November 21, 2013

How to Cure Hormonal Acne

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Jesica Williams

Since 2012, I’ve been creating digital wellness guides and researching natural beauty products, HIIT workouts, functional exercises, body positivity, self love, and tips helping you explore wellness and feel good.

Welcome to this post: How to Cure Hormonal Acne.

This is a post that I am writing on a whim. Too, it has been a long time coming and I’m excited to finally share. Besides, I’ve worked for years on how to get rid of my acne. Moreover, I have found success with DIM.

There’s nothing pretty, glamorous, or healthy feeling about having acne. Too, it’s something we all ignore in conversations. Besides, it’s embarrassing. It is also especially frustrating for me to struggle with mild acne at this point amidst all of my efforts to put good things onto and into my body. Moreover, you’d think that living a healthy lifestyle would do it. I exercise regularly, eat a mostly organic diet, and using only organic skin products. However, all of this has not quite done the trick.

Maybe you landed here because you were searching the web for “Dim for Hormonal Acne”, “Vitex Berry for Acne” or “Vitex for Acne” or “Acne Cyst” or “Dim or Vitex for Acne” or “Acne Scars” or “Acne Treatment”. No matter what you’re typing into your search engine. I’m glad you’re here. I used to really struggle with self-esteem and confidence in regards to acne. So, I understand the frustration. But, I’m here to share what has truly helped me achieve clear skin. Now, let’s dive into this post.

How to Cure Hormonal Acne

How to Cure Hormonal Acne

Food & Acne

I came to this conclusion after doing several things dietarily, to no avail. You name it—I’ve done juice cleanses and segments of time without gluten/bread and dairy. Also, I’ve limited sugar and upped drinking ALL KINDS of homemade elixir concoctions. Too, I’ve omitted and added countless numbers of foods in hopes of seeing some progress in my acne healing. Though I have seen slight improvements, these changes have not cleared up my skin.

Not to mention, I’m NOT perfect and I enjoy eating out with my family on a somewhat regular basis. I sometimes enjoy pizza, greasy foods, cheesy foods, and sugary foods. Furthermore, there is something about being uptight about food that is off-putting to me. Coming from an organic fanatic, that might be surprising. Something that I can tell you about me is that I do not advocate having an unhealthy relationship with food. Moreover, eating organic 80% of the time does not mean you have to be crazy and neurotic. An obsessed individual who can’t live freely in regards to food proves detrimental. It’s truly about achieving balance.

Food Causing Stress

If you are SO stressed about what you are eating all of the time, then you might as well flush all of your efforts down the toilet. Seriously. No really, seriously. The trauma that your body endures when it is stressed causes all of your vital body functions to take a back seat. It affects you negatively on the cellular level. Also, this means that your body is not performing as it should. Too, this is because of this undue stress. Also important to note; stress is the cause of so many ailments and illnesses.

Worrying about food shouldn’t be a badge of honor. It doesn’t make you more responsible or accountable, it just makes you increasingly sicker.

Perhaps the KEY is to find balance. Achieve that balance. Live that balance. Remind yourself of that balance. Write “balance” on your refrigerator to keep your mind healthy about food, because it’s all the little reminders that add up to big change.

You’re reading: How to Cure Hormonal Acne.
dim broccoli

True Causes of Acne

What makes the most sense to me is that acne is the result of imbalances within our bodies. Besides, acne is common, but it is not normal. It’s not something that you are supposed to live with and endure. It’s a sign that something is off. That’s not to say that it is always easy to figure out WHAT is off. However, it seems there are some common themes in regards to what is at the root of acne:

-Hormone Imbalances (sometimes caused by prior or current birth control use)

Taking a supplement called Liposomal DIM helps. (Use Quicksilver Scientific coupon code FEELMOREGOODER15 for 15% off). Additionally, it targets “bad” estrogen. Too, it is non-gmo. Also, I recommend the Triple-Strength for acne sufferers. Also, Chaste Tree Berry (also called Vitex Berry) helps regulate progesterone. Having an imbalance of these two hormones in your body will often result in acne. (Use Wishgarden coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off.)

digestive issues How to Cure Hormonal Acne
-Digestive issues that are causing bad bacteria to effect your skin

Ingesting Apple Cider Vinegar, a Probiotic supplement, and Pau D’Arco bark.

liver malfunction How to Cure Hormonal Acne
-Liver Malfunction

Taking a high-quality, herbal, liver support supplement can really expedite your body’s ability to heal. I like Liver Strengthener by Wishgarden Herbs. Use Wishgarden coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off.

