6 Clean Hand Creams for Dry Hands

Welcome to this post: 6 Clean Hand Creams for Dry Hands.

osmia osea blissoma follain clean beauty skincare

The cooler months are upon us! Many of us may find ourselves washing our hands more than normal these days. Thus, that frequency paired with the cold temps often makes for dry hands. Too, hand dryness can quickly lead to cracks in the skin, broken cuticles, and an overall unpleasant crusty feeling.

In other words, it’s hand cream season! I say, get the heck away from really bad skincare and get the pure stuff. There are so many good options. Know that many generic lotions and hand creams contain ingredients like artificial fragrance, phenoxyethanol, and dimethicone. These are associated with allergies, endocrine disruption, skin + eye + lung irritation, and organ system toxicity. The Environmental Working Group lists these ingredients as concerning.

So, here’s a solid opportunity to keep a clean skincare option on hand to prevent this dryness. It won’t be a surprise that the hand creams I recommend are non-toxic & have clean ingredients. Moreover, this means that these formulas nourish and quench skin without exposing your body to chemicals.

I’ve included a few of my favorite picks below for non-toxic hand creams. Further, these formulas are mindfully curated. I truly believe you’ll look forward to using them. Also, I’d suggest keeping several around your house/car/purse so that you have it when you need it.

Also, know that hand cream formulas commonly differ from many body lotion formulas in that they are denser. Since your hands have the natural oil (sebum) stripping from them often, then need more moisture. Thus, hand creams ideally present as a rich, luxurious, dense product.

osea anti-aging clean hand cream

OSEA Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Code FMG10 for 10% off

OSEA doesn’t disappoint with this antioxidant rich hand potion. Also, ingredients like Bearberry, Damiana Leaf, and Gigartina marine algae amplify this formula.

So, I do prefer “health-supporting” as a phrase over “anti-aging”. However, I know that some consumers search for that as their skin starts to mature. Thus, I understand a brand using that wordage.

osmia organics vanilla shea hand cream

Osmia Organics Hand Creams

*As of 11.30. Osmia has released 3 NEW hand creams and discontinued the Vanilla Shea & Linden Rose creams they offered before.

Osmia’s vanilla shea formula (they also make a Linden Rose version) is rooted in shea butter & aloe vera. Moreover, this potion is the remedy for miserable hands and will soak into your skin within a few minutes. Too, you’ll notice there’s no goopy residue.

Also, organic ingredients like Sweet Almond, Rose Geranium, Atlas Cedarwood, and Vanilla Planifolia CO2 extract make this product special.

follain hand cream

Follain – Hand Cream

Code WELCOME$10 for $10 off your first order

Follain, a clean beauty online marketplace offers a hand cream that’s vegan and non-GMO. Moreover, the base of this cream is shea butter glycerin, and squalane. Also, it provides an effective yet non-sticky barrier on the skin.

Too, Follain’s hand cream is free of synthetic fragrance and awakened by orange peel extract and paeonia albiflora flower.

the wonder seed nurturing hemp hand cream

The Wonder Seed – Nurturing Hemp Hand Cream

The Wonder Seed’s creamy hand product features virgin organic hemp seed oil. Also, the special characteristics of hemp seed oil are abundant. It includes all 10 amino acids that humans require and it helps calm inflammation.

Too, the formula is rounded out by organic water lotus blossom extract, gingko herbal extract, and organic green tea extract.

blissoma neroli healthy hand cream

Blissoma – Neroli Healthy Hand Cream

Lots of hydration and restoration, without the greasiness. As usual, Blissoma has created a mindful & beautiful potion with this product. Too, it’s loaded with carotinoids, antioxidants and phytosterols that promote healthy skin.

Cupuacu seed butter, shea butter, and sesame seed oil form the foundation of this hand cream. Too, a multitude of other thoughtfully chosen, synergistic ingredients reside in this product. Thus, you’ll also find frankincense, lavender, and sea buckthorn CO2 extract.

cannafloria be sensual hemp hand creme

Cannafloria – Hemp Hand Creme

Notes of neroli and sandalwood ground this sensual formula. Cannafloria’s Hemp Hand Creme packs essential oils and is infused with hemp seed oil THT. Moreover, THT stands for thera-hemp terpenes. These are found in hemp cannabis.

The restorative benefits of hemp fortify this already silky formula. Too, this product absorbs easily and provides Omega-3 & 6 to the skin. Lastly, the pure ingredients in this formula aim to relax & reconnect. The idea is to reconnect to the present moment thru the power of botanicals. All while having moisturized, happy hands.

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3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle

Welcome to this post: 3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle.

menstrual support supplements herbs period underwear menstrual cup

3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle

For every human who gets their period, we can all commiserate for a second. But, let’s not stay in that place! Let’s continue to educate ourselves on all of the natural options out there. Moreover, there are many ways to support your cycle, with zero side effects.

In this post, I dive into ways to contain your period blood and supplements that can support you. Also, I go into some practices to implement that may help symptoms like mood swings and bloating.

Too, know that change and real healing take time. You likely need to supply your body with these tools for a while to notice gains. In addition, be patient with yourself. Also, be kind to yourself and keep persevering. I’m someone who has had debilitating menstrual cramps since age 12. I understand the frustrating feeling.

If you have extreme menstrual discomforts from PCOS or endometriosis, know there are natural ways to help. Surgery is not the only option. Also, there is no place for judgment here for those that have gone that route. Everyone is different. Perhaps, supplements are not the choice for everyone. But, through dietary changes and targeted supps, you can reduce your symptoms by a long shot. Additionally, I found this resource by Natural Doctor Aviva Romm very useful. Some of the supplements listed proved new to me in the context of menstrual pain.

Firstly, incorporate targeted herbs.

herbal supplements period menstrual

Incorporate Targeted Herbs

These are the products I look to:

Hilma Natural Remedies: Tension Relief Code FEELMOREGOODER20 for 20% off

Hilma’s Tension Relief product serves as a natural pain relief option. Swap out your NSAID and try a heavy dose of this herbal blend. The recommended dosing from Hilma is different. However, I’ve used it in a way that noticeably helps mitigate the pain. A higher dosage proves more effective for me.

