July 29, 2021

16 Clean Beauty Skincare Brands to Try (+ 3 To Avoid)

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Jesica Williams

Since 2012, I’ve been creating digital wellness guides and researching natural beauty products, HIIT workouts, functional exercises, body positivity, self love, and tips helping you explore wellness and feel good.

Welcome to this post: 16 Clean Beauty Skincare Brands to Try (+ 3 To Avoid).

You might be thinking: 16?! That’s a lot to consider! Well, I really wanted this post to be pretty comprehensive. As, skin varies from person to person. Of course, your best fits depend on your skin type & ingredient preferences. Too, what you look for in skincare comes into play. Thus, your picks may be different than my favorites.

Also, here’s something to keep in mind when you check out these products and read ingredient lists. If you don’t know what something is, look it up! Long names can be botanical names or simply an ingredient you haven’t seen before. I use resources like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Database. Other good resources include the Think Dirty App & Good Face Project. Remember, you are the consumer and it’s your skin. Feel empowered to learn more through these resources.

So, dig in! I’m excited for you to get to know these brands. I’ve linked all the sites for you. So when you’re ready to shop, you’re all set. Feel free to reach out in the comments below with any specific product questions.

16 Clean Beauty Skincare Brands to Try (+ 3 To Avoid)

osmia organics skincare

Osmia Organics

Wildcrafted, organic, consciously-sourced ingredients. Too, they are on a mission to guide you on a path to return to your senses. Osmia Organics helps you reclaim your power. It’s a nudge to redefine your beauty. Osmia has pioneered the notion of reveling in the small moments. For me, she is truly an original. Moreover, I discovered Dr. Sarah’s brand at the beginning of my natural skincare journey. Also, Osmia inspires a practice of honoring your whole body’s wellness. In addition, they advocate for loving yourself at every stage & age in life.

Also, Founder Sarah Villafranco, MD will keep you inspired to move & stay tuned into your senses. Check her out on Instagram.

My three favorite Osmia Organics products are the Coffee Mint Bar Soap. Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser. & Sandalwood Body Mousse.

Read my initial review of Osmia Organics here.

primally pure skincare

Primally Pure

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Primally Pure handcrafts safe skincare products. Too, they offer real, recognizable results. Their ingredients come certified organic. Primally Pure also believes that fewer ingredients make better skincare. And, their products are formulated with real ingredients. Expect maximum purity and potency from Primally Pure.

My three favorite Primally Pure products are the Blue Tansy Deodorant. Plumping Mask. & the Dry Shampoo – Dark Locks.

Fresh news with Primally Pure, they just released brand new Plumping Collection. Clarifying Collection. & Soothing Collections. There’s sure to be a line that will best suit your skin.

Read my blog post on Primally Pure Skincare here.

osea malibu skincare

OSEA Malibu

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OSEA Malibu (pronounced OH-SEE-YAH) harnesses the benefits of nature with effective, clean skincare. OSEA features hand harvested seaweed from the Patagonian shores. And, this seaweed contains a full spectrum of minerals and trace elements present in the saltwater. For your skin & body, this has a tremendous to restore and revitalize.

OSEA only works with suppliers who reach their rigorous standards of purity. Too, they prefer to work with family or female-run collectives. Also, they look to local communities whenever possible.

My three favorite OSEA Malibu products are the Ocean Cleansing Mud. Atmosphere Protection Cream. & Undaria Algae Body Oil.

Read my blog post on OSEA Malibu here.

living libations skincare

Living Libations

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Living Libations utilizes nature’s abundant, precious liquids to elevate health & foster natural beauty. Infused with plant power, their Libations creations are of immensely thoughtful quality. Likewise, these formulas celebrate the natural world & its connection to us.

LL’s “Best Skin Ever” oils sparked my facial oil cleansing routine. Oil cleansing can truly change the trajectory of your skin if you find it imbalanced & irritated.

Three of my favorite Living Libations products are the Happy Gum Drops. Best Skin Ever Oil – Sea Buckthorn. & Poetic Pits – Maverick.

Read my blog post on Living Libations here.

annmarie gianni skincare

Annmarie Gianni Skincare

A truly unique, thoughtful, & hand crafted line of nourishing skincare featuring organic ingredients. Annmarie Gianni values & fosters their relationship with wildcrafted growers around the world. The entire brand was born out of Annmarie & Kevin’s search for skincare that impressed them.

This line is all about good, clean, effective skincare. Annmarie Gianni Skincare offers a committment to making clean beauty products you can trust.

My three favorite Annmarie Gianni products are the Renew Facial Cream Cleanser, Wild Fruit Serum, Radiate Facial Moisturizing Oil & the Palo Santo Hair & Body Mist.

Read my reviews of Annmarie’s various lines here: Wild Alchemy Collection. Essentials Collection. & my first review of AMG.

