about the fact that it took years for your hormones and skin to get where they are, thus, it will take a while to heal. Natural, pure supplements work by truly rebalancing the body. That takes time. Immediate results often come from medicated skin creams or supplements, but they aren’t solving anything on a deeper level. They’re just masking the symptoms (the acne).

Best Natural Acne Healing: Estroblock Pro Review

Estroblock Pro is simple to take, as the bottle recommends taking 2 a day (easy peasy). Since your hormones are becoming more balanced and you are detoxing bad estrogen in your system, you’re likely to experience the added perk of a decrease in fat mass (healthy weight loss).

Tips for taking Estroblock Pro: drink lots of water! Also, you can increase the effectiveness by taking it in combination with a high quality liver support supplement.

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