Wishgarden Herbs: Monthly RescueCode FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off

Wishgarden specializes in a wide range of herbal tinctures. Too, each of their formulas caters to a different aspect of health. I love the Monthly Rescue, Womb Kind, and Liver Strengthener formulations.

Elix – Cycle Balance Code FEELMOREGOODER15 for 15% off

Elix’s tincture comes personalized & based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Moreover, this herb blend helps to correct Qi flow through the body. Qi (pronounced chee) outlines a large portion of TCM. Ideally, the body’s energetic flow is fluid & not stagnant. TCM focuses on addressing the stuck energy in your body. Additionally, taking care of stagnant energy leads you to your healthiest self.

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Elix made it’s way into my routine at a good time. I struggle with painful menstrual cramps. Some months are better than others. However, they pose an issue, nonetheless. I take Elix all month long to support my body. Though, they also recommend the option of taking them just before your menstrual cycle begins.

Additionally, know that Elix is an alcohol-free tincture. Thus, glycerin-based tinctures can prove well-tolerated by those sensitive to alcohol.

Rethink The Blood Catching Part

Things like tampons make our periods more convenient. But, what about what our biology suggests? The older I get, the more I wonder what the body really intends. Moreover, when the body is shedding uterine lining, does it make sense to obstruct it? Are there any negative effects of obstructing your flow? I don’t hear many people talking about this.

Furthermore, I imagine there is potential for (even slight) bacterial build-up when the blood isn’t exiting the body like it’s meant to. It makes sense that letting it flow on your period would be more in line with biology.

Additionally, it’s a personal decision what you do. Also, what feels good to you now might change in the future. Maybe, since you’re working from home now, you are open to using something like period underwear instead of a tampon. Thus, there may be health benefits to using tampons and menstrual cups less. It’s all one big continuum. I see conventional tampons as the worst option. Then, organic cotton tampons being a better option. Better than that comes menstrual cups. This reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrome.

Moreover, options like period underwear are an even better option that perhaps aligns better with our biology. So, secondly–consider period underwear.

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3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle period underwear pads saalt lilova

Consider Reusable Period Underwear

Period underwear is just like it sounds. It’s essentially a super-chic, low-profile diaper. In other words, period panties offer a way to get added protection that’s built into your undergarments,

Keep in mind, there are several popular period underwear brands that are made with toxic materials like PFAS. This negates a big reason to switch up your period routine, right? Brands like Saalt & Lilova (shop this link for $5 off) are making it easier for you to free bleed and look stylin’ doing it. Another great option for reusable protection are these panty liners. They’ve got no toxic adhesive or plastic layers. Yet, they are very absorbent.

3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle period cup pixie cup

Menstrual Cups over Tampons

If wearing period underwear still feels like a stretch for you, consider a menstrual cup. Besides, most tampons are rife with chemicals, dyes & bleaches. Moreover, those are not ingredients you want inside your vaginal canal. With a menstrual cup, you can accommodate a heavy flow. Too, you’re able to eliminate those toxins by using a silicone means of catching your blood.

Pixie Cup: XL Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

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3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle

Use Targeted Supplementation

pycnogenol french maritime pine menstrual cramps endometriosis


If you have extreme menstrual discomforts from PCOS or endometriosis, know there are natural ways to help. Everyone is different. Perhaps, supplements are not the choice for everyone. But, through dietary changes and targeted supps, you can reduce your symptoms by a long shot.

Pycnogenol comes derived from french maritime pine. This supplement proves potent as a free radical scavenger. Endometriosis expert Dr. Aviva Romm recommends taking 30mg, twice daily. I look to this Pycnogenol product by NOW Foods.

3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle omega 3s


Omega 3s are vital. This means we need them to function our best. One of the biggest implications of omega-3s in the diet is reduced inflammation. Since PMS & menstrual cramps are associated with inflammation, this is big. You may also notice benefits like less joint pain and more glow in your skin.

I choose cod liver oil as my omega-3 source because of its low content of PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids), which can activate prostaglandins that cause cramping. This extra-strength product by NOW Foods is my pick. If you desire a vegan source, Sunwarrior’s Algae-Based Omega-3. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off.

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menstrual cramps inflammation curcumin seeking health coupon code optimal lipsomal curcumin


Curcumin, the active compound in the turmeric root, boasts numerous health benefits. It helps serve your immune response, gut health and also combats bodily inflammation. Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, curcumin can help address menstrual pain. Dr. Aviva Romm recommends curcumin at a dosage of 500mg, twice a day.

I like this curcumin product by Seeking Health. The liposomal quality makes it absorb readily. Use code FMGJAN for 10% off. This formula also includes resveratrol, a potent polyphenol that is helping me recover from EBV activation.

melatonin detox menstrual cramps period pain


In recent times, I’ve noticed melatonin getting a back reputation as a sleep aid that can be habit-forming. However, it can be helpful to know that melatonin affects more in the body than just sleep. Melatonin proves effective as an anti-inflammatory & immunoregulatory. Too, melatonin offers efficacy as a detoxifier.

Dr. Aviva Romm reports 10mg of melatonin per day as her recommended dose for treating endometriosis. I have never been formally diagnosed with endometriosis. However, I know that cramping is related to inflammation in the pelvic region, as is endometriosis.

I look to this Melatonin product by NOW Foods.

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Gift Guide for Wellness Enthusiasts

Welcome to this post: Gift Guide for Wellness Enthusiasts.

Gift Guide for Wellness Enthusiasts 2021 holiday feel more gooder
Welcome to this post: Gift Guide for Wellness Enthusiasts.

Now, I have a gift for you! Likewise, it’s approaching that time of year: gift giving season. And, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself more excited about gift-giving. Can you relate? Moreover, it feels like that dichotomy between the years as a kid when you can’t wait to open your presents. Then, years ahead as an adult, you can’t wait to give the presents. Too, receiving gifts is still awesome. But, there’s something special about thoughtfully picking out gifts. And, it doesn’t matter if it’s for your loved ones, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc.

So, in this year’s Feel More Gooder Gift Guide, I break it down for you! Furthermore, you’ll find my picks for each of our favorite kinds of wellness folks. In addition, my hope is that as you scroll down, you have people that pop into your mind who fit the description.

