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Inflammation has been a focus of mine since I first got my period at age 12. This event also paralleled a big segment of my athletic career. Thus, sports performance and mitigating inflammation, pain, & swelling also became a focus of mine. CBD has been a constant part of my routine for many years now. It allows me to naturally combat inflammation in my body on an ongoing basis.

What is CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD (stands for Cannabidiol) oil is a naturally occurring chemical compound typically processed from the hemp plant. More specifically, it is harvested from the hemp flower. It can be taken orally (sublingual for high absorption), consumed in food and drinks, or applied topically as a salve or cream.

From my experience, it’s often utilized to potentially target inflammation, anxiety & systemic stress. Everyone is different and I’m sure we all have our own unique flavor of what led us to implement CBD. In addition, there are many different formulas & applications for it (i.e. increasing focus or calming down).

Why Use CBD (Cannabidiol)

The use of CBD, to me, is one aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It’s not a bandaid or a solver of all problems. I think that’s important to point out. Moreover, if you neglect the rest of your health/lifestyle and expect CBD to make up for that, it’s likely not going to happen. However, it can be a powerful way to utilize plant compounds to elevate the health of the body. For that, I am grateful for the movement & gaining of traction in the CBD atmosphere.

I’ve tried all of these brands and am simply sharing my experience with them. From the amount of knowledge I possess (I’m not an expert), these are all good quality CBD products. Many of them have specific applications, thus I bounce around depending on what I’m trying to achieve. Let’s dive in!

Best CBD Oil Brands for Fitness & Wellness biofit360 10 Best CBD Oil Brands

1. BioFit 360

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Products I Like by Biofit 360:

-Relief Cream

-Revive CBD Oil, 1000mg – Citrus

Why I Like:

BioFit 360 is a brand I learned about thru one of my favorite resources for all things healthy, non-toxic living, Ingrid De La O. I trust her recommendations and was excited to discover a CBD brand she believes in. BioFit provided several pages of testing alongside my package from them. They test several times for quality & efficacy; I was impressed with that aspect.

I started using these products to mitigate the pain I experience from menstrual cramping. The biggest difference I noticed is when I used the oil all month long and then added in the cream right before I started feeling the cramps kick in. My cramps were still there, but they were less. Also, using the cream before doing some restorative, slow yoga during my period was helpful, too.

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rya organics cbd shilajit 10 Best CBD Oil Brands

2. Rya Organics

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Products I Like by Rya Organics:

-CBD Shilajit

-Heal All Pro – Transdermal Pain Formula

Why I Like:

Rya Organics makes transdermal CBD products designed to help address pain. These products have been helpful for me taking care of a sprained ankle & inflammed knees/knee pain.

They also offer shilajit, which is a potent detoxifier & remineralizer. This is an especially helpful product for me to have on hand while I’m detoxing from mold & epstein barr.

incann cbd full spectrum

3. Incann CBD

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Products I Like by Incann CBD:

-1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil – Vanilla

Why I Like:

First off, the flavor of this Vanilla oil is one of my very favorites I’ve ever tried. I’ve loved adding it to coffee. Along with the other superfood ingredients I add to my coffee, it makes for a really potent & enjoyable cup.

Each batch of Incann CBD is third party tested for potency & purity. Extracted from organically grown USA hemp, Incann’s products are non gmo & manufactured according to the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), which means they strictly ensure that every product has what the label says and nothing else. I look forward to trying Incann’s Pet Oils for our pup, Kona, soon.

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43 cbd ultra deep tissue salve

4. 43 CBD

Products I Like by 43 CBD:

-Ultra Deep Tissue Salve

Why I Like:

43 CBD’s Ultra Deep Tissue Salve is a potent tool I carry. It’s also USDA Certified Organic. Tightness in my traps, neck and knees are some areas I focus on. I find this works best if you are diligent about applying it at least a few times a week. The uplifting, intense (& awesome) scent of eucalyptus, menthol & camphor really activate the soothing feeling. This is probably the most potent product of the bunch that I rotate; it’s great for when you have some targeted pain from exertion.

