Hatch Sunrise Alarm Clock

Hatch Sunrise Alarm Clock helps you to take your rest to the next level with dreamscapes, music, guided breathing, and more. Whether you’re unwinding from a busy day or preparing for the day ahead, our exclusive content can get you in the right mindset.

Hatch Sunrise Alarm Clock helps you to sleep the way nature intended with a gentle sunrise alarm and soothing sleep sounds, all rolled into one beautiful dream machine. You can build your restful routine with Hatch Sunrise Alarm Clock, from sunset to sunrise.

  • Sleep deep with sounds inspired by nature, backed by science
  • Rise rested with the sunrise to support your body’s natural circadian rhythm.
  • Go phone free and use the Rise & Rest buttons of the Restore 2 phone-free.

With customers of Hatch, 83% of them had improved sleep, 75% felt more confident in getting better sleep, and 69% felt better rested.

Hatch as a brand is all about dreaming up ways to help people sleep better. Their first sleep product, Hatch Rest, has helped more than half a million families get a good night’s rest. And now they’re on a mission to make sleep easier than ever for everyone with innovative, all-in-one products for newborns through adults.