My Favorite Gift to You

Indeed, sharing this guide with you proves to be one of my very favorite blog posts each year. Additionally, I’m so thrilled for you to shop and use this guide as a resource. Too, I hope you find some new brands and retailers that you’d never heard of. So, that’s my hope! Truly, to introduce you and yours to incredible companies that honestly make remarkable products.

Furthermore, these brands continue to make big waves in the world of natural wellness. Thus, it feels wonderful to support these companies. Yet, your gift recipients also benefit! Because these products help improve the quality of life of any human who receives them.

Have questions or need more suggestions? Still, I’m your girl! Also, feel free to comment on this post (scroll all the way to the bottom), email me or reach out to me on Instagram. And, while you’re at it, why don’t we connect on Twitter & Facebook, too?!

Here we go then, let’s get right into it!

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fitness gift guide buff muscles

For Fitness Buffs

  • Laird Superfood Renew Protein. Code FMG15 for 15% off first order. At last, a grain free, superfood packed, clean protein. Too, this protein formula comes easily digestible and helps recovery from tough workouts.
  • Laird Superfood Hydrate Coconut Water Mix. Code FMG15 for 15% off first order. Importantly, a much better option than conventional sports drinks. Coconut water naturally packs electrolytes. And, aquamin is a source of calcium from sea algae. Too, it helps replenish mineral stores.
  • Crossrope Weighted Jump Ropes. On the whole, great for working out at home and outdoors. Also, Crossrope makes ropes of various weights to suit anyone.
  • Superfeet Insoles. Here, Superfeet provides effective support for all foot shapes. Too, these insoles come sculpted for comfort and pain-relief.
  • Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. Finally, effective, aluminum-free, and natural deodorant. Moreover, the activated charcoal ingredient binds to toxins and impurities.
  • Xero Shoes. At last, minimalist shoes that provide a natural walking & running feel. Too, these shoes let your feet be feet.
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  • Manduka Yoga Mat. Made out of recycled rubber and offers a superior grip. Also, Manduka mats come in a long and extended size.
  • Girlfriend Collective Topanga Sports Bra. First, it comes with a high neck and sleek look. Too, Girlfriend creates this bra in several colors.
  • Girlfriend Collective Cropped Sweatshirt. Many color choices with this staple piece. Also, Girlfriend’s cropped sweatshirt hits the just the right spot at the hips.
  • Berkey Sport Bottle. Importantly, Berkey offers water filtration on the go. And, it’s as simple as drinking it from this bottle. Moreover, it filters out chlorine, fluoride and other contaminants.
  • Beyond Yoga Dress. A fun & flattering twist on traditional activewear. Also, it’s comfortable and stretchy.
  • Earth Hero – Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. High quality and portable sound, anywhere you want it. In addition, it comes with a carbiner for easy hanging and attaching.

*And, for all Earth Hero Products, get $15 gift card with $75 sale using code 15GIFT75 (10.28-11.2). Too, 15% off Climate Neutral Brands code CLIMATENEUTRAL (11.3-11.6). Also, 15% off site-wide code SITEWIDE15 (11.7-11.14)

For Supplement Enthusiasts

  • Rem Rise Sleep Vitamins. Code JESICA15 for 15% off. Drug-free superfood fueled sleep aid. Also, this formula is melatonin-free and non-habit forming.
  • Goli Gummies. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. On the whole, a tasty way to aid digestion. Because gummies are so much easier to throw back than an actual shot of apple cider vinegar. Too, they taste good and promote alkalinity in the gut.
  • Seed’s DS-02™ Daily Synbiotic. Code FMG15 for 15% off a subscription. At last, the most studied probiotic on the market. Too, Seed comes as a double-encapsulated prebiotic and probiotic in one. Importantly, the double capsules allows the good bacteria to make it all the way to your colon. Also, this subscription is risk free. Thus, you can cancel at anytime.
  • Sunwarrior Magnesium. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off. Importantly, this vital mineral helps keep you regular. Too, this form of magnesium helps you feel restful & recovered at night.
  • Sunwarrior Liquid Light. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off. These naturally derived elements boost the immune system. And, they diminish inflammation while boosting energy.
  • NOW Foods Super Enzymes. Code JES FOR 20% off. Help your GI tract digest fats, carbs and protein more easily. Too, Super Enzymes reduce bloating and promote bowel movement regularity.
  • Moon Juice Superyou. The ideal supplemental companion to combatting stress. Also, Superyou creates calm and eases tension.
  • Port & Polish Pill Case. Get your supplement routine sorted out with this handy organizer. As well, this case proves perfect for traveling or simply keeping it out on your counter as a reminder to take your supps.
  • ION Gut HealthFree Gift Bundle. ION goes far beyond other methods of healing leaky gut & gut dysbiosis. Further, the Terrahydrite ingredient in this formula helps repair your gut lining.
  • Hilma Digestive Essentials Code FEELMOREGOODER20 for 20% off. FREE DOP KIT with purchases over $55. This essential kit offers relief from bloating, stomach upset and poor digestion.
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skincare junkies clean skin

For Skincare Junkies

  • Blemish Prone Ritual. Code FMG10 for 10% off. First, it helps to support your body in healing acne by using clean formulas without chemicals. Also, these products contain ingredients targeted for acne-prone skin.
  • Anti Aging Starter Set. Code FMG10 for 10% off. On the whole, youthful skin is all about staying away from toxins and using restorative ingredients. Moreover, this set offers potent antioxidants & targeted ingredients.
  • Gua Sha Ritual. Code FMG10 for 10% off. Importanly, it’s a natural, effective alternative to beauty treatments. Too, this kit starts you off with what you need to begin a gua sha routine at home.
  • Travel Body Trio. Code FMG10 for 10% off. Discover radiant, glowing skin with this trio by OSEA. Also, these three products are rooted in the healing properties of seaweed.
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  • Osmia Organics Redness Face Kit. Wildharvested rose is the ideal ingredient for combatting face redness. Importantly, gentle ingredients make up this duo that can help calm red, irritated skin.
  • Osmia Organics Dry Skin Body Kit. First, make dry skin a thing of the past with this deeply moisurizing kit from Osmia. Furthermore, non-irritating ingredients come together to help skin get to a happy place.
  • Living Libations Beloved Beauty Basic Bundle. Code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off. This thoughtfully made bundle helps pamper and elevate your skin. Too, a unique organic oil blend & an organic hemp cloth makeup this bundle.
  • 100 Percent Pure Beachy Hair Trio. Most importantly, sulfate free hair care aids hair growth. Too, this trio features ingredients like kelp & mint. Moreover, these components help maintain healthy hair & a detoxed scalp.
  • 100 Percent Pure Vitamin C Triple Boost. On the whole, Vitamin C is a helpful ingredient for those looking to brighten their complexion. Thus, Dark spots: meet your match.
clean beauty lovers nontoxic green makeup

