Filtered + Structured Water for Wellness

WAT-ER you doing today? Let’s dive right in. All the puns.

Water is more than what we popularly understand it to be. It’s not simply an insignificant liquid (that none of us drink enough of). Water is closely connected to an individual’s or a group’s consciousness. It is also extremely sensitive to other vibrations and information—like music or words.

I have recently put together a deeper understanding of water and how to take care of my drinking water in a way that takes its true nature into consideration. The brand Blue Bottle Love came onto my radar after watching this Rich Roll podcast episode with Darin Olien. I’m so happy to have discovered them and have been enamored with them as a brand, their mission, the craftsmanship and the thoughtfulness behind their bottles–ever since.

Structured Water

The deep cobalt blue color catalyses a peaceful, rejuvenating experience for humans. The same is true for the consciousness and structure of water. This color brings water back to Zero Point, where it is healed of any and all discordant frequencies it may have accumulated on its way into your bottle. By clearing the energy, you are providing the opportunity for your water to then truly hold the frequency and blueprint of your chosen intentions. (info credit: Blue Bottle Love)

On my unique, meandering healing journey–water has been a focal point (far reaching in many ways). Water that comes thru the pipes into your home is commonly rife with contaminants, pharmaceuticals (yup), chlorine and the list goes on and on. All of those things impede your body’s ability to heal. Good thing we have some rad peeps like the ones at Berkey Filters, who make it easier to consume clean water.

I encourage you to read more about water and all of the exciting implications. Blue Bottle Love has some wonderful, informative resources on their site.

This Bottle: Merkaba Dolphins Art by Dolphin Dave (Dave Jimenez)

The significance of the Dolphins on this bottle, for me–is unique. I spent the first 12ish years of my life close to the Atlantic coast in Jupiter, Florida and these dolphins remind me to come back to myself. They remind me that I am supported, that nature is beautiful (and to notice it) and that reducing stress can happen quickly when I refocus on my life force. Your life force (in my own mind) is this pulsing energy that we can feel in our bodies when we slow down. I like to do simple things like following my breath in and out and finding my pulse.

Merkaba translates to: light, spirit, body. The Merkaba Symbol is a shape made of 2 intersecting tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions, creating a three-dimensional energy field. (Credit: Soul Flower.) You can see this symbol on the bottle, behind the dolphins. In terms of a more universal understanding/meaning of the dolphin and what dolphins symbolize, here’s what I’ve gathered:

Blue Bottle Love: Merkaba Dolphins by Dolphin Dave

“As a spirit animal, the dolphin reminds us to live in the moment. Intuitively they connect, not only to each other but to all of their surroundings. They listen to those little nudges of excitement and even danger and act upon them. Their intellect tells them whether it’s time to form a plan or if it’s okay to go on playing. It’s because they are so sensitive, that they are also able to live in the moment, and so ready to switch gears immediately if need be.

Dolphins serve as a reminder to us not to focus on the little things that seem big and overwhelming—the things we can’t control. Yes, danger may strike at any minute. However, dolphins don’t waste time worrying about danger because they like to have fun. That’s something we humans have to keep learning over and over again.”

Credit: California Psychics.

The artist and creator of this beautiful piece is Dolphin Dave (Dave Jimenez), and you can find him here on his website, and also on his Instagram page. He is creating so much beautiful artwork on his home Island of Maui, I am in awe.

Blue Bottle Love has several other incredible designs that are sandblasted onto their bottles. The Yes Love Aloha bottle is also designed by Dolphin Dave. You may also find others that feel aligned with you.

For filtering + structuring water in our home, we have:

-Merkaba Dolphins Symbol Blue Bottle – Medium, 25oz by Blue Bottle Love

The Big Berkey System Water Filters (4 carbon filters, 4 fluoride/arsenic filters)

-2 Travel Berkey Water Bottles for remote water filtering

Berkey Shower Filter. We currently have the Captain-Eco Shower Filter, but will be upgrading to the Berkey soon for our shower water filter.

Other ways to elevate your water to help you promote alkalinity + detox:

I encourage you to experiment and see what helps you feel good:

-Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to stimulate digestive stomach acids before meals

-Pinch of baking soda to water to increase alkalinity

-Sprinkle of pink Himalayan sea salt into your drinking water for electrolytes, better hydration remineralization and alkalinity. I also like Laird Superfood Hydrate Powder for electrolyte replenishment.

-Few tsps of Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) or activated charcoal to water as a detoxifying flush (might want to be around your home bathroom when you do this)

-Add hydrogen tabs to water or improved gut vitality

-Start drinking out of more glass, less plastic—& reuse! ♻️

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