100 percent pure skincare

100 Percent Pure

The ingredient lists of 100 Percent Pure truly back up their name. Secondly, they’re clean, safe, & effective. Moreover, they personally have been so enjoyable to use. This is one of my favorite lines to recommend. 100 Percent Pure has an expansive range of products. Additionally, they cover skincare, haircare & makeup, Furthermore, Founder Susie Wang states it’s her mission to create the healthiest formulas.

My three favorite 100 Percent Pure skincare products are the Green Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. (I use it on my whole face to reduce puffiness in the AM). Mattifying Primer. & the Multi-Vitamin PM Serum.

Read my 100 Percent Pure Skincare Review here.

You’re reading: 16 Clean Beauty Skincare Brands to Try (+ 3 To Avoid).

leaf people organic skincare

Leaf People

Medical Herbalist Julie Levin of Leaf People is the force behind Leaf People. She has formulated such a beautiful range of botanically infused skincare. Their ingredients are from organic & often biodynamic sources. Moreover, they really value & foster their relationships with their ingredient sources. The level of conscious choices that infiltrate Leaf People is so apparent & refreshing. They share more in depth specs on their site here.

Read my Leaf People blog post here.

My three favorite Leaf People products are the Stem Cell & Peptide Radiance Face Cream. Lymphatic Support Oil. & the Allover Glow Oil.

blissoma organic skincare


Blissoma is holistic & healthy skincare rooted in science. Founder Julie Longyear is the passionate force behind Blissoma. Too, she is an Herbal Chemist. Moreover, she creates from a place of reveling in the bond & connection between humans and plants. Blissoma’s products perform and truly help the skin find balance. They let your natural beauty radiate. Likewise, Blissoma highlights some unique ingredients in some very capable synergistic product formulas.

My three favorite Blissoma products are the Smooth A+ Correcting Serum. Citrus Natural Deodorant Aromatic Spray. & the Pomegranate Supreme Facial Cleansing Bar.

Read my Blissoma Holistic Organic Skincare blog post here.

alaska glacial mud

Alaska Glacial Mud

They harness & offer the detoxifying properties of glacial minerals. Alaska Glacial Mud is such a breath of fresh air. Too, I really love the simplicity. The potent healing capacity of having skincare powered by mud. Moreover, this brand is clean, ethical, effective and luxurious. Lauren Padawer is the inspiring, nature loving founder behind Alaska Glacial Mud. She signs off on her website “In Wellness & Wilderness.” That is rad & inspiring to me.

My three favorite products are the Protect & Defend Squalane & Hyaluronic Restore Cream. Raw Alaska Glacial Clay Powder. & the Glacial Mineral Soap Bar. Also, their Reusable Bamboo Pad Set has helped me eliminate disposable cotton round use in the bathroom.

Read my blog post from way back on Alaska Glacial Mud here.

paris laundry skincare oils

Paris Laundry

Paris Laundry’s oils are packed with a multitude of organic oils. Oils like Moringa (the tree of life), Sea Buckthorn, Watermelon seed & Rose make up these potions. These glow-promoting ingredients help repair and illuminate the skin. They are ideal for facial oil cleansing or simply ending the night on a hydrated note.

Founder Kelsey Bucci is the heart and soul of these beautiful oils. She’s got a really inspiring story & is hilarious, check her out on Instagram.

My favorite Paris Laundry products are the Everywhere Oil. Nourishing Facial Oil. & the Vita Active Fit Glow Foundation from the PL store.

Read my blog post on Paris Laundry here.

true botanicals luxury skincare

True Botanicals

This brand is all about radiant skin, made by nature. Also, True Botanicals is focused on harnessing the vibrant intelligence of plants. In addition, they break down natural skincare into a science. They educate on how skincare is a bio-science.

Furthermore, this means that they hone in on compatibility with the skin. True Botanicals aims to create products that marry nicely into your skin. Thus, they help tackle any skin issues you have. Too, these products are clinically proven, clean & sustainable.

My three favorite True Botanicals products are the Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm. Resurrection Radiance Eye Cream. & Chebula Active Immunity Serum.

rejuvaus skincare actives


Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Rejuvaus comes by way of Australia. This line of skincare products contain pure active ingredients. They are combined synergistically, without any occlusive fillers. The finished products provide a luxury feel for a brighter skin.

Dr. Garry Cussell is the founder of the Rejuvaus Clinics of Australia. He works to rejuvenate skin. Too, his focus is on nurturing it with ingredients from nature & applied medical science. Initially, he was inspired to create Rejuvaus after seeing that was a gap in the market. Besides, there were no skincare products that included actives with no additives. In addition, these products are medical grade.

I very Rejuvaus similar to Open Formula (described below). Moreover, I look to Rejuvaus for clean products that contain actives.

My three favorite Rejuvaus products are the ABC Repair & Restore Antioxidant Serum. Gentle AHA Exfoliating Gel Cleanser & Toner. & the Clarifying Serum for Oily Skin.

open formula skincare

Open Formula

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Open Formula focuses on creating clean skincare for the health-conscious. The simplicity and short ingredient lists are refreshing. In a sea of skincare ingredient lists that are littered with toxins, it’s good to see. Open Formula’s skincare is clean, sustainable, vegan & transparent. I look to Open Formula as my source of “actives” to elevate my routine.