For Clean Beauty Lovers

  • Vapour Beauty Lunar Eclipse Set. Code MOREGOODER15 for 15% off. First, this set provides a dewy & etheral glow. Accordingly, ramp up your naturally beautiful glow & features with this set from Vapour.
  • 100 Percent Pure Pretty in Pink Duo. On the whole, this duo offers two different clean, matte lip colors to finish any nontoxic makeup look. Also, this duo creates a perfectly pink, chemical-free pout.
  • 100 Percent Pure Black to Basics Trio. Three staples & best sellers to round out a clean beauty regime. Likewise, an eyeliner, mascara, eye lash curler come in this trio to elevate your eye look with natural ingredients.
  • Inika Organic Trial Pack. First, a way in to trying this clean beauty line performs as much as it is clean. Too, this pack comes with some staple items for a flawless clean makeup complexion.
  • Paris Laundry Ultimate Lip Lover’s Kit. At last, build a dreamy, creamy lip look with this clean set. Moreover, a liner, serum and lipstick allow you build a dreamy, nontoxic lip look.
  • Paris Laundry Vegan Good Lash Mascara. On the whole, one of the very best, top rated, clean mascaras. Reviews reveal that it doesn’t flake, clump or smudge. Finally, a mascara Rated 0 on the Think Dirty app.
  • Clove & Hallow Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette. Code AFFILIATE15 for 15% off. Warm, bronzy colors to give you a summer glow all year round. Besides, the dark brown color is great as a brow powder.

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mindful homekeepers housekeeping

For Mindful Homekeepers

  1. Earth Hero Zero Waste Lunch Kit. Reduce food and wrapper waste with this kit. Moreover, Earth Hero equips you with this range of mealtime picks to satisfy all your needs.
  2. Earth Hero Self Care Gift Box. Firstly, ramp up your time in fortifying solitude with this box of clean, pampering goods. Besides, self care is the basis of personal wellness.
  3. Naturepedic Organic Pillows. Pillows and mattresses are commonly packed with chemicals. Truly, can you believe that? Alternatively, pick a better, comfier option.
  4. Hatch Restore Alarm Clock. Shift your sleep/wake routine using light to primally signal the body to rise. Hatch comes with meditation tracks and sleep sounds, too.
  5. Earth Hero PF Candle Co Swell Candle. Populate your room’s air with clean fumes that are healthy to breathe in. Additionally, this candle comes soy based and paraben-free.
  6. Primally Pure Autumn Room Spray. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. At last, naturally welcome fall aromas into your home. And, do it with this chemical-free room spray. Accordingly, cardamom, blood orange, cinnnamon, and cacao make your home cozy and warm.
  7. Earth Hero – Bio Based All-in-One Meal Kit. Reduce wrapper waste at each meal. This kit sets you up to have a reusable way to consume foods and drinks any time you need them.
  8. Earth Hero – Avocado Food Huggers. Nobody wants to eat an avocado that’s turned brown. Thus, this hugger extends the life of an avocado half for later use.

*And, for all Earth Hero Products, get $15 gift card with $75 sale using code 15GIFT75 (10.28-11.2). Too, 15% off Climate Neutral Brands code CLIMATENEUTRAL (11.3-11.6). Also, 15% off site-wide code SITEWIDE15 (11.7-11.14).

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hippie kids and babies

For Hippie Kids + Babies

Baby Bundle of Joy

  • Erbaviva Baby Shampoo. Pure, gentle shampoo packed with botanicals for the little tikes of the world. Too, this blend packs calming ingredients like lavender, chamomile, and oregon grape extract.
  • Erbaviva Diaper Cream. First, soothe sensitive skin & decrease inflammation with this nontoxic cream. Moreover, chamomile, rosemary and lavender serve as antiseptic & calming ingredients.
  • Erbaviva Baby Oil. Vitamin E, jojoba, almond & rosemary round out this gentle formula. Additionally, this oil helps prevent diaper rash.
  • Erbaviva Baby Lotion. Here, organic oils & natural emulsifiers hydrate sensitive skin. And, this lotion delivers much-needed nutrients and moisture.
  • Erbaviva Sniffles Chest Balm. First, eucalyptus, myrhh & tea tree help protect young ones during cough and cold season. In addition, cypress and helichrysum act as healing, antiviral compounds.
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  • Lambs Baby Onsie. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off. Protect babies from EMF protection. This onesie comes created with silver-lined fabric. Moreover, this unique fiber protects against 99% of wireless radiation.
  • Lambs Baby Blanket. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off. Lightweight, breathable, antibacterial, and UV blocking. Also, it protects against 99% of wireless radition. Too, this blanket displays adorable, purple lamb graphics.
  • Laird Superfood Hot Chocolate. Code FMG15 for 15% off your first order. At last, a clean hot chocolate product. Healthy ingredients and superfoods make this blend a much healtier option than generic brands.
  • Earth Hero Organic Cotton Baby Wipes. Avoid chemicals from coming into contact with babys’ supple skin with these clean wipes. Additionally, apricot, sweet almond, and chamomile prove to be gentle enough, yet effective.
  • Earth Hero Baby Washcloth Mitts. Chemical-free materials make this bathtime staple ideal. Too, it caters to sensitive, delicate skin. Also, these mitts were crafted in a Fair Trade Facility.
  • Sunski Mini Sunglasses. Recycled frames, polarized, and stylish. Sunski Minis come with a lifetime guarantee. In addition, Sunski is a member of 1% For The Planet. Also, they also make blue light blocking options.