For women, applying this directly to the areas where you feel your menstrual cramps can help lessen how bad they are to tolerate.

soul cbd dog treats 10 Best CBD Oil Brands

5. Soul CBD

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Products I Like by Soul CBD:

-CBD Dog Treats – Relief

Why I Like:

Keeping our Black Lab mix, Kona, healthy and thriving is a top priority of mine. I like that Soul makes these Calm Dog Treats, which she gobbles right up. I reserve this formula for thunderstorms & firework times when she is stressed out. For daily combatting of inflammation, I like their CBD oil for pets. It’s one of the supplements that we value as a natural way to support her health. It’s third party tested & gluten free.

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10 Best CBD Oil Brands for Fitness & Wellness bace collectice

6. Bace Collective


Products I Like by Bace:

-Hemp CBD Capsules, Extra – 50mg

Why I Like:

The Bace Discovery Pack is what stands out the most to me about this brand. They afford that all of us are unique and we may need different dosages of CBD to thrive. This intro pack allows you to experience different dosages & find the one that matches your aim/goals. I found the most success & good feelings from their 50mg capsules. It’s a tool in my toolbox for mitigating inflammation around my time of the month.

candor hair cbd shampoo conditioner 10 Best CBD Oil Brands

7. Candor Hair

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Products I Like by Candor Hair:

-CBD Shampoo

-CBD Conditioner

Why I Like:

CBD is in a lot of different products nowadays, if you haven’t noticed. It might seem unecessary to add it to hair care formulas. But, what I really like about Candor and is how CBD was a consciously chosen ingredient to help target scalp irritation, dandruff & hair loss. These products really perform well & also have clean ingredients; phthalate, sulfate & paraben free.

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Best CBD Oil Brands Wellness coeur organics focus

8. Coeur Organics

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Products I Like by Coeur Organics:

-Focus Blend Tincture

Why I Like:

Here’s a big one for me:
“I truly believe that it’s when we feel good when we do the most good.” That’s a direct quote directly from their site. Yes, we are on the same page! Also, their commitment to clean CBD oil is apparent, as they share their lab results right on their website. This specific blend is one I keep right by my workstation for some elevated productivity. It helps me dial in & get into that flowstate. Btw how lucky am I that I can find flow in my work! #dowhatyoulove

ojai energetics cbd full spectrum sport gel hemp 10 Best CBD Oil Brands

9. Ojai Energetics

Products I Like by Ojai Energetics:

-Full Spectrum Sport Gel

-Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

Why I Like:

Having a product that is formulated with athletes in mind is appealing to me. My body really goes through it when I’m regularly practicing Crossfit. Thus, having this Sport Gel on hand for easy application to my neck/trap area has been helpful to calming them when they’re fired up. I love the addition of acerola cherry & moringa in this formula. These ingredients help support the body even more with detox, recovery & mineral replenishment. Also, these other certified organic herbs enhance the overall formula for maximum fast-acting effect.

They provide testing results on their website, too–in case you’re curious to see what’s in each product.

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healing harbors cbd

10. Healing Harbors

Products I Like by Healing Harbors:

-Casco Bay Breeze Soap

-Body Butter, 600mg

Why I Like:

CBD soap seems like a unique product; I hadn’t tried a bar of it until meeting Healing Harbors. Better yet, this bar features a unique kelp that’s found in Maine’s Casco Bay. The ingredients are simple, natural & the spearmint vibe is such an awesome scent for cleaning up after a tough workout. The body butter goes a really long way. I add a bit to the sore spots on my body when I’m tight/stiff & notice is helps me release & relax. I like to take deep, mindful breaths when I apply it to make it a calming practice. It’s also a great product to keep in your gym bag.

I’m interested to know about your experience with using CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil. What was the motivation for you to start utilizing it? How did you find that it help you?

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  1. This article is a good read, and this is also one of those helpful articles, especially for people who just found out about CBD. At present, many people find CBD useful with their different needs. However, when you want to try CBD, remember to research it and consider many things. In this way, you know that you’ll be safe when using CBD. Aside from doing research. It would also help to consult a doctor or an expert to have an idea as to what you are taking, how to take it, and any other information you wanted and needed to know.

    – Dan White

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