October 2, 2020

Blissoma Organic Skincare Review

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Blissoma Organic Skincare

Welcome to this post: Blissoma Organic Skincare Review.

Blissoma Organic Skincare Review


Rooted in Plant Science

Blissoma products restore skin to balance through the sacred relationship between plants and people. The first touch envelops you in blossom, berry, bark, and root. Freshly made extracts offer a higher, more complete level of phytonutrients. We combine cutting edge chemistry with traditional herbal knowledge for the best of both worlds.

Grow to Love Your Skin

We specialize in targeted care for demanding skin types. If you suffer from extremely sensitive skin, allergies, or other skin problems we can help. We have successfully helped thousands of people develop a happy relationship with their skin. It all begins with deep care that feeds you down to cells and spirit. You deserve to feel good about your skin.

Beauty is as Beauty Does

Blissoma is independently owned, independently managed, and vertically integrated (All reasons why Blissoma is one of the 11 clean makeup brands you should try). Step by step we have guided our own growth. No one else owns our integrity. We are passionate about creating products that are beneficial in every way. Every product in our collection is Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, made in-house, and represented with honesty and transparency

Process is Important

We do things a differently than most of the cosmetic industry. That makes a big difference for your skin. We purchase from local farms and extract our own herbs at customized potencies without heavy processing. Many skincare brands never mix a batch of their own product. Our processes yield more medicinal compounds from each plant and preserve them for you.

Gentle is Giant to Us

We don’t believe that beauty has to hurt. We know that the best results come from being so supportive to the body that it can’t help but thrive. Our products are made to be profoundly kind and compassionate to skin. Instead of scrubbing, poking, peeling we create space for your skin to find balance. When skin is balanced it looks its best.

Sensitive to Your Needs

Our recipes are made with special skin in mind, and we guide clients to their perfect products. Your skin will love that we never use petroleum ingredients, synthetic fragrance, nuts, or gluten in our products. We even know botanical allergens to better help our plant sensitive crew.

Conscious Qualities

Blissoma products are made with nutritious, raw, whole plant extracts that offer concentrated nutrition to skin. Our botanicals are sourced from organic farms around the world and our formulas are biodegradable. We use sustainable, toxin-free preservation methods to protect your health and avoid skin irritation. Authenticity and honesty guide us daily in an industry of false faces.

Beauty Blog

I met (virtually) the founder of Blissoma, Julie, early on in my clean beauty blogging days. Since then, she has and still does continue to embody holistic wellness in every regard. She is unrelenting in her commitment to her standards, and I see her products as true art that celebrates nature and herbalism. You can truly feel the unique curation of the products when using them.

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blissoma natural deodorant spray juniper

Juniper Natural Deodorant Aromatic Spray


-For Skin Type: All

-Totally revamped recipe as of September 2019

-Safe and effective natural deodorant with all day odor protection

-Juniper spray with herbs, zinc, and silver citrate

-Non aluminum, no antiperspirant ingredients, no baking soda

-Approximately 400 sprays per bottle

-2.5 oz portable aluminum bottle for purse, gym bag or travel

My Experience:

Huge fan of this deodorant. When thinking about why I love it so much, here’s what I came up with:

-It performs (and I’m a sweaty, lots of working out human)

-It’s super easy to apply (I use 2 sprays pet pit)

-It’s the ideal size for traveling

-It lasts way longer than you think as far as the bottle running out

-The juniper scent has a nice, floral, grounding, unique smell to it

I’ve also tried their citrus scent and really enjoyed that natural fragrance as well. If I had to pick, the citrus is my favorite because it packs an invigorating punch, which I like.

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blissoma scentless stick natural deodorant

Scentless Stick Solid Strong Natural Deodorant


-For Skin Type: All

-Extra strong deodorant in stick format

-Unscented deodorant recipe with organic ingredients such as mango butter, organic oils, clay, zinc and baking soda

-No antiperspirant ingredients

-Approximately 2 months of daily use per stick

-2 oz dial up stick for no mess, no fingers application

My Experience:

When I’m looking at this product compared to the spray, I prefer the spray. However, I do think it largely depends on application preference. Both formulas work very well and of course, the ingredients are incredibly clean.

Since generic deodorants typically contain aluminum and other ingredients that you do not want to absorb thru your pits, both of these are an excellent choice for a non-toxic, pit nourishing deodorant that actually keeps the stink away.

Also worth mentioning; I am a heavy sweater, a frequent exerciser and a stinky human due to the constant workouts. This makes me the ideal person to really put these deodorants to the test! I would recommend both the sprays and the sticks.

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blissoma photonic light shifting solution spf 25 facial sunscreen

Photonic Broad Spectrum Facial Sunscreen


-For Skin Type: All skin types and ages

-SPF 25 Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB natural mineral sunscreen

-Transparent, non nano Zinc Oxide recipe

-Made with a base of organic herb infusions and vitamin rich seed oils

-Features antioxidant-rich Astaxanthin red algae extract

My Experience:

I’m not always good about wearing sunscreen (thought I do often wear non-toxic makeup),  but this is the perfect way to add sunscreen into your routine; here’s why. This suncreen forms a thin, tinted layer on the skin. This makes it ideal as a primer for underneath makeup (acts as a tinted moisturizer if you want to wear it by itself).