You’re reading: How to Cure Hormonal Acne.

too much sugar acne
-Ingesting too much sugar and/or processed foods

Look to good fats & protein for fuel. Besides, excess sugar causes an increase in internal acity (acne is one results of an acidic body.)

hormonal acne wash face
-Over-washing & over-moisturizing your face. Too, this is one that many do wrong. I have even been guilty of it.

Give your skin a break! Get past the need to wash your face several times a day and let your skin do what it knows how to. Your skin knows how to regulate itself. I even suggest using minimal products. 

Currently, I only use baking soda, bentonite clay and pure oils (like hemp or jojoba) on my skin. I use a baking soda/bentonite clay mixture to gently exfoliate my skin and clean the makeup off my skin. I follow up the oil as a moisturizer.

It might sound crazy if you’re been religiously practicing your skin routine for years. If you are still reading this, though, chances are that routine has not cured your acne. So, give this new routine a try and you will be surprised at how your skin improves.

-Too much stress!

Exercising (running, yoga, resistance training), and make some time for YOU helps. You + nature – cell phone is even better. Remind yourself to not focus and dwell on your current acne. Thus, accept it as the beginning of a healing process.

You’re reading: How to Cure Hormonal Acne.

Keep in Mind

If you start to take these supplements, BE PATIENT. Your body will take time to recalibrate and rebalance itself. Also, know it is undoing several years of imbalance and damage that your body and skin have endured. I, myself, have been taking Liposomal DIM (Use Quicksilver Scientific coupon code GOODER10 for 10% off), and WombKind (use Wishgarden Herbs coupon code FEELMOREGOODER FOR 20% OFF) routinely for several months now.

I’ll keep all of you posted on my progress after a few more months of using these supplements. Too, check out Tracy’s blog, for a ton more in depth posts about acne and healing it. Also, here is one of my favorite posts and where I have learned about many natural approaches to combatting acne.

Here are my recent before/after shots:

quicksilver scientific dim for acne

Check out this link to shop for my favorite acne supplement.

Thank you for checking out this post: How to Cure Hormonal Acne.

Perhaps you landed here because you were searching the web for “Dim for Hormonal Acne” or “Vitex Berry for Acne” or “Vitex for Acne” or “Acne Cyst” or “Dim or Vitex for Acne” or “Acne Scars” or “Acne Treatment”. No matter what you’re typing into your search engine. I’m glad you’re here. I used to really struggle with self esteem and confidence in regards to acne. So, I understand the frustration. But, I’m here to share what has truly helped me achieve clear skin. I hope that you found this post helpful!

Since 2012, I’ve been creating, covering, and researching Digital Wellness Guides, Natural Beauty Products, Body Positivity, Self Love, Fitness Motivation, Paleo Lifestyle, HIIT Workout, Nutrition, Nontoxic Beauty, Organic Skincare, Digital Wellness Services, and tips helping you explore wellness and feel good. I appreciate you for being here.

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  1. Holy smokes this is a powerful post. I do not have horrible acne, but I have little bumps on my cheeks and a few little ones on my forehead. I have known about Tracy’s recommendations for a long time now, I’m just too chicken to try them!

    • I’d say the supplements (especially estroblock) are worth the money and minimizing your face routine is essentially a money saver–since you don’t use anything! 🙂 Let me know if you try it! Thanks Bragan 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great post, Jesica! I also suffer from acne and it is so frustrating. I am going to look into these supplements!! Also as a self proclaimed organic fanatic as well, I totally agree with the 80% ‘rule’. It’s horrible to stress about food when you are in social situations. I believe it is what you do that 80% of the time that truly matters 🙂 Thanks for the great post!!

    • My pleasure! Thanks for reading it and glad you took something from it. I thought it was important to note that not everyone can tackle their acne by being crazy strict about food. Not washing so much and taking supplements will really help–it has for me so far! Good luck Jess–let me know if you have any questions throughout the process!