*And, for all Earth Hero Products, get $15 gift card with $75 sale using code 15GIFT75 (10.28-11.2). Too, 15% off Climate Neutral Brands code CLIMATENEUTRAL (11.3-11.6). Also, 15% off site-wide code SITEWIDE15 (11.7-11.14).

healthy mamas mommas gift guide

For Healthy Mommas

  • Living Libations Birthing Bundle. Code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off. Indeed, it helps support mama from pregnancy to labor, to birth and bathtime, and beyond.
  • Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter. This non-sticky, botanical formula moisturizes dry skin. Also, it eases inflammation and aids redness.
  • Osmia Organics Mama & Baby. These organic skincare products are baby-safe and mama-focused. Too, this set is gentle, soothing, and calming.
  • Lambs Radiation-Proof Belly Band. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off. At last, EMF pregnancy protection. Comfortable, antibacterial, UV blocking, and provides protection from 99% of wireless radiation.
  • Earth Hero Wool Nursing Pillow. Sustainably and ethically harvested merino wool. Also, this wool is naturally resistant to stains, water, and dustmites.
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  • The Detox Market Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter. Shea, baobab, english lavender, and moringa combine. These ingredients pack this butter with restorative botanicals. Too, this butter is very dense. Thus, a little goes a long way.
  • Earth Hero Perineal Spray. At last, a paraben, sulfate, and phlatate free relief spray for during and after pregnancy. Moreover, it’s important for us to treat the mama body with good ol’ love and care, especially surrounding this time of bringing a new life into the world.
  • 100 Percent Pure Stetch Mark Butter. Cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin C help prevent stretch marks. Also, this blend is a great option for those sensitive to fragrance or essential oils.
  • Earth Hero Reusable Nursing Pads. Soft, absorbent, and durable. Also, organic hemp & cotton form the 2 layers of these pads. Additionally, this company is women-owned and black-owned.
  • Beyond Yoga Maternity Leggings. Silky smooth leggings with a rise that will easily cover the most beautifully bountiful bump.
  • Earth Hero Weekender Denim Tote Bag. Sustainably grown and harvested cotton. Too, it proves great for motherhood adventures, farmers markets and more.

*And, for all Earth Hero Products, get $15 gift card with $75 sale using code 15GIFT75 (10.28-11.2). Too, 15% off Climate Neutral Brands code CLIMATENEUTRAL (11.3-11.6). Also, 15% off site-wide code SITEWIDE15 (11.7-11.14).

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emf protection conscious men

For Conscious Men

  • Lambs EMF Faraday Boxer Briefs. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off. Importantly, these tri blend briefs contain smooth silver fibers to shield 99% of EMFs to protect your goods. Too, they are ideal to wear when flying.
  • Lambs Faraday Beanie. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off. Lambs uses their silver technology to help protect your dome from harmful electro magnetic radiation. And, it proves to be a great addition to pack when traveling.
  • Lambs Faraday Cap. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off. Hence, you’ll find the same NASA-inspired technology that Lamb uses in their other apparel items in this cap. Perfect for plane rides.
  • Living Libations Maverick Men’s Kit. Code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off. And, this kit is a warm introduction to thriving skin and healthy hair for men.
  • The Detox Market Hair Cream by Josh Rosebrook. Importantly, ditch the chemicals and put dreamy, restorative ingredients in your hair. Likewise, try this cream by this esteemed clean product formulator.
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  • Osmia Organics Vetiver Grey Soap. First, Vetiver Grey is the ideal unisex bar soap. Virginia cedar wood, black clay and a hint of lime round out this organic soap.
  • The Detox Market Safety Razor. At last, safety razors are a new way to shave that reduces plastic waste. Moreover, the only component you replace is the razor blade. Additionally, it provides a close, no-irritation shave.
  • The Detox Market Dandruff Defeater Treatment. Importantly, adding a bunch of harsh chemicals onto your head when you have dandruff is adding fuel to fire. Alternatively, the key it to use calming, clean ingredients like those found in this treatment.
  • Earth Hero Organic Cotton Socks. A more sustainable sock to rock. Even, these socks come sustainably grown. Also, organic cotton makes up these cushioned, comfy socks.

*And, for all Earth Hero Products, get $15 gift card with $75 sale using code 15GIFT75 (10.28-11.2). Too, get 15% off Climate Neutral Brands code CLIMATENEUTRAL (11.3-11.6). Also, get 15% off site-wide code SITEWIDE15 (11.7-11.14).

clean freak nontoxic clean gifts

For Clean Freaks

  • Earth Hero Straw Cleaning Brush. At last, a kitchen clean up staple for your reusable metal, glass, bamboo or silicone straws.
  • Clean Cult Complete Home Cleaning Bundle. First, Clean Cult is all about: reduce, reuse, refill, recycle. Thus, this bundle is a great place to start if you are brand new to non toxic cleaning. In addition, Clean Cult comes Powered by coconuts & displays chic packaging.
  • Earth Hero Zero Waste Castile Dishwashing Kit. Finally, color your dishwashing routine sustainble with this kit. Further, this kit will get you started on a lower waste lifestyle & cleaning routine.
  • Earth Hero Organic Unpaper Towels. Reduce or eliminate your disposable paper towel use with these reusable towels. Soon, it will become a new habit.
  • Branch Basics Starter Kit. One powerful, nontoxic, effective conventrate. Numerous uses for your home. From glass, to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the laundry room.
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*And, for all Earth Hero Products, get $15 gift card with $75 sale using code 15GIFT75 (10.28-11.2). Too, get 15% off Climate Neutral Brands code CLIMATENEUTRAL (11.3-11.6). Also, get 15% off site-wide code SITEWIDE15 (11.7-11.14).

