Big Berkey Water Filter Review

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big berkey water filter in kitchen

Big Berkey Water Filter Review

About Berkey:

This powerful water filter purifies both treated water and untreated raw water. Sources include remote lakes, streams, and stagnant ponds. Too, Berkey assists with water supplies in foreign countries. Besides, regulations may be substandard in these places.

Berkey is also perfect for everyday use and outdoor activities. It’s a must in hostile environments. Also, this filtration helps where electricity or treated water are not available.

The versatile Big Berkey Water Filter removes viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites. It also extracts harmful chemicals. For instance, herbicides, pesticides, and VOCs. Also included are organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes. Berkey filters also reduces rust, silt, sediment, and foul taste. Too, expect removal of odors and unhealthy minerals. Heavy metal minerals include such as lead and mercury.

This system is so powerful. Thus, it can remove red food coloring from water. It does this without removing beneficial minerals. No other system can duplicate this performance.

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Big Berkey Specifications

The Big Berkey comes constructed of polished 304 stainless steel. The system comes complete with two purification elements. Too, it utilizes the latest technological advances. This water filter has a storage capacity of about 2.25 gallons (8.5 liters). Moreover, it stands 19.25″ in height. Too, it has a diameter of 8.5″. The upper chamber nests within the lower chamber when assembled. Berkey even makes a travel tote for transport. When compacted, it stands only 13″ in height.

The Big Berkey comes configured with two Black Berkey™ Purification Elements. Also, the system will purify up to 3 1/2 Gallons (13.3 liters) per hour*. This system has the ability for expansion with four purification elements. Furthermore, Berkey proves capable of purifying up to 7 Gallons (26.5 liters) per hour*.

*Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines.

Big Berkey Water Filter Removes:

The powerful Black Berkey™ purification elements also remove or reduce viruses. It also filters out pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and parasites. Too, harmful chemicals end up removed. Furthermore, these chemicals include herbicides and pesticides. Other unwanted physical items filtered out include and heavy heavy metals. Moreover, Berkey also takes care of foul tastes and odors. Yet, they leave in the healthful and beneficial minerals that your body needs.

big berkey water filter in kitchen

Why a Berkey Filter?

The water my family and I drink is a huge focus. Too, it has always been at the forefront of my mind. Water quality lives at the top of my priority list in regards to health. Moreover, I do not go the bottled water route for a few reasons:

1. Bottled water comes bottled in questionable plastic. These come made in large amounts. Moreover, they often containing BPA and other harmful substances.

2. Bottled water proves not cost-efficient! Investing in a filter for your home will save you money and is more convenient, to boot.

3. The water in bottled water sits in that same container for months before it is actually consumed. Thus, this means that plastics have a gigantic window of time to leach into the water.

Those are a few reasons that made me choose a Big Berkey for my family’s drinking water supply. Berkey also offers fluoride filters. It’s a personal choice for me to avoid fluoride. I view it as a toxic contaminant and I avoid it. Especially, I choose other alternatives in my oral care products.

Benefits of Using a Berkey:

-Takes heavy metals out of our water

-heavy metals cause a multitude of health defects. These include hormone disruption, brain fog, and chronic inflammation.

-Strips contaminants from water so you don’t ingest them

-As scary as it sounds, tap water contains some bad stuff. Parasites, pharmaceuticals, environmental pollutants and mold can all be present. Each of those will impact your health. Besides, you are being exposed to these daily. This is, if you are drinking tap water.

-You’ll experience increased health

-I notice that my skin is clearer, I sleep better, and my energy levels are higher. Too, my recent blood tests came back very low for toxic contamination in my system.

big berkey water filter in kitchen

Daily Life With Our Big Berkey

This filter sits in our kitchen right by the sink. It remains our source of water for all things. Moreover, uses include drinking, making coffee, and filling up our dog’s water bowl. I would say that we use quite a bit of water! I like to make smoothies and filling up blender bottles. These activities all need water from that filter.

We keep a big pitcher next to the Berkey for a quick fill-up. We usually have to refill the filtering tank every 1-2 days. It’s not inconvenient and only takes a few minutes a day. Our Berkey lives right by the sink for easy refills. All in all, we love our Berkey filter and are happy to have it as a staple in our daily routine.

I recommend this filter to everyone! Even my parents & brother own one.

They are our filtration source. Moreover. Berkey filters are ideal. This proves true, especially for families. And, those looking for a non-contaminated source of water. This size works well for us! But, Berkey also makes them bigger. Also, they come smaller and more portable. All use the same filtering. You don’t need to replace the filters often. Only when they’ve filtered 3,000 gallons of water. Or, 6,000 gallons for two filter elements. For reference, we have two. For us, it will end up being every 3 years.

Other Berkey Products We Use

Berkey covers all the bases. They’ve created a shower filter to remove contaminants from your shower water stream. Also, I drink out of the Boroux glass bottles daily. This practice is an effort to reduce my plastic usage & BPA exposure.

As with many household appliances, there are things to can do to help your Berkey operate well over time. For this, Berkey created the maintenance kit. The maintenance process is simple & easy to perform. It comes with step-by-step instructions. Too, It’s foolproof. Also, the whole process only takes a few minutes. Doing this can help your black filter elements have a high flow rate.

Lastly, we add the Fluoride-Arsenic filters to the Big Berkey. This adds protection against these two elements that post detrimental health effects.

Thank you so much for stopping by this post: Big Berkey Water Filter Review.

I’m stoked to introduce you to such a revered brand in our home.

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    1. Awesome! We love ours and have had it for many years now. Even my brother + parents have acquired one. Let me know if you have any specific questions about them!

  1. I agree with you on the bottled water. I just got a Berkey a month or two ago and am loving it so far! Just a quick question though, how often do you flush yours out? I have read conflicting information and people have said every three months or when the water starts filtering at a slower rate. What are your thoughts?

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