Morrocco Method Review: Natural Hair Care

This post contains my Morrocco Method Natural Hair Care Review. My experience with growing thicker, healthier hair has been very positive using Morrocco Method’s line of hair care products.

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About Morrocco Method:

Our philosophy began with one simple question: “Why compromise your health with chemical products when you can achieve radiant beauty with safe, all-natural hair care?”

Morrocco Method International has provided the world’s finest in raw, vegan, and Paleo hair care for more than 50 years. All of our products are sulfate free, gluten free, and free of synthetic chemicals.

Each product, from our line of all natural shampoos and conditioners to our natural henna hair color, is created using a synergistic blend of live, wildcrafted ingredients that detoxify and nourish your hair and scalp. Begin detoxing and enjoy beautiful, naturally luxurious hair with Morrocco Method products.

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My Experience with Morrocco Method Products:

I’ve been using Morrocco Method products on my hair for about 1 year now. Before beginning MM products, I had a pretty decent head of hair length-wise, but it was thinner around my temples and didn’t always feel nourished. I also had a dry scalp and dandruff after a few days without washing.

I’m so glad that I made the switch because there’s been a noticeable difference in my hair. One of the biggest differences between Morrocco Method shampoos and others (even natural & organic ones) is that because they are raw and botanical based, they minimally foam.

Though this is an adjustment for some people, it actually helped my dry scalp to have their shampoo perform this way. Also, I hardly ever need much conditioner.

Some Rituals That Helped:

Making sure to shampoo twice (I know, sounds extra, but it’s worth it) makes all the difference.

Using the Mixed Nylon/Boar Bristle Brush in the shower while washing out both the shampoo and conditioner. I noticed that doing this made a big difference in getting the products evenly distributed through hair and then thoroughly rinsed out.

Doing a weekly hair mask with the Zen Detox powder. This is big for the first few weeks of using Morrocco Method products! I use the Zen Detox product and then mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar, leave in for about 10-20 minutes, then rinse out in the shower and shampoo + condition like normal.

-Apply a Scalp Elixir before shampooing. I typically massage it in and let them sit for a few minutes beforehand. This ritual really helps stimulate the hair follicles at the root level.

-Use the Scalp Massager daily. This is as routine to me as brushing my teeth! It’s only takes 30 seconds or so and helps bring blood flow to the scalp and stimulate lymph movement in the head and neck. Doing this is a huge help if you are looking to grow hair.

-Cut hair according to the Lunar Hair Chart. If this idea is new to you, check out more here. I trim/cut my own hair at home and have for about 10 years now. Since my goal is to thicken my hair, I cut on thickening days and alternate that goal with root work days to keep the foundation of my roots healthy and thriving.

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