January 28, 2013

Faerie Organics Makeup Review

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Welcome to this post: Faerie Organics Makeup Review.

These Faerie Organics eye shadows and mascara are my favorite recent finds in regards to organic makeup.

Upon receiving these items in the mail, I tossed all of my current non-organic makeup in the trash. That included Maybelline eye liner, Lancôme eye shadow and Victoria’s Secret Mascara. My current cosmetic bag looks like this:

Aubrey Organics Loose powder
Aubrey Organics lip gloss
Faerie Organics eye shadows
Faerie Organics Bambi Eyes mascara
Afterglow Natural Cosmetics eye liner
Larenim Natural Powder eye liner

I feel SO good about using only good things on my face.

These three faerie organics items wear beautifully. I use the lighter tan eyeshadow (“hush” color) on my eyelids, mainly underneath my eyebrows & I use the darker brown eyeshadow (“cocoa bean” color) on the crease & corner of my eyes. The mascara wears so incredibly well–applies smoothly without clumps and looks prettiest after a few coats.

Faerie Organics Makeup Review

None of them irritate my eyes, which is incredibly refreshing. I’ve found that to be one of the many benefits of using organic makeup.

The founder of Faerie Organics

has a neat story in addition to her excellent products. I’ve enjoyed using these products so far and look forward to trying more.

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