November 2, 2016

Brightside Organic Skincare Review

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This is a review of Brightside Organic Skincare products, made possible by Brightside Skincare.


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Brightside Skincare

Overall Rating: images-8

About Brightside Skincare:

Brightside Skincare products provide an alternative to the harmful skincare options available in today’s US market. The product line is free-from fragrance, parabens, sulfates, lanolin, phthalates, carcinogens, cruelty and gluten. It comes in anti-aging formulas, as well as for acne-prone skin. Currently, the only ‘safe’ options are very costly and most people cannot afford to purchase them. With Brightside Skincare, women of all ages can have access to an affordable, effective and safe skincare regime. Check out the Brightside Skincare website here:

Products I tried:

Gentle Tea Cleanser: This 81% organic, non-foaming, organic Aloe juice and anti-oxidant rich Green Tea Extract based cleanser is perfect for deep-cleaning and sloughing off dead skin layers. For all skin types.

Gentle Toner: 95% organic and loaded with DMAE & MSM. DMAE is an amazing nutrient that gives the skin a toned and firm appearance. MSM is soothing and calming, especially for irritated and inflamed skin. For all skin types.

Facial Serum69% Organic. Packed full with active DMAE and MSM this is the perfect serum for all skin types, including blemish prone, oily and sensitive skin. It can be used in addition to a moisturizer on normal, mature and dry skin. For combination or acne prone skin, this serum will offer needed hydration without feeling greasy.

Rooibos Tea & Olive Moisturizer: Vegan & 91% Organic. Every aspect of this lotion is beneficial for your skin. Rooibos Tea is an antioxidant that attacks free radicals and limits their damaging effects on the skin. For all skin types except blemish prone skin.

Rooibos & Olive Eye CreamFor all skin types. A rich cream, enhanced with Rooibos Tea, Hyaluronic acid, Lavender, Blue-Green Algae, Calendula & Pomegranate extracts and Evening Primrose to retain moisture in the tender and delicate skin around your eyes. Contains active ingredients that work synergistically to balance, sooth, regenerate and supply moisture. This rich cream can be used

All Natural Vanilla Lip BalmQuench your lips with this very emollient natural lip balm. For all skin types.


My Experience:

My journey of navigating through the world of “how in the world is the best way to take care of my skin?” has been a relatively long one. It feels like I’ve been troubleshooting my skincare routine since I was in middle school, trying to feel out why my skin isn’t regulating itself, why I get breakouts, what products are helpful, which ones aren’t, etc.

To spare you every details, I’ll simply say that I have discovered this to be true:

Your healthiest skin ever comes from using organic ingredients!

Ultimately, this gigantic layer of skin on your body is partially responsible for eliminating impurities and toxins from your body. Thus, you are crippling your skin’s ability to do this by applying toxins onto it. Those toxins are going the wrong way! Getting toxic skin care products out of your beauty cabinet should be the first step in seeking healthier + more balanced skin.

Enter: Brightside Skincare

img_5099 img_5107-1

The story behind a product line can really speak loudly in regards to the quality + integrity that goes into each product. I really enjoyed watching Kerri’s video (, I encourage you to watch it). She’s a beautiful, humble woman seeking a better way to guide her skin to optimum health.

First of all, I love that she provides several products with the intention that they will be used in sequential order. Our skin is dynamic and ever changing and I’ve learned it needs help periodically detoxing + staying vibrant + eliminating dead skin cells. With Brightside Skincare’s product line, you start by cleansing, then you tone, then nourish with a serum, then quench with a moisturizer and then touch up the eyes and lips with the eye cream + lip balm. This after effect is a clean and glowy complexion.

So, let me walk you through how this line fits into my everyday routine….

I am a very active gal, working out at 5am most mornings and promptly heading to work (managing a juice shop) until the afternoon. I start the day with some powder + mascara + lip balm on my face and that normally gets me through until I get off work. At the end of the day, my face is normally covered in perspiration and the light make up I’ve worn throughout the day. I find myself craving a shower + good face wash. Brightside Skincare products allow me to do this without stripping all of the natural moisture off of my skin. This is important because skin needs to be balanced and quenched, not stripped and covered in chemical-ridden products.

I found the Gentle Tea Cleanser to be a nice balance of mild yet effective. It has a creamy + dense texture while also doing the job of cleansing. I like the usage of witch hazel as a natural cleanser + astringent.

Following with the Gentle Toner allows me to close all of my pores, get rid of any excess makeup that I missed while cleansing and prepare my skin to be get hydrated with the Facial Serum and moisturizer.

I like the idea of using the Facial Serum before the moisturizer. The Facial Serum contains jojoba oil (my all-time favorite oil for facial skin). Like Brightside Skincare mentions on their website, jojoba oil resembles the qualities of the oil that skin naturally produces. It’s also close in pH to it, making it an excellent compliment.

My absolute favorite part of their website is this breakdown that is shown on the Facial Serum product page ( I think it is so helpful and shows transparency when a brand lists the ingredients and the reason why each of them is in there. It shows that each ingredient has a reason + purpose and what that purpose is.

One thing I learned on my acne journey is not to stay away from moisturizer, despite the fact that it is seemingly counter-intuitive to add moisture to an acne-ridden face. I really enjoy the ingredient choice and performance of the Rooibos Tea + Olive Moisturizer. You can tell it’s going to work well right as it comes out of the bottle. It’s very hydrating without being cakey at all. If you find that your skin is especially acne prone, you may want to check out Brightside Skincare’s Light Moisturizer as an alternative to this more dense moisturizer.

Now is a great time to also mention that for a large portion of my life, I would describe my skin as oily + acne prone. With much attention to my diet and nutritional needs, I would now describe my skin as normal (it took years). I think it all started to balance out. Your skin is connected to every other system in your body, so it makes sense!

Thus, I was excited to try Brightside Skincare’s “normal skin” line, considering my skin’s current state. I find that my skin looks + feels better (especially during the colder months) when I keep my moisturizer close by for daily usage. With that routine, the Rooibos + Olive Eye Cream and All Natural Vanilla Lip Balm act as the perfect follow-up + touch-up tools (if you will) to keep my skin feeling glowing and moist.

My skin care routine plays a big role in my daily efforts to catalyze my body’s natural process of detoxifying. It’s another way to help your body eliminate and cleanse. Brightside Skincare provides you a full product line to help detoxify your system and skin.

Many women shop at department stores for their fancy or luxury skin care items, those of which cost $50 or more per product and hundreds for the entire product line (and–the ingredient lists are scary!). So, why not spend a bit less and increase the quality of the ingredients a ton? That’s a no brainer for me.


This post made possible by Brightside Skincare.

This post made possible by Brightside Skincare.

SAVE NOW at Save $5 on the 5-piece set (w/code 36RPU7PD), OR

Get 10% off the Rooibos and Olive Eye Cream (w/code QUCYVBKS)

Click here: Amazon




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