March 25, 2023

Freegirl Skincare Made Safe Review

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Welcome to this post: Freegirl Skincare Made Safe Review.

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As a clean skincare blogger creating resources & reviewing skincare products since 2012, it takes quite a bit to impress me in regards to trying new ones. At this point, there must be an obvious, unrelenting commitment to quality, purity, and of course–they must work with my skin and leave it calm, happy, and glowy.

I had a good feeling about this brand after meeting the founders and then another good-feeling-wave after reading the first ingredient list. It’s evident that they trust and utilize plants to elevate the health of skin. As a plant nerd, herbalism junkie, and superfood geek, I really revere this. It fully resonates and aligns with what I look for in skincare.

Freegirl Skincare Made Safe Review
How I Was Introduced to Freegirl

I met the CEO + Founder (Jamie) and President (Cathy) of Freegirl at a wellness networking event here in Kansas City. We go around the group and talk about what we do – and when they told everyone they own a clean skincare company, I was like “HEY, THAT’S MY JAM!” Not to mention, I REALLY resonate with the word “FREEGIRL” and I think I even said to them: “I wanna be a Freegirl!”

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The Freegirl Skincare Story

During a Colorado family vacation, Cathy had dinner with her friends who lived in Bueno Vista. At dinner, Jamie shared that she had been on a journey to find an answer for her son’s eczema that neither generic skin care products nor prescription pharmaceuticals could solve.

She didn’t know where else to turn, so she went into her kitchen and began to develop a solution using nontoxic ingredients. Jamie’s friends started inquiring about her creation and Freegirl Skincare was born. Over time, Jamie developed 10 products and decided to have them MADE SAFE Certified.

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What Cathy didn’t know then is that skin issues would soon hit home for her family 9 months later. In line with Jamie’s experience, Cathy’s family discovered that mainstream treatments were ineffective. She recalled her
conversation with Jamie and found the Freegirl Skincare samples that Jamie had given to her. Cathy was so relieved that Freegirl Skincare worked and was the solution for her itching and also resolved her teenagers’ acne. In addition, now that she has been using Freegirl
Skincare for a while, she is excited about the improvements she is seeing with her fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

Recently, Jamie moved to Kansas City and Cathy feels privileges to join Freegirl Skincare as her partner. Jamie & Cathy’s passion & heart is to educate women
and their families about the benefits of natural, non-toxic

You’re reading: Freegirl Skincare Made Safe Review.

They were generous enough to gift me several products from their line. I gave them an idea about my skin; which is combination and some hyperpigmentation. I also told these ladies that two of my favorite skincare focuses are Vitamin C & the Blue Tansy ingredient. Lucky for me, they have two products that fit that description. And the rest is history. Just like I assumed would happen, I really love every product, and every product is functional and effective. Additionally, I genuinely love reading through the plant ingredients in each product,

Freegirl Skincare Made Safe Review

Freegirl 043

The products I received to try are:

-Sincere Vitamin C Moisture Complex (fave product – naturally brightens via Vitamin C rich ingredients)

-Ambitious AHA Exfoliant Gel Mask (great for overnight use + brightening)

-Angelic Nighttime Serum (lightening & suitable for all skin types)

-Energetic Reparative Eye Crème (packs cooling power via blue tansy)

-Kindhearted Cleansing Milk (great for sensitive skin)

Keep in mind, this lineup I’ve been using isn’t their whole line. Freegirl Skincare has several other offerings & all of them have impressive ingredient lists. Other products from Freegirl include True Moisture Crème, Divine Cellular Renewal Serum, Happy Hydration Serum, Lovely Crème Cleanser, and Faithful Anti Acne Facial Serum.

They also offer several skincare sets including the Stressed Skin Set, Rosacea Skincare Set, Normal/Combination Skincare Set, Oily/Acne Skincare Set, Dry/Mature Skincare Set, and Hydation Essentials Set. I appreciate the sets, which makes the entry point easier for you all as you try Freegirl for the first time.

