Should You Use Instagram Filters?

This Instagram TV episode is focused on my thoughts about: Should You Use Instagram Filters? Hopefully this offers up a unique perspective on this topic and somewhat controversial aspect of social media.

I encourage you to watch the entire video below to get the full scoop. The discussion of using filters is similar to one regarding wearing makeup. To me, I view it as a personal choice. If we can cultivate the ability to respect and love each other’s decisions, we will likely find ourselves in a good spot.

It’s helpful to remember that we all from different upbringings and life experiences. This is important for understanding each other because it means we may view the same predicament differently because of that. Though it’s tempting to let our past experiences sway us into projecting judgement on others, I think it’s corrosive and can lead to separation. Also, it promotes a lack of understanding within the human collective if we keep operating from that space.

Thank you in advance for watching this video. Have any thoughts on the topic of using filters on social media? I would love to hear your perspective. Let’s continue to learn from and be inspired by each other!

For the record, this photo is unfiltered. It would be okay if it was, though 🙂

I appreciate you taking the time out to watch this post: Should You Use Instagram Filters? Your support and readership means a lot to me and keeps me feeling connected to all of you!

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