I’m new to the world of “actives.” But, this introduction has come at a good time at the ripe age of 33. To explain, actives are potent, powerful ingredients. They come backed by science to have a substantial impact on skin.

For the past 2 decades I was focused on healing acne. But now, I am looking to support my skin in a way that I maintain healthy skin as I age.

My three favorite Open Formula products are the Glycolic Acid Peel. Retinoid Serum. & Squalane.

You’re reading: 16 Clean Beauty Skincare Brands to Try (+ 3 To Avoid)

Honorable Mentions

nourish mantra skincare

Nourish Mantra

This is an Ayurveda inspired, holistic beauty brand from India. Nourish Mantra is driven to simplify ayurvedic wellness practices for us through skincare. Furthermore, they believe that when you feel good, you look good.

In addition, Nourish Mantra believes in fostering the connection to the mind, body & soul. Too, this brand advocates for this symbiosis. Nourish Mantra does this through their ethically sourced ingredients.

My two favorite Nourish Mantra products are the Cucumber Mint Upvan Cleanser. & the Vedic Elixir 8-in-1 Rejuvenating Facial Oil.

kadalys skincare upcycled bananas


The first-ever eco-conscious beauty brand to upcycle banana agri-waste into organic active ingredients. Too, these ingredients are derived from the banana plant. Kadalys offers skincare products with efficacy and sustainability.

Kadalys is Inspired by French-Caribbean remedies. Additionally, this brand offers clinically proven, organic skincare. It’s made with patented bio-actives from banana by-products. Also, Kadalys’ unique products target anti-aging, radiance and soothing.

My three favorite products from Kadalys are the Nutritive Precious Oil. Organic Lifitng Night Cream. & the Exfoliating Peel.

curie clean skincare deodorant clay mask


Code JESICA10 for 10% off

Curie says their products are for people who are pushing boundaries day in and day out. Too, they are for those who are building careers, families, and lives. Their aluminum-free deodorant actually helps me not stink. Additionally, not all natural deodorants actually perform. Let’s be real. Also, their clay detox mask is recommended for both your face & armpits. Yes! I love this.

Their deodorant does contain a listed fragrance. So, for those of you with sensitive skin, this may stand out. But, their products are free of ingredients listed on the Credo Dirty List. You can learn more about their ingredients here.

My two favorite products from Curie are the Orange Neroli Deodorant Spray. & the Clay Detox Mask.

You’re reading: 16 Clean Beauty Skincare Brands to Try (+ 3 To Avoid).
the ordinary skincare sephora

The Ordinary

This brand is one the best selling lines in popular cosmetics store Sephora. Unfortunately, many of the products in The Ordinary’s line contain ingredients like Chlorphenesin & Isoceteth-20.

In addition, this line comes marketed with phrasing like “clinical formulations.” However, if your focus is similar to mine, then this isn’t a brand that would align with your skincare ethos. This is assuming that you are seeking non-toxic, clean ingredients.

drunk elephant skincare marula oil sephora

Drunk Elephant

Too, another top seller from skincare retailer Sephora. This brand likely appeals to those that are starting to take steps in a cleaner direction. Their products are free of some harsh ingredients. However, they also contain ingredients like Chlorphensein & Phenoxyethanol. Rated a 4 & 5 on the Think Dirty app; making them questionable. Drunk Elephant is also mainly focused on product efficacy. In other words, clean or organic ingredients are not their top priority.

Furthermore, this is just something to keep in mind with all new brands.. When hearing about new brands in general. Ideally, you are vetting them to see if they are a good fit for what you’re looking for in your skincare products. In addition, a simple look at this brand’s FAQ page will give you an idea of what you’re getting.

dior skincare toxic ingredients


Lastly, this fashion brand misses the mark. Dior falls short in terms of the cleanliness of their skincare products. Actually, they are actually a bit concerning. To explain, a large number of their products rank 8 on the Think Dirty app (meaning they are dirty ingredients). Several products contain ingredients like BHT, Phenoxyethanol, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone & Parfum.

I know the allure of these “fancy” brands can be tempting. But, remember it’s always important to take a deeper look at the ingredient list cleanliness.

Thanks for stopping by this post: Welcome to this post: 16 Clean Beauty Skincare Brands to Try (+ 3 To Avoid).

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  1. Thank you for putting together this list and trying these out. I really do enjoy using Osmia Organics’, body oils which have replaced lotions for me, and their mousse and scrubs! Their black clay facial soap and pumpkin facial soap are staples for me. I’m looking forward to trying out some of these other companies you’ve listed. Thanks for doing the vetting!!!

    • Wahoo! I’m so glad you love Osmia Organics like I do. Can’t wait to see what else you are interested in J


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