Koze Red Light Device

Koze Red Light Device Series is a powerful red and near infrared light therapy device with LED technology (dual-chip) and an adjustable stand. This Koze Red Light Device is perfect for deeper sleep, restorative skin treatments, and reducing muscle & joint pain. Also, this Koze Red Light Device is Ideal for face or other bodily spot treatments.

Koze Red Light Device Quick Product Specs:

– 300 watts
– 60 Dual-Chip LEDs
– Flicker Free
– EMF Free @ 4 inches or greater

Koze Red Light Device panels are built with a unique 1:1 combination of clinically proven wavelengths (660nm + 850nm) of Red Light and Near-Infrared Light (R/NIR). After using this device, you can experience improved blood flow, reduced wrinkles, reduced inflammation, helped performance and recovery, improved sleep, and optimized circadian rhythm.

Koze Red Light Device boasts 300 watts via 60 dual-chip LEDs, engineered with precision with the highest irradiance output on the market. Higher irradiance means better results in less time; irradiance can be defined simply by the amount of energy your body receives over a set period of time. Koze believe this to be an essential factor to consider when choosing the right Red/NIR light therapy device for your home or clinic.

For years, red light therapy was a secret weapon used mostly by affluent celebrities, pro athletes, and doctors to help with anti-aging, skincare, inflammation, mental performance, and workout recovery. And, light therapy sessions in a clinic can be expensive, costing $50-$200 per 10 minutes session. However, when you have this device at home or in your practice, you can get all the same benefits of light therapy in the comfort of your own home or office at a fraction of the cost.



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