Reading through the ingredient lists for each product is truly like a beautiful symphonic love letter to botanicals & the plant kingdom. For instance, the eyebright, blue chamomile, seaweed, comfrey, and blue tansy in the Energetic Reparative Eye Crème are quite the synergistic lineup of plant-powered ingredients.

What I’ve Noticed in My Skin While Using Freegirl Skincare

The first thing I noticed and continue to appreciate about these products is how they do not strip the skin of moisture, and you are building nourishing hydration with each skincare step. My skin feels very plump, hydrated, and happy. To walk you through how I’ve used these products, here’s how I’ve been doing it. It’s the end of the day and I need to do my skincare routine. If I’m wearing makeup, I’ll grab a hemp washcloth and use it alongside the Kindhearted Cleansing Milk to remove my makeup. If I have no makeup on, I don’t need a washcloth alongside this cleanser. It cleanses nicely without disparaging my skin’s moisture barrier (which can cause irritation for many people).

Next, I will go in with the Angelic Nighttime Serum and layer it under the Sincere Vitamin C Moisture Complex. This is an effective duo to provide brightening + lightening power to my skin. Then, I layer on the Energetic Reparative Eye Crème around my whole orbital bone area, rubbing in the extra on my fingertips into my eyebrows. My skin is seriously SO happy in the morning after using this lineup of products. The mixture of the mindful ingredients with brightening & hydrating properties really sets my skin up for a big glow day.

A few times a week, I will either skip the Sincere Vitamin C Moisture Complex and Energetic Reparative Eye Crème and apply the Ambitious AHA Exfoliant Gel Mask, or I will apply it to my skin right after cleansing so that my skin can absorb and work with the naturally exfoliating properties of AHA overnight.

If I could change anything about this line, I would simply add a cleansing oil. I personally love cleansing with oil, especially when I’m wearing makeup. This oil could also be used to layer as a last step on top of the other products to lock in the moisture. But, that’s just me dreaming and placing my awareness in possibilities!

You’re reading: Freegirl Skincare Made Safe Review.

Freegirl 017

You’re reading: Freegirl Skincare Made Safe Review.

Made Safe Certified Skincare

All Freegirl Skincare products are MADE SAFE Certified, the only human health and ecosystem-focused product certification program. They do not compromise on ingredient safety while also considering the planetary impact of these products – this sets them apart as a certification program. Made Safe is way more than a certification program – it’s truly a philosophy of change in practice.

I am so impressed that Jamie + Cathy sought out this cert to back their line. It has really shown me (along with how enjoyable their products are to use) that Freegirl is more than just another skin care company.

And perhaps my favorite part of discovering them is learning more about their passions behind wanting to start a skincare company. Brands like this are ones that I want to support.

Freegirl Gives Back

In addition, for every product you purchase from Freegirl, you help us free girls who have lived in darkness through our partnerships with The Covering House and ReHOPE – non-profit refuges for children and teens who have experienced human trafficking or exploitation in the United States.

Thank you for stopping by this post: Freegirl Skincare Made Safe Review.

*This post is sponsored by Freegirl Skincare & contains affiliate links; this means I get a small kickback when you make a purchase through these links. Also, these products were generously gifted to me.


Follow along with the Freegirl Skincare journey over on their Instagram page, where they frequently share brand updates, ingredient insights, and announce sales when they happen.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter to stay in the loop via your inbox!

Thank you in advance for supporting a small business that is making big waves in the world of conscious & sustainable beauty.

You’ve been reading: Freegirl Skincare Made Safe Review.

Learn more with MADE SAFE Advisor, Dr. Shanna Swan and MADE SAFE Founder, Amy Ziff in this video:

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No matter what you’re typing into your search engine, I’m glad you’re here. Freegirl Skincare is a quality brand and I’m stoked you’re in the market for some of their products. I hope this post: Freegirl Skincare Made Safe Certified Review was helpful to you!

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