BrocElite Sulforaphane Supplement Review

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BrocElite Sulforaphane Supplement Review + Special Offer

BrocElite Sulforaphane Supplement Review


“Sulforaphane is the good molecule that comes from broccoli. It was first found in 1992 by scientists at Johns Hopkins University. Since then, there have been over 2000 research papers written on the topic.

It has 39 distinct pro health mechanisms. These include blocking inflammation and enabling detoxification. Too, it promotes brain health and stimulates anti-aging.

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It’s an anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogen. Also, it’s anti-inflammatory and an autophagy inducer. It might even benefit the symptoms of autism. Over 2,000 peer-reviewed studies have been done on the benefits of sulforaphane. Many more are underway right now. But there’s one problem. It’s hard to get SFN into your body.

The most common way is growing and juicing broccoli sprouts. They contain the 2 precursors needed to make sulforaphane in high amounts. These are myrionase and glucoraphanin.

But, here’s the thing. The sulforaphane isn’t shelf stable and degrades quickly. So, you must drink the juice within 4 hours of preparation. Also, the heat limit is 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Technology Breakthrough Is Changing Everything

“For years, the BrocElite® team has worked with brilliant scientists. Together, they developed a patented process for shelf stable sulforaphane. This process is 100% natural.

BrocElite® is the only supplement of its kind. It costs less than $36 a bottle. Two capsules of BrocElite® contain 10 milligrams of shelf stable sulforaphane. That’s the equal of eating about 3oz of fresh juice made from broccoli sprouts.

No more growing broccoli sprouts. No more wasting money on precursor. Brocelite is all the benefits of sulforaphane. To boot, it’s in a shelf-stable capsule. With BrocElite®, you know exactly how much sulforaphane you’re getting. Because, it’s naturally stabilized with a patented process.”

BrocElite Sulforaphane Supplement Review + Special Offer

I first discovered sulforaphane while listening to a Joe Rogan x Dr. Rhonda Patrick podcast interview. In this episode, Rhonda discussed the health benefits of sulforaphane. She spoke in depth on the studies, research, and uses. Also, she shares that sulforaphane sources include cruciferous vegetables.

I love what BrocElite has created with this supplement. It’s the first time I’ve heard of such a supplement. One that highlights this incredible plant compound is unique. Brocelite utilizes it in a condensed form. This way, it ramps up the health benefits even more.

I’m obsessed with this product. It is a natural way to boost a myriad of your health aspects. I’m also doing my own research, looking into this as something that can help boost our dog Kona’s health as well.

You won’t immediately feel better after taking this supplement. It’s one that serves as a vital tool in your “health toolbox.” Brocelite helps elevate your body’s ability to stay well. From detox, to immune function, to cellular health. I trust that this product is working on a foundational level.

I know the benefits of sulforaphane to be well documented. Thus, I will continue to look to this product for several reasons:

-the anti-viral properties. I’ve been focusing a lot on targeting internal parasites in the last few years

-the anti-aging benefits + prevention of cellular damage

-the boost in detox capability

-combatting inflammation in the body

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