December 7, 2014

Natural Escentials Seaweed Powder Review

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Natural Escentials Seaweed Powder Review


  • “Very Fast Results! We Get Many Reports of Cellulite Reduction After the First Wrap! Perfect For Your Skin – 100% Natural Kelp Freshly Harvested off of the Atlantic US Coast
  • TOP RECIPE E-BOOK INCLUDED (Delivered via E-Mail When Shipped) -Make Your Own Spa Quality Detoxifying Masks and Scrubs – Applying Seaweed Powder in a Mask, Scrub, or Bath Naturally Reduces the Appearance of Fat Cells (Cellulite) in Your Skin , Leaving it Feeling Smooth/Soft, and Looking Young/Beautiful
  • Recommended by Skin Care Experts to Detoxify the Skin and Add Needed Nutrients. Scientifically Proven to Assist With Acne, Psoriasis, and Eczema
  • Natural Kelp is a Rich Source of Iodine. Great Source of Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc and Copper, and a very good source of Vitamin K, Riboflavin, Folate, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Manganese.
  • Backed By Our Lifetime No Questions Asked, Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee! No Risk For You.”
Natural Escentials Seaweed Powder Review

I’ve given this seaweed powder a try during the colder months of the year–those on which I typically exfoliate less. My skin is drier and tends to get completely dried out if I wash it and scrub it too often.
That said, this seaweed powder has a ton of uses! I used it in smoothies, in facial masks and as a body scrub. In regards to being a dietary supplement, this kelp powder is rich with iodine, which is needed by the body (especially by the thyroid gland). For that reason, I value consuming it in small amounts in addition to using it in my skin care routine.
In the summer months, I absolutely love the idea of keeping scrubs in the shower for regular exfoliation. When it’s warm out, I tend to perspire more and having dry skin isn’t a big issue. Thus, I exfoliate a few times a week. This routine helps keep your skin glowing and radiant, as it scrubs away dead skin. Since many days are spent in a bikini, the routine is one that I covet for summer.
I can’t speak directly to the effectiveness of this seaweed powder in regards to being a miracle worker in targeting cellulite. I can say, however, that regularly exfoliating my legs, hiney and areas on my body more prone to stretch marks does appear to help the overall appearance and health of my skin–my skin looks fresher and any imperfections are not as noticeable.
I can say that the quality and purity of this product appears to be excellent. It’s certified organic and contains only kelp seaweed powder.
As far as using it as a facial scrub, I’d recommend doing this only one time a week in the winter months. I find that if exfoliate my skin in the winter months a lot, I have issues with dryness, redness and a generally uneven complexion. When you do exfoliate, I’d definitely recommend following up with an organic moisturizer (could be something as simple as pure, organic, hemp oil.) This way, you’re preventing the dryness and replenishing your skin with moisture.

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