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Lately, I’ve been playing around with an afternoon beverage change up. Instead of drinking coffee after noon, I’ve experienced some positive feelings from switching over to a low or no caff drink. This practice also gives me a moment of pause to stop drinking coffee and drink some water. I’m sure I run on the dehydrated end of the water-consumption spectrum, so this is a needed stopper.

I feel gratitude that companies like this even exists. Having been in this blogging space since 2012; I’ve seen the development of new product releases and natural product trends. While I don’t think that no caff is a trend, per se, I do think that these companies have created exceptionally-made options for those that are either looking to stay away from caffeine all together, or just intermittently.

Mud Wtr


This brand had me at the list of superfoods. The masala chai component offers up 1/7 of the caffeine that a cup of coffee provides. I like this, as I’m not looking for a caffeine hit when I drink this.

The earthy, lightly spicy (from the cinnamon) nature of Mud Wtr’s flavor is really nice. I bet during the holidays you could really nail a fall-inspired warm drink, using this as the base.

I like to prepare this with steamed, unsweetened coconut milk, or hot water if I’m in a pinch. Actually, both of those things require time to heat up a liquid. So, maybe I just pick the milk when I want something more rich & creamy, and water when I’m in more of a “black coffee” mood.

Note: the founder of Mud Wtr, Shane, is a fellow Crossfitter. What’s up!


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Caffeine-free, acid-free, prebiotic, & full of superfoods. Teeccino’s line of drinks is truly unique. From chicory herbal coffees to mushroom herbal coffees to prebiotic herbal coffees, there are so many formulations to choose from. Based on your preferences and needs, you may opt for one of their lines over the other.

The Dandelion Mocha Chicory Herbal Coffee is my favorite go-to blend. If I want a plain cup that mimics black coffee vibes, I opt for the Dandelion Dark Roast Chicory Herbal Coffee.

However, the flavors of all of them really hit the mark for me. I love the variety they offer and tend to rotate them all. They offer the option to search their products by dietary restriction (i.e. nut-free, gluten-free, keto, paleo). I thought of my community here as I noticed that on their site. So helpful!

rasa coffee alternative


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Rasa’s original blend is caffeine-free and contains 12 herbs. It’s a little sweet, earthy and nutty. Too, it’s AIP friendly and suitable for those looking to adhere to an autoimmune protocol.

This blend comes as a loose blend and I brew it similar to how I would brew loose-leaf tea. Also, Rasa’s products are formulated to help you take the edge off of stress & foster calmness.

This rad brand also makes products catered to immune support, energy, joy, and supporting sex & intimacy.

I’ll continue to play around with coffee alternatives similar to Mud Wtr, Teeccino, and Rasa–and likely rotate them depending on the mood I’m in. There is another brand I’m going to try soon. I haven’t confirmed that I like it, but I will add it to this list if that’s the case!

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