presents gifts for travelers

For Travelers

  • Laird Superfood Power Frother. Code FMG15 for 15% off your first order. First, you can whip some frothiness into any beverage with this frother. Too, it adds more body and even consistency.
  • Berkey Sport Bottle. Importantly, you can filter water right out of a river with this amazing bottle. Likewise, Berkey Sport makes this water safe and ready to drink.
  • Laird Superfood Instafuel. Code FMG15 for 15% off your first order. Importantly, here we have coffee and creamer. And, they come ready to go in one formula. Therefore, coffee drinkers that travel or are short on time, this is your jam.
  • Earth Hero – Teal Glass Straw Set. On the whole, it proves important to work on stopping single-use plastic. Thus, always having reusable straws on hand is a solid step 1. In the same way, It marks a stride towards becoming a more mindful consumer.
  • Airestech – Lifetune Personal – Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. Importantly, Airestech is effective and tested EMF & EMR protection. Too, this model proves ideal to wear while flying.
  • Earth Hero – Bamboo Sateen Sleep Mask – Firstly, cutting out the light that contacts the eyes helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. Too, this soft material insures a comfortable wear.
  • Hilma Immune Support. Code FEELMOREGOODER20 for 20% off. Hilma’s Holiday Gift Set includes a free dopp kit, too! Here, natural remedies are backed by science. On the whole, Hilma’s immune support formula features zinc, vitamin C, echinacea and ginger to naturally aid the body’s defenses.
  • Lambs Faraday Long Sleeve Tee Shirt. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off. Importantly, Lamb’s silver-fiber technology blocks 99& of EMF & EMR.
  • Earth Hero – Portable Travel Coffee Filter. Here, coffee drinkers, celebrate! At last, no more using bleach-dyed, single-use coffee filters to brew coffee.
Meanwhile, you’re reading: Gift Guide for Wellness Enthusiasts.
  • Earth Hero – Silicone Stasher Go Bag. Now, Stasher bags is a brand that has changed the reusability game in a big way. Moreover, their bags offer a mulitude of uses. And, this go bag makes on the go snacking a sinch.
  • Philosophie Superfoods Sunshine Drops. Here, a dropper packed with green plant goodness. And, chlorophyll packs this product with nutrient density and phytonutrients.
  • Tusol Wellness – Smoothie Packs. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off. On the whole, superfood and adaptogen-rife smoothie packs make Tusol a fantastic travel companion.
  • Waveblock. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. Now, Airpods are one of the biggest culprits for EMF exposure. Importantly, add some effective protection to this habit with these stickers by Waveblock.
  • Sunski Treeline Polarized Sunglasses. At last, recycled frames, numerous styles and a lifetime guarantee. And, these come with detachable blockers for peripheral light. Sunski’s Treelines are ideal for hikers & skiiers.
  • Terra Thread Everyday Organic Cotton Backpack. Here, a stylish and mindful backpack. This backpack is a beautiful upgrade from generic backpacks.
  • Earth Hero – Bagito Utensil Set. On the whole, a staple item for your work lunchbox, or traveling. Cut down on single-use utensil plastic with this utensil set.

*And, for all Earth Hero Products, get $15 gift card with $75 sale using code 15GIFT75 (10.28-11.2). Too, get 15% off Climate Neutral Brands code CLIMATENEUTRAL (11.3-11.6). Also, get 15% off site-wide code SITEWIDE15 (11.7-11.14).

healthy thriving dogs pets

For Thriving Pets

  • Soul CBD Dog Treats. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off. Firstly, organically farmed with zero THC. Thus, these treats will ease your pup’s nerves and help them chill out.
  • Soul CBD Oil for Pets. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off. Most importantly, no high or drowsy feelings here. Moreover, just organic CBD oil to help combat inflammation and promote calmness.
  • Airestech – Lifetune Pet. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. At last, electro magnetic protection designed for pets. Durable, rugged, and waterproof. Most importantly, Airestech protects your pet from the harmful effects of EMFs.
  • Healthforce Superfoods – Vitamineral Greens. Code SDG314 for 10% off. First, it comes chock full of alkalinizing, nutrient-dense foods like spirulina, nettle, and moringa. Then, this superfood powder acts like a superpowered multivitamin.
  • Wholistic Pet Organics – Canine Complete. Code JESICACOCKERHAM for 10% off. On the whole, this product comes as an all-in-one pet supplement. It contains digestive enzymes, probiotics, and omega fatty acids. Too, these specs help your pup be their healthiest.
Here, you’re reading: Gift Guide for Wellness Enthusiasts.
  • Intelligence of Nature – Gut Health for Pets. Most importantly, this brand is the new frontier of gut health. It goes beyond probiotics and targets the gut lining.
  • Earth Hero – Silicone Travel Bowl. Even, keep this bowl in your car for roadtrip water breaks. Or, attach it to a backpack via carabiner for hiking pit stops.
  • Earth Hero – Handcrafted Dog Brush. First, brushing your dog goes beyond vanity. This practice helps keep their skin & hair health. Too, it promotes healthy lymphatic flow.
  • Earth Hero – Compostable Dog Poop Bags. Here, an essential for any dog owner. For instance, keep a roll in your car, your purse, your backpack, etc. Thus, you’ll always come prepared to pick up after your pet.
  • Earth Hero – Utility Fanny Pack. Now, this fanny pack makes your outings more stylish and sensible. In addition, use this pack to carry your phone, wallet and more.
  • Earth Hero – Dog Poop Bag Holder. At last, the ideal compliment to the compostable dog poop bags mentioned above. It makes pooper scooping look good!
  • Doggie Poo Pet Shampoo. Here, bar soap proves superior. And, this is especially true when washing your pup. Likewise, the bar helps you apply suds directly to the skin, all over. And, it’s dense, effective and refreshing.