  3. Hey, i have just gotten some milk thistle, chaste tree (vitex) and burdock rootin the post today, as mentioned by i would like to know how you have found using the supplements? have you found much improvement? 🙂 thanks x

    • Thanks for sharing! I took the milk thistle, chaste tree and burdock root for about two months. I felt like I saw gradual improvements. I think that Estroblock has made the biggest impact. I had read before taking Estroblock that it takes several months to really see concrete results. I’m glad that I stayed patient–my chin area (which typically had cystic acne) is now smooth and clear after about 3 months. I’m only dealing with acne scarring now. My skin has also benefitted from eating Paleo (no grains, no beans, no dairy). I do think that the three supplements that you’re taking are a great booster for getting your liver back on track. Estroblock is a bit more expensive, but the way I see it–it’s worth it. I don’t often shop for clothes, I choose to shop supplements 🙂 I hope that gives you some insight. Just know that the natural way to heal acne often takes a bit longer, but it TRULY heals you and isn’t just putting a bandaid on the problem. Good luck! Sending you positive vibes!

  4. Thank you so much for this post, I noticed someone liked you pic about acne on you instagram and that lead me here. I suffer from acne for quite a while now, which is frustrating due to my age! Mine is actually Hormonal, I’ve been diagnosed and currently taking meds to normalize it, but I will def ask my doctor is is ok to take these supplements to help my current acne. My question to you is how do you deal/handle your current acne scars?

    • So happy to hear that you found my site and see it as helpful! This kind of supplement is the best way (in my opinion) to truly solve hormonal imbalances, instead of just masking them with medication. Though medication might “work” quicker, it’s not ultimately the healthiest option. I’ve found that my scars have gone away slightly over time by exfoliating a few times a week. You can also use lemon essential oil on dark spots to help it naturally lighten up and even out.
      Thank you for your support and don’t hesitate to shoot more questions my way if you have them!

  5. Hi! I’ve read about some users breaking out after they stop taking this supplement. I’m wondering how long you took Estroblock for, and how long has it been since you stopped? Also, did you consult with a naturopath (get your hormone levels checked) prior to taking this supplement or you figured out your acne was hormonal? Thanks!

    • Hi there! Thanks for such great questions. I started taking Estroblock in November 2013 and I still currently take it. I have had segments of time in between (when I ran out) where I experimented with not taking it. I didn’t break out immediately, but I could tell over several weeks that my skin wasn’t quite as clear. However, I’ll say this too–I recommend this supplement in combination with good eating (lots of organic food and minimizing the processed junk) because I don’t see this supplement as something that makes nutritious eating unnecessary. I think almost anyone can wean themselves off of estroblock and not have major problems, they just need to make sure they have a clean, nutrient rich diet. Also, different people take different doses. For instance, when I first took Estroblock, I started with Estroblock Pro and took 2 a day. That seemed sufficient for me. Maybe If I took more I would have seen results sooner. I’ve heard of girls taking 5-6 a day. I now take 1 a day just to maintain my skin and it seems fine so far. I hope all of that makes sense! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  6. Hello Jes, i like your blog.
    i have a question, i believe hormonal imbalance is caused by birth control in women, what could be the cause in men?

    • Thank you for your kind words. I think in men, it’s perhaps a hormone issue as well that’s triggered by too many toxins in the diet. Diet largely effects hormones. So, often incorporating more fresh veggies and fruit and less processed foods can help!

  7. Hi there I am struggling with cystic acne and have been for almost two years since coming off BCP. I’m in my 30s and like you I have tried to cut dairy, drink no caffiene, and eat healthy 80/20. I just started trying estroblock and was wondering how much did you take and how long did you use before you saw any results? I have such a hard time waiting for results as I get anxious if I think its not working to try something else. 😝Thanks so much!

  8. your post is very informative, I like that you cut to the chase and just talked about what worked for you. I’ve recently started taking milk thistle, dim and vitex; along with my usual omega-3 and multivitamin supplements. I haven’t seen any results in two weeks, but i heard it can take more time. Just curious how long it took for you to start seeing serious improvements?

    • Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you related to the post! It took me about 3 months to really be able to look in the mirror and realize that all I had left was scarring and uneven skin tones–there was no active cystic acne. I know patience is hard–but trust the process. Take the Estroblock, drink lots of water and also aim to drink lots of veggie-rich green smoothies! Those things help detox your body from the inside out.