Other sunscreens, in my opinion, tend to form a goopy layer on the skin that’s not suitable to apply makeup afterwards. This product allows me to get a bit more sun protection in addition to any shielding I’m getting by wearing foundation/powder.

As far as coverage goes, I love that it’s tinted and I would say the coverage is light. To me, that makes this product very versatile; good for makeup wearers to layer their foundation on top of (to build up to their desired coverage) and then good for those who don’t want much coverage but still want sun protection.

blissoma pomegranate supreme facial cleansing bar

Pomegranate Supreme Facial Cleansing Bar


-For Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive, Mature

-7 naturally saponified, rich oils

-100% natural, botanical recipe with antioxidant rich rooibos and rhodiola

-3.75 oz bar

-Anti-aging pomegranate oil with Omega 5 fatty acids

-Can be used for shaving or washing the whole body

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blissoma oatmilk facial bar organic skincare review

Oatmilk Mellow Facial Cleansing Bar


-For Skin Type: All, Sensitive, Children

-6 naturally saponified, rich oils

-For normal, sensitive, and all skin type and ages

-100% natural, botanical recipe with calming oatmilk and lavender

-3.75 oz bar

-Superfatted recipe provides lipids to nourish skin

-Can be used for shaving or washing the whole body

My Experience with the Facial Bars:

I’m so glad to have started using more bar soaps in my life since becoming a clean beauty product user (since around 2012). Not only do these bars last so much longer than typical liquid cleansers, but they are so effective.

The difference in these two bars for me is subtle; I love both of them. If you are trying to decide which one is for you, I would say it seems like the Pomegranate is more geared towards anti-aging and addressing mature skin. I’m in my early 30’s and beginning to think about that, so it appeals to me.

The Oatmilk bar seems to be best suited for someone with easily (or currently) irritated, reactive skin. It’s gentle, yet effective. If you’re new to a bar soap like those that Blissoma makes, you’ve got to get rid of the idea that bar soaps are stripping. Yes, many of the generic bar soaps you find in stores have ingredients that strip skin and are worrisome as far as toxic load.

However, these bar soaps are completely different. Since the ingredients are mindfully curated, the formulations insure that your skin is left quenched, nourished, restored (all the things that you want for your skin).

If you are using these to remove a face of makeup, I’d recommend cleansing twice. I like doing this in general to make sure the skin is completely clean with no residual makeup left on the skin. The first cleanse does the majority of the deep cleaning, while the second cleanse allows the restorative ingredients in the bar to interact directly with the skin. It’s just the most optimal way (I’ve found) to use these bars when taking off makeup.

blissoma smooth a correcting serum organic skincare review

Smooth A+ Correcting Serum


-For Skin Type: Oily and blemish prone skin suffering from

clogged pores, inflammation, redness, and irritation

-20 active ingredients

-100% natural, botanical recipe with 4% niacinamide, herbs, and vitamin A

-1.3 oz (38 g) quantity provides enough to use product once daily for approx 6 weeks

-Organic herbs freshly extracted at potent concentrations

My Experience:

This serum came highly recommended, as the owner of Blissoma mentioned it’s one of the their best selling products. So, I wanted to give this one a good, honest try to see if the product helped my skin. In the last few years, I’ve noticed wrinkles on my face for the first time (I know that they didn’t just pop up over night), and that my skin is aging. I’m not trying to be dramatic; just mentioning that I’ve noticed a change.

Thus, this serum appealed to me because I know Vitamin A can help with aging, pore size, and maturing skin. Also, the niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B3) ingredient works to combat hyperpigmentation issues. At this point, I’ve been using it for almost 2 months and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin.

The first thing I noticed is that my complexion started appearing more even–both in terms of pigmentation & as far as pores. In other words, my sunspot and pores were both less visible. The redness on my cheeks has gone down, and my face overall just looks more refreshed. I would definitely recommend this Smooth A+ product to someone in my position who is noticing some signs of aging on their face and are looking for a natural (obviously not invasive) solution.

You’re reading: Blissoma Organic Skincare Review.

blissoma organic skincare review

Since this company is based in St. Louis, it’s neat to be sharing about a brand out of the Midwest–as we live in Kansas City, MO. I’ve always admired the thoughtfulness and quality of the ingredients, as well as the passion that goes into making them.

As a believer in clean/nontoxic beauty products, I think it’s important to support a brand like Blissoma that has integrity as a foundational part of their ethos. It’s better for your health to use organic skincare, and I’ve found that they perform better, too! Synthetic, chemically-laden ingredients often times irritate the skin the cause more skin issues/imbalance down the road. Clean beauty is for sure the way to go!

Check out their site to check out their full product line which ranges from skin care, body care, hair care, oral care and even clean makeup.

Thank you for stopping by my Blissoma Organic Skincare Review.

Maybe you landed on this blog post because you were searching the web for “beauty blog”, “beauty tips”, “brad pitt skincare”, “outset skincare”, “hailey bieber skincare”, “scarlett johannson skincare”, “drunk elephant”, “sknn by kim”, “rhode skincare”, “kim Kardashian skincare”, or “kelly ripa skincare”. Honestly, there are so many skincare “trends” and I’m passionate about helping you sift thru the noise and discover brands like Blissoma that are truly embodying holistic wellness through their mindfully made skincare.

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