*And, for all Earth Hero Products, get $15 gift card with $75 sale using code 15GIFT75 (10.28-11.2). Too, get 15% off Climate Neutral Brands code CLIMATENEUTRAL (11.3-11.6). Also, get 15% off site-wide code SITEWIDE15 (11.7-11.14).

health nut foodies gift guide

For Health Nut Foodies

  • Taza Chocolate Coconut Almond Dark Bark. First, only 7g of sugar per serving. Here, protein puffed quinoa, toasted coconut, and roasted almonds give this bark a satisfying crunch.
  • Medicinal Foods Chocolate Covered Mac Nuts. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. First, organic cacao, vanilla, himalayan salt and organic hemp protein come together. Then, this infused chocolate makes this treat nutrient dense and restorative.
  • Laird Superfood Pancake Waffle Mix. Code FMG15 for 15% off first order. Accordingly, coconut milk powder, chia protein, and buckwheat flour come together. Then, a satisfied, healthy belly keep you coming back to this gluten free, dairy free mix.
  • Pique Tea Matcha Beauty Bundle. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 5% off. Here, say goodbye to sleepy eyes and hello to a morning glow! Too, this bundle comes powered by nutrient-dense, clean, toxin-screened matcha.
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  • Laird Superfood Cookie Mix. Code FMG15 for 15% off first order. Firstly, it’s a chocolate chip cookie mix packed with veggies, but you would never know it. Too, this cookie mix packs only plant based and nutrient dense ingredients.
  • Purity Coffee. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off + FREE shipping. Now, looking for a clean, mold & pesticide tested coffee? Look no further. Likewise, Purity is your new morning companion.
  • Laird Superfood Creamer. Code FMG15 for 15% off first order. At last, say goodbye to sugar-filled, cruddy ingredients in your generic creamer. Too, this formula packs, ingredients like coconut milk powder & aquamin (sea algae).
  • Philosophie Fall Vibes. Importantly, I present a pumpkin pie superfood blend. And, it’s naturally spacked with antioxidants. Also, it comes lightly sweetened with coconut sugar.
  • Laird Superfood Pili Nuts. Code FMG15 for 15% off first order. Here, pili nuts come onto the scene, buttery and scrumptious. And, they come packed with 9 essential amino acids. Moreover, pili nuts prove to be a delicious, nutritious snack.
free spirits gifts shopping

For Free Spirits

  1. Living Libations Seven Chakra Synergies. Code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off. On the whole, every blend is chosen for harmonizing the chakras. Also, each elixir helps you expand and glow. Then, apply to pulse points and under your nose.
  2. Living Libations Forest Bathing Kit. Code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off. First, this set inspires respiration and deep belly breaths. Then, it elevates gratitude and surrounds you with a feeling being held by nature.
  3. Osmia The Gift of Calm. Firstly, this proves to be the lavender experience of your dreams. Likewise, the relaxing and calming properties of wildcrafted lavender make this set a chill-state accelerator.
  4. Lotus Wei Infinite Love Flower Essence. At last, a spray with properties that magnify receptivity, compassion, and softness. And, it helps dissolve emotions like irritation, anger, jealously, and resentment.
  5. Moon Juice Spirit Dust. On the whole, Spirit Dust promotes pineal gland decalcification. Thus, this means more harmony with your awareness, sensory perception and sense of vitality. Too, make a nighttime mocktail with this blend. Similarly, add to a smoothie, etc.
  6. Medicinal Foods Spirit Tonic. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. Here, a blend of calming herbs that promote inner calmness, self peace, confidence and a deepened connection to your life force. And, it proves great by itself or added to a smoothie, shake or mocktail.
  7. Medicinal Foods CBD Chocolate. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. Firstly, it contains 10 mg of CBD. Secondly, it is third-party tested. Thirdly, it’s delicious. So, get chill & reap the benefits of these superfood packed bars. Besides, this is chocolate on a whole new level.
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self care gurus gift guide

For The Self Care Gurus

  • Living Libations Dry Brushes Bundle. Code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off. On the whole, a facial-specific brush, body brush, and an elevated copper-bristle brush round out this trio. Likewise, this bundle forms the dry brushing practice of your dreams.
  • Paris Laundry Everywhere Oil and Dry Brush Set. Firstly, anti-inflammatory oil properties help to restore irritated skin. Also,, the dry brush design allows flexibility for hard to reach places.
  • Araza Beauty Banana leaf handmade Makeup Bag. Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. Firstly, who doesn’t love to be reminded of banana trees? One look at this bag and you’ll imagine you’re immersed in greenery.
  • Paris Laundry Velvet Wrapped Headband. Later, hhen it’s time to wash your face or apply makeup, reach for this comfy headband. Too, it proves ideal to get your hair out of your face.
  • Paris Laundry Sonny Scrunchie Set. Importantly, wearing scrunchies can help mitigate hairbreakage. And, this is true even if you only wear them at home. Also, these are super cute!
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work from home Gift Guide for Wellness Enthusiasts

For Work From Homers

Meanwhile, you’re reading: Gift Guide for Wellness Enthusiasts.

*And, for all Earth Hero Products, get $15 gift card with $75 sale using code 15GIFT75 (10.28-11.2). Too, get 15% off Climate Neutral Brands code CLIMATENEUTRAL (11.3-11.6). Then, get 15% off site-wide code SITEWIDE15 (11.7-11.14).

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6 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure

Welcome to this post: 6 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure.

6 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies. Also, electromagnetic radiation refers to the same conversation. Thus, both are electric fields that pose similar threats to our health. Like a microwave, a WIFI router transmits two-way radio waves. Moreover, The World Health Organization lists EMFs and EMRs as possible carcinogens.

Our exposure to EMFs is higher than ever. As electronics are in every part of our lives. This reliance on tech impacts our wellness in a big way. Consider the reality of this. Looking to EMF protection brands proves more crucial than ever.

It’s thought that EMFs exist harmlessly. Yet, incriminating evidence amongst researchers continues to surface. Too, studies suggest that exposure to EMFs poses a health threat. These include adverse effects to sleep and fertility. Also, studies related to mitochondria continue to surface.

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3 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure airestech emf protection personal device room

Airestech EMF Protection

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Airestech owns my top spot in EMF protection. They equip our home & devices to stay protected.

Products We Own:

Airestech presents themselves as leaders in the EMF protection market. They prove committed to helping you learn more. In regards to EMFs/EMRs, they showcase groundbreaking information. The chance of no EMFs proves unlikely. And, Airestech gets this. But, they help equip you with armor to combat the harmful effects.

Airestech aims to be a household name by continuing their integrity. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure product safety and effectiveness. Both internal & independent labs conduct these tests. Moreover, Airestech possesses 18 pending trademarks.