      • Hi Jes;) thank you for this valuable information. Did you find that during these first 3 month you were breaking out a bit more? I find that I get more of a regular acne not cystic on my face after taking esyroblock for the past 1.5 months. TIA!

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  10. Hi 🙂
    Great post, enjoyed reading it!
    I do most things you mentioned and take estroblock, milk thistle and a probiotic and my acne is all cleared up now, thank god! the only problem i have is dark red scars on cheeks and chin, and was wondering how you got your face to look like the right photo ? it would be great if you could give me advice cause im over wearing powder to cover the scars, i just wanna walk out the house with nothing on hehe and im having hope i will be able to someday!
    Should i do honey + lemon masks everyday or ? I dont know how to get that even complexion, your after shot is so beautiful btw, skin looks amazing “knocks on wood” hahah

    • Hey Nadia!
      I appreciate your support.
      Without any makeup, I still notice my sun spots and darker areas on my face from scarring. I find that they are the least noticeable when I am consuming a lot of herbal tea (experiment with different flavors that you like–peppermint is one of my favorites), probiotics, and a diet that is rich with protein + good fats (not much sugar/carbs). Also, I have been washing my face with only pure oil (like hemp) and baking soda. Seriously, my skin loves it. Don’t scrub too hard, but use the grittiness of the baking soda to get grime off your skin. Also, always follow up with a pure oil to moisturize. NEVER skin moisturizing. That was a huge mistake I made when my skin was worse–I thought “my skin is oily, so I shouldn’t put oil on it.” SO WRONG. The honey mask is a great idea. Just keep it simple. I don’t wash with pure soap because I find it strips my skin too much. I also take makeup off with pure oil when I wear it. Hope this helps!!

      • Hi,
        What is pure oil? Can you please clarify and may give a name? Thanks

        • Jojoba or hemp are both excellent!

        • Jojoba or hemp oil are best!

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  12. I was wondering if taking the estroblock can cause a person to rebound and make more estrogen either while taking it or even after stop taking it?

  13. In coordination with Annmarie Gianni products, would you recommend using the bare minimum of those products or skip skin care routine completely?
    Love your articles! I’m new to getting healthy, but reading your posts is really helping guide me through the process of making changes. So thank you!

    • Hey Lindsay! Thanks for stopping by my blog. At this point, my skin care routine is very simple and includes only pure products. I exfoliate about 2 times per week and put pure jojoba on my face every night. I wear light powder foundation on my face when I go to work and I take that off with hemp oil. My skin is happy! I’m glad you find my writing helpful!

  14. You are so pretty even with the ‘spots’ . Nice side profile pic! 🙂 I knew someone who had acne twice that degree at least (and still kissed her on the cheek). She would have wanted to try these remedies. Same year you posted this too.

    • Thank you so kindly and so much. That is VERY sweet. Thank you! Acne is very frustrating when you cannot solve it. I’m glad my body has finally balanced out again.

  15. Hello,
    I enjoyed your post and it seems very encouraging. I was wondering, if i used dim from whole foods would it be just as effective as Estroblock ? do you still use Vitex ?

    • Hey! I think Estroblock is in a league of its own. I know you may be saving money by buying at Whole Foods but I think the effectiveness and potency of Estroblock is superior to other brands.

    • Also, I do not use Vitex anymore as I don’t feel the need. My skin is pretty happy these days!

  16. Hi Jes;) thank you for this valuable information. Did you find that during these first 3 month you were breaking out a bit more? I find that I get more of a regular acne not cystic on my face after taking estroblock for the past 1.5 months. Kinda losing my hope here already;(

  17. Hi Jes;) thank you for this valuable information. Did you find that during these first 3 month you were breaking out a bit more? I find that I get more of a regular acne not cystic on my face after taking estroblock for the past 1.5 months. TIA!

    • Sorry something went wrong with my computer and it posted the same comment several times. My apologies.

    • Hi Marina!
      Thanks for the question. I did find that when I did not drink enough water on Estroblock, I would break out. From how I understand it, when your organs cannot eliminate effectively, your body eliminates through your skin. Thus, estroblock requires an increased water intake to help flush out those toxic estrogens. Hopefully that helps you!


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