January 23, 2021

Leaf People Skincare Natural Beauty Review

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Thank you for checking out this post! I was excited to recently discover this clean skincare brand out of Carbondale, Colorado. Here’s my experience: Leaf People Skincare Review.

Leaf People Skincare Natural Beauty Review

Leaf People Skincare Natural Beauty Review

Leaf People’s Mission:

Protect the plants and the planet. 5% of our sales are donated to charity.
Promote vegetarianism. Julie & Robbie have a combined 65 years of experience living a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.
Practice kindness. May all beings experience a better world.
Enjoy the outdoors, especially cycling
Be grateful. It takes a village.

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Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder


Replenish mind, body and skin with this pure micro-milled blue butterfly pea flowers, a traditional Ayurvedic stress buster that supports overall well-being.

Blue Butterfly Pea Flower
Drinking Vinegar Leaf People

Find Your Glow Drinking Vinegar


The perfect mingling of fresh Colorado peaches with cardamom & medicinal plants to promote your skin’s luminosity from the inside out.

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Geranium & Sweet Fennel Allover Glow Oil


This easily absorbed, raw oil blend will replenish your skin and enthrall your senses with gorgeous, uplifting essential oils.

Allover Glow oil
Radiance Cream

Stem Cell & Peptide Radiance Face Cream


Clinically studied super-ingredients promote a smooth, beautiful, radiant complexion.

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Kalahari Melon Seed and Vitamin K Face Oil


Nourish and protect skin with this rare, fairly traded Kalahari melon seed oil with vitamins K, D and E.

Melon seed
Lymph Leaf People

Geranium & Grapefruit Lymphatic Support Oil


Powerful botanicals promote the movement & cleansing of lymph fluids and support the lymphatic system.

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My experience with these Leaf People product has been incredibly positive from start to finish. Graciously, they gifted me all of these products to try. Since it’s evident that they are rooted in harnessing nature’s goodness, I was very interested in trying their products.

As a former cystic acne sufferer, I aim to stay aware of what goes onto my skin. I strive for pure, organic (wildcrafted is even better) ingredients. Chemicals and toxic ingredients are a big, fat “no” from me. Needless to say, that rules out a bunch of brands in terms of what I am willing to try.

Leaf People is doing things right, with the utmost mindfulness going into their products. You can read more about the founder, Julie Levin, here. She is a Medical Herbalist and plant advocate. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for plants are clear simply by reading the ingredients on one of the product bottles. All of the formulations and thoughtful and of the highest quality standards.

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Lymphatic Support

Let’s get into the products! In the last year, I’ve been very dedicated to my dry brushing routine. This entails using a brush all over the body, brushing towards the heart. I’ve really enjoyed injecting the Lymphatic Support Oil into this practice. I add it to my neck, chest, breasts, pits and back of my knees. Leaf People gives great suggestions on best spots to apply the oil; these are areas that have clusters of lymph nodes.

It feels as though I am enhancing the overall aromatherapy experience of dry brushing. Having the roll-on of oil out on our vanity also serves as a wellness touchpoint! When I see it, I remember to grab my dry brush before showering.

I love the Allover Glow Oil for post shower. When using body oil, I’ve had the best experience when I step out of the shower onto the bath mat, not drying off, and then applying the oil to wet skin. The droplets left on your skin from showering help the oils spread easily and more thoroughly.

Cruelty-Free Facial Care

At age 33, I’m beginning to notice some signs of living life! 🙂 That’s where the nourishing facial care comes in. I love aging and believe I will continue to love it while I’m learning, becoming healthier and seeking perpetual wellness. Leaf People’s facial products get me especially excited to spend some time in the bathroom taking care of my skin, morning and night. I alternate the Stem Cell & Peptide Radiance Face Cream & the Kalahari Melon Seed and Vitamin K Face Oil before bedtime. Sometimes, I layer them too. I add the oil on top of my skin after the cream has absorbed. I will brush my teeth or floss in between the applications.

The way I would describe how both of these perform is this feeling of “Okay, my skin is good now” after I use them. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that my skin is being repaired, protected and restored as I sleep; it’s something I notice. It’s no surprise that I wake up with glowy, calmed skin the mornings after using these products. I will also say that taking good care of your skin seems to have a snowball effect for me.

By that I mean–my use of healthy products on my skin keeps me dialed in and doing other mindful habits. These habits include simple things like drinking plenty of water and eating foods that help my body feel good.

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Drinking Vinegar

Oh goodness, internal health. This has always been the starting point of healthy skin for me. I could be putting great products onto my skin, but if I’m not meeting the needs of my gut, I won’t be optimizing my skin health. I love that Leaf People acknowledges this thru their inclusion of internal-use products in their line.

Drinking vinegars are a way to aid digestion and stomach stimulate the stomach acids so that healthy digestion takes place. I love the taste of this Find Your Glow Drinking Vinegar formulation. It’s peachy and goes down easier than just apple cider vinegar by itself. I’ve found myself drinking it two different ways: diluted in a glass of water, or taken as a swig out of the bottle and then followed by a gulp of water.

I’ve noticed many positive benefits from aiding my digestive juices, like reduced bloating, more regular bowel movements and a lessened feeling of biofilms (the gunk that can build up due to processed foods and contaminants).

You could also add it to a juice. It’s worth noting that fermented products do not agree with everyone (typically an indication of a gut imbalance), and it’s important to be mindful of this. Do what feels good for your unique body. As always, this is not medical advice. It’s just based on my experiences as a fellow human navigating the same planet as you.

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Flower Power

The Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder was an entirely new thing for me to try! I didn’t even know it existed. In regards to this beautiful powder, Leaf People says: “Drink in the flower power for renewed vitality and radiant skin.” It’s used as an ayurvedic stress-aid and has a light, floral taste. I’ve been loving it in coconut yogurt, smoothies and lattes! It’s hard to ignore what an incredibly vibrant color it adds. Wow, nature is so cool.

I’ve genuinely enjoyed the experience of opening up each product for use and thinking about how Julie has curated these formulas, harnessing plant goodness to elevate skin and elevate overall health. I find that when I take time for skincare, I tend to take time for other important aspects of wellness, too. Self care practices, like I mentioned earlier, have always had a snowball, cumulative effect for me. I’m very grateful that Leaf People has contributed to my wellness routine (inner and outer) in a significant way!

Thank you for reading this post and learning more about a skincare brand that’s making a big splash in the clean beauty community: Leaf People Skincare Natural Beauty Review.

*Product information for each respective product gathered from the Leaf People website.

Maybe you arrived to this blog post because you were searching the web for “leaf people lotion”, “Phenoxyethanol”, “ewg”, “osea”, or “school of natural skincare.” No matter what brought you here, I genuinely appreciate your interest and support!

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