What are EMFs?

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Lately, I’ve seen an increase in EMF awareness in the wellness communities I’m a part of. However, I think there is still a vital need for more widespread education on this topic. And, it’s crucial to note that it affects and will continue to affect every last one of us.

In short, EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies) and EMRs (electro magnetic radiation) are similar to microwaves. Moreover, EMFs are relatively higher frequency radio waves that pose a range of negative health effects. EMF studies show a link between electro magnetic frequency exposure and ailments such as headaches, seizures, cancer, increased oxidative stress, and mental health issues.

Furthermore, these studies continue to take place & reveal more concerns with time. The more time that passes in this age of more cell towers and electronics, the more data there is to collect. However, it’s encouraging to see a brand like Airestech creating products for you to protect yourself and mitigate the negative effects of EMFs.

what are emfs protection

Workspace Awareness

So wow, it’s 2021, approaching a whole new year. Or, maybe time is an illusion! Either way, it feels for pertinent than ever to care for our health. Too, we must consider every contributing factor to our heatlh.

Who started working from home in the last 2 years?! It seems like more of us than ever have a renewed work identity. Too, many have morphed a space within our homes into a workflow-promoting office space.

Too, maybe you bought a new desk, chair, lamp, or planner. Maybe you repainted a room, redecorated, and hung some new wall art. But, many overlook the most important thing to think about when you’re surrounded by devices all day.

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work from home emf protection
work from home emf protection
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More Devices Than Ever

Moreover, this new workspace gives you a chance to take an inventory of your office. Likewise, what are the health implications of your workspace? As a conscious consumer, you have a chance to add or eliminate items around your house based on their health implications.

Firstly, let’s consider the reality that all of the devices we use create a home atmosphere rife with EMFs. EMF stands for electro magnetic frequencies. Too, the acronym EMRs is used in this conversation, as well. EMRs (electro magnetic radiation) present negative health impacts, as well. Also, these waves produced by electronics are similar to those emitted by the microwave in your kitchen.

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what are emfs protection

You Don’t Need Wifi 24 Hours a Day

The negative effects of EMFs have studied, detrimental effects and it’s important that we protect ourselves. Too, I don’t see it as being obsessive. In fact, since we began incorporating Airestech devices around our home, we have had more peace of mind. Too, we don’t think about the negative effects as much because we feel covered.

Perhaps, we can’t get rid of all devices cell towers, and wifi signals. However, we can certainly be more mindful. Too, we can support companies like Airestech that are creating products with the health of their customer in mind.

How To Healthfully Work From Home emf protection
How To Healthfully Work From Home emf protection
How To Healthfully Work From Home emf protection
airestech emf protection

Cover All of Your Bases

Airestech microprocessor devices are engineered to protect you from 5G, WIFI, LTE, powerlines or electromagnetic smog. Thus, you can feel protected from the implications of our current reality. Also, this brand offers versatility.

There is a microprocessor designed for several components of your lifestyle. You can get protection from your cell phone, laptop, for your pet and for a room (up to 500 square feet of space). Keep in mind, the room device can be used in several different settings, including in your car. Too, the device protection can be used on all of the different tablets.

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Is Your Workspace Helping or Hurting You?

Further, items like the air freshener you use, the candles you burn, and the air you breathe are important. Opting for cleaner options will improve the wellness-promoting qualities of your office.

Too, grabbing a HEPA air filter to run in your home will help ensure that your air is clear of mycotoxins like mold and other allergens. All of these things are important. But, it’s the invisible factors that seem to be the most pervasive.

Other Tips to Prevent Harmful Effects of EMFs

  • Help Your Family & Friends Get Educated
  • Turn your wifi router off at night. Nobody benefits from your wifi being on 24 hours a day. And, you don’t need it when you sleep. So, make a habit to turn it off when you’re not using it.

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  1. Awareness, a worthy aspiration – especially when immersed in a sea of hype and bombarded by misinformation.

    Thank you for sharing this – and good effort in a well written offering!

    1. I appreciate your support and thoughtful feedback! It’s my pleasure to create these resources 🙂

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