Living Libations Skincare Review

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I am so excited to be sharing my thoughts on Living Libations. This range is such a beautifully curated line of skin, body and whole health products. Living Libations is completely in a league of its own. From the thoughtful ingredient sourcing, to the unique formulations, to the passionate humans behind Living Libations–this brand is one of a kind. Furthermore, I found myself oh-ing and ah-ing over their product list and ingredients.

You can learn more about the Living Libations founders and philosophy over on their website. Nadine is the author of Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance, Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums and a frequent contributor on health and beauty for media outlets. It’s pretty neat that Alanis Morissette calls her “a true-sense visionary.”

Taking a few steps back, it’s worth mentioning how I learned about this brand. I follow facial massage & skincare practitioner, Danna Omari on Instagram. Over time, I have learned how to create my own facial massage practice through her guidance. Somewhere along the way, I noticed the Best Skin Ever – Sea Buckthorn oil that she continuously recommended. She shared that she uses it to oil cleanse her face.

This is a gentle, nourishing way to clease the face. Oil cleansing prevents the facial skin’s moisture barrier from being disrupted. This is common when you use harsh cleansing formulations. It’s amazing the difference in your skin when you switch to oil cleansing.

However, this was just the beginning in terms of my discovery. I quickly fell in love with so many other products. The Living Libations team was generous enough to complimentarily send me 5 different items to try: Best Skin Ever – Sea Buckthorn, Tropical Spice Incense, Organic Hemp Cloths, Poetic Pits – Maverick and Facial Brush.

Living Libations Skincare Review

living libations skincare review

1. Best Skin Ever – Sea Buckthorn

This was the product I was most excited to try, as I’ve had skin struggles througout my life. First, it was cystic acne in my teens, then redness and hyperpigmentation in my 20’s and now 30’s. Nutrition has been a large component of helping my skin. However, improving the quality of my skincare products has been just as crucial.

I use this oil alongside the organic hemp cloths to cleanse my face morning and night. When you use the Best Skin Ever – Sea Buckthorn to cleanse your skin, there is never a dryness issue. It’s only goodness that follows. It’s only been about a month of using this oil and I can already tell that my skin is chilling out. The redness has subsided a bit and the texture is soft & improved.

tropical incense

2. Tropical Spice Incense

I’ve become big on incense in the last 5 years. I really love and enjoy the opportunity to elevate the aromatherapy experience in our home, especially here in 2020. We are home more than usual these days, needless to say.

On an energetic level, lighting these incense feels like things shift in the room. I’d imagine that this is partially because of the connection between smell and the mind. The scent of the tropical spice smells warm and natural. There’s not a hint of artificial scent, at all.

Just like the rest of the Living Libations line, these are naturally formulated. These particular incense are hand-crafted with stone-ground spice, floral botanicals and all-natural coconut shell, rolled onto bamboo sticks.

wildcrafted handcrafted clean beauty

3. Organic Hemp Cloths

What you put onto and into your skin matters. Materials and tools are included in this, as well. It makes sense that you would want to use pure, high quality plant fibers in combination with the pure oils you’re using.

As I mentioned earlier, I use these cloths as a gentle exfoliant and cleanser, alongside the Best Skin Ever – Sea Buckthorn. My skin feels very happy after this part of my routine. If you experience skin irritation, I would definitely recommend trying out a new way to cleanse.

Oil cleansing with these two Living Libations products has been my new favorite aspect of my routine. I look forward to it every single time.

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4. Poetic Pits – Maverick

By now, hopefully, most of us are aware that generic deodorants are notorious for contains toxic ingredients. These harsh ingredients are not things that you want absorbed by your body.

Since your armpits are a warm, absorptive region of the body, it’s important to pay attention to what’s applied there. It’s an opportunity to choose a better option for yourself and your wellness.

I choose the Poetic Pits – Maverick scent actually because my nickname on my high school volleyball team was Maverick. It’s a Top Gun Movie reference.

The scent combination is rich with plant essential oils like Sandalwood, Frankincense and Cardamom. These 3 are a few of my favorites.

Performance-wise, this formula works well for combatting the stink. The potency goes a long way. It’s also worth remembering that a poor diet often means stinkier pits. So, that’s another thing you can adapt to serve your overall wellness vibration.

living libations skincare review

5. Facial Brush

One of my favorite ways to naturally exfoliate the skin is to use a small amount of baking soda paired with a facial oil. However, that was before I had this facial brush tool.

I’ve been very happy with this new tool and how it is gentle yet effective. It’s also easier to travel with, when you’re looking to bring exfoliation on the go with you. This Facial Brush effectively lifts dead skin off the surface and reveals a glowy complexion. This helps with skin cell turnover and encourages new, healthy skin cell growth.

In the past, I would bring a small container of baking soda along with me on my travels. It’s nice to have another option.

Baking soda is still a great item to have around, in my opinion for a multitude of uses. It’s great as a toothpaste when paired with a product like Living Libations’ Happy Gum Drops. I have not tried that product yet but have heard positive, transformative things.

Along with loving and enjoying these 5 items I was gifted by them, I recently placed a big order for 7 more items of theirs to try. I am SO excited! Here’s what I am trying next:

  • Happy Gum Drops
  • Zippity DewDab
  • Best Skin Ever – Sandalwood
  • Ensorcell Serum
  • Radiant Love Lube
  • Body & Breast Dry Brush
  • Energy Dry Brush

Have any questions for me about Living Libations? Leave me a comment below!

This is a brand that I am genuinely appreciative to have learned about. They do not cut corners, include the purest & most ethically sourced ingredients, are whole-health minded, and truly live on a high vibration. I encourage you to follow Nadine on Instagram to get as inspired by her as I am.

Thank you for stopping by my Living Libations Skincare Review.

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