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In my health journey the last few years (healing from Epstein Barr & Mold Exposure), supporting my detox pathways has been paramount. Moreover, part of this is to simply make sure your body is eliminating (peeing and pooping) regularly.

When this isn’t happening (perhaps due to gut dysbiosis, parasites, candida, etc.), practicing enemas as needed can be a helpful way to help your body along. In addition, I do these enemas as a part of a 1-2 punch that I intuitively decided to do. I’ve walked you through the Epsom Salt Flush I drink here on this Instagram post. Furthermore, the flush acts as a “liquid plumber” and the enemas help support your body’s elimination capacity.

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Note: I’m not a health professional. Too, I’m not giving advice. Moreover, I’m simply sharing my life experience and what I know to be true for me and my body. My aim is that by being transparent and sharing my experiences, it will create an authentic ripple to inspire others to live their own authentic life.

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There are several enema kits out there, but I prefer one with a metal bucket. Further, when you’re handling warm liquid (when doing a coffee enema), you don’t want to mess around with plastics. With plastic, you introduce BPA to the liquid in many cases. There are some kits that use BPA-free plastic. But, it’s your choice on that to determine what you’re comfortable with.

The enema kit that I use is by Aussie Health Co. And, the ground green coffee beans I use are by Corvital Health. For Corvital, use the code JESICA20 for 20% off.

Sitenote: the water you use in your enemas is extra-important, as it’s going into a very absorptive part of your GI tract. Thus, I use our Berkey Filter for all of the water used. And, you can use the code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off Berkey filters & products.

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Coffee enemas and saline enemas are the two most popularly shared enemas that I’ve heard of in doing my own research. However, I heard about doing apple cider vinegar enemas from a family friend. And, I felt like it intuitively was a good choice for me and where my body was at.

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Depending on how much detox support my body feels like it needs, I will adjust how much apple cider vinegar I use. But, I personally have found that it works best when it is diluted enough. ACV is potent, so overdoing it may work against you and also make your colon/anus feel uncomfortable.

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Depending on the length of your tubing, you may see the need to pick various spots to hang your bucket from. Too, I’ve found that I like to put a towel that’s doubled up overlapping a bath mat. This way, I can lay down, be comfortable on the bathroom floor, and also absorb any liquid that leaks.

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The more enemas you do, the more you’ll get the hang of it! I like the idea of being intuitive with a practice like this. Do what feels right and honor your body. Some recommend holding the enema in for 3-10 minutes. That has always felt a bit too strenuous on my GI tract. Thus, I do more of a flushing method.

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If you’re looking more to learn about the therapeutic application of enemas, check out the Gerson Method. Moreover, this is a treatment method used to treat a range of ills, I’ll just let you do your own research and form your own thoughts. 🙂

I’m rooting for you to rebound from whatever is holding you back from feeling your best. Let me know if you have any experiences or questions in the comments below!

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