6 Reasons for Fitness Apart from Appearance

Welcome to this post: 6 Reasons for Fitness Apart from Appearance.

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6 Reasons for Fitness Apart from Appearance

First, there’s so much talk around getting “in shape” and attaining a desired appearance. But, it’s important to afford that this is not the only way to view fitness. In addition, it can feel completely liberating to establish a relationship with fitness that truly feels great to you. Furthermore, having a workout regime that you truly love and look forward to is far more promising than doing it a way you were told it should be done, while ignoring your instincts.

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Your Lymphatic system is crucial in internal cleansing, purification & detoxification. A cleaner inside is a healthier inside. Furthermore, the benefits of a high functioning lymphatic system are far reaching in terms of hormonal health & energy levels.

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In our busy lives where we hustle around, we lose our connection to ourselves. Working out, moving the body, having a fitness routine (whatever you’d like to call it) helps you to carve out that crucial time to reconnect to yourself.

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Still, the last few years of being a human on this planet have felt especially challenging for many of us. However, you do hold a power within you to mitigate the angsty atmosphere. Specifically, looking to fitness as a stress relief, a re-centering and a mood boost can keep us in a happier place.

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Spinal health is so indicative of how the rest of our body is functioning. Remember that all nerves file thru the spinal cord at some point. This means that impingements on those nerves can cause your digestive system, nervous system, etc. to name a few. Let’s have our own backs!

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We have likely all felt that at some point. For example, maybe you attempt something that feels out of reach, but you take the leap. You risk it, you go for it. Thus, you surprise yourself as you land on both feet. This accomplishment leaves you feeling capable and wondering why you ever doubted yourself. This is where confidence can be born.

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Our emotional & mental health are not separate from our physical health. They are so deeply intertwined, and yet this notion is not commonly talked about in the discussion of working out. Moving the body can truly help to activate and release stagnant feelings & emotions. This will leave you clearer, lighter and more at peace. Fitness is a beautiful gift you can give to yourself to help your wellness from the inside out.

Reframing how we view fitness, working out and moving the body can truly transform our relationships to our bodies. In addition, it’s powerful! Make fitness what you want it to be. Pay attention to what feels good to you. Also, It may look different than the next person’s routine. That’s actually a good sign. To illustrate, It’s an indicator that you are not distracted by what’s going on around you. You are in tune with your own needs and you are honoring them. Read more on the topic of body connection & accepting yourself in this post.

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