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3 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure lambs emf protection apparel

Lambs EMF Protection Apparel

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off

Lambs comes inspired by NASA spacesuit technology. Moreover, space suits came made to be radiation-proof. Thus, Lambs became inspired by this technology. They decided to use it in their ideal apparel. Too, their apparel comes soft, lightweight, antibacterial & UV blocking. This EMF Protection showcases as the first apparel of its kind.

Products We Own:

So how does it work?! Here’s the deal. Radiation cannot reach an object that a tight conductive grid covers. Therefore, EMF waves cannot pass through holes smaller than their wavelength. Moreover, Lambs’ gives the analogy of an elephant trying to pass through holes of a fence.

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3 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure lambs emf protection apparel keep the bads off your goods

Too, this Women’s Faraday T-shirt comes embedded with a full layer of silver flex fibers. Why silver? Because it exists as one of the most conductive materials known to earth. Also, silver proves effective in tissue healing for thousands of years.

If it sounds uncomfortable to wear a metal shirt. I get it. But, you wouldn’t even know it’s in there. Moreover, each fiber is smooth, flat, and soft to the touch. Also, the silver proves scratch-proof. Too, wash damage won’t happen. Lambs apparel comes toxic-free and hypoallergenic. Looking forward to buying more Lambs apparel soon!

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waveblock air pod wireless headphones emf protection

Waveblock Airpod EMF Protection

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Wireless headphones are everywhere these days. Besides, they offer supreme convenience and portability. So, they are the best thing in wireless technology, right? What’s not to love?

Well, the strong EMF signal is what’s not to love. And, that’s not something to glance past. Too, we must address our wireless device use. Also, we need to find adequate protection. Thus, these devices will harm us if we don’t armor up. If you are going to insist on using wireless headphones, Waveblock is a must.

Products We Own:

waveblock air pod wireless headphones emf protection

Waveblock deflects EMF waves. This way, EMFs remain kept away from your head and the rest of your body. Also, the protection that Waveblock gives proves effective by lab studies. Too, Waveblock reduces the effects of radiation exposure. This proves true even under extreme conditions.

Moreover, Waveblock works with Airpods. Besides, Apple made Airpods popular in the last 5 years. Yet, Waveblock may also work with other wireless earpieces. Too, check out Waveblock’s FAQs. Here, they cover how to install. Moreover, they cover the difference between the Classic & Pro versions.

Other Ways to Minimize Your Exposure to EMFs

  • Use your wearables, wireless headphones & smart devices less. Use wired products as much as possible. Establish some new, healthy habits around your electronic usage. Besides, wireless devices are all too common these days. Also, wearing these 24/7 present negative health affects. Moreover, the idea is to unplug more often.
  • Turn your WIFI off at night. You don’t need it when you sleep. Thus, give your body a break when you rest at night.
  • Sleep with your phone off or on airplane mode. And/or, place it in a different room to create space from the EMFs.

In summary, begin increasing your awareness. Too, think about how many Bluetooth and wireless-dependent electronics you use. Moreover, start incorporating the above brands to start protecting yourself. I look forward to hearing from all of you in regards to what EMF protection products you’re utilizing.

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9 Habits for Better Sleeping

Welcome to this post: 9 Habits for Better Sleeping.

The older I get, the more paramount I realize sleep is. I subconsciously used to run myself ragged. Now, I know that It’s not cool to run on zero sleep. You are only hurting yourself by sacrificing your precious hours of sleep to get things done.

When your body is out of commission for sleep, vital processes are taking place. Think: hormone production, detoxification processes & reproductive health. Also, your central nervous system gets a break from the demands of everyday life.

I realize everyone lives a different lifestyle and has different family demands, job demands, etc. But, I just want to start the conversation around prioritizing sleep. Unequivocally, you can empower yourself to reprioritize your nighttime habits so that they serve your sleep. It’s not about perfection, rather just changing the trajectory of how many of your actions support healthy sleep.

emf protection sleep 7 Habits for Better Sleeping

Disarm EMFs to Prevent Sleep Interruptions

Electromagnetic frequencies & radiation around us have implications on our wellness, unfortunately. There are a few things you can do at night time to mitigate the negative implications and disruptions to sleep. A few of these habits include turning off your phone or putting it in airplane mode & shutting off your wifi.

Additionally, a way to stay continuously protected is to have Airestech devices in your home. These EMF protection devices effectively protect you from the harmful effects of electromagetic frequencies in your home. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off your Airestech order.

laird superfood renew rest recover 7 Habits for Better Sleeping

Have a Nightcap Drink that Supports Restfulness

Specific drink ingredients such as tart cherry, chamomile & reishi can help to promote relaxation as well as recovery. Establishing a pre-bed ritual (before you brush your teeth) can truly initiate a feeling of serenity before you go horizontal.

I like this blend from Laird Superfood. Use code FMG15 for 15% off your first order at Laird Superfood.

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Essential Oils that Support Relaxation

Essential oils are aromatic compounds that have therapeutic & aromatic uses to promote wellness & even specific health targets. For instance, essential oils like lavender & rosemary innately possess compounds that support serenity & relaxation. It’s a simple way to utilize a few of the gifts nature has given us to get you into a restful state.

These oils work well in a diffuser or added to a lotion that you apply pre-bedtime.

I like these single oils & blend by Ancient Nutrition, a supplement brand formulated by Dr. Josh Axe.

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mouth taping 7 Habits for Better Sleeping

Mouth Taping for Deeper Breathing

Mouth taping may sound crazy when you first hear about it. However, it’s simply a way to encourage nose breathing as you sleep. Although we have habitually become mouth breathers, it’s not the most optimal way to breathe. Your nose is designed primally for air filtration & oxygen uptake, while your mouth & gastrointestinal tract are mainly meant to process & assimilate food.

I keep a roll of masking tape on my bedside. It’s not a fancy way to do it, but it keeps my lips sealed while I sleep. If you want strips that are specifically designed for the use of mouth taping, check out Somnifix.

Take Sleep Vitamins

Brands like Hilma (code FEELMOREGOODER20 for 20% off), Remrise (Code JESICA15 for 15% off) and Mind Body Green are rethinking sleep support supplements with their melatonin-free formulas. Too, these sleep vitamins are drug-free and organic. Additionally, they are gluten-free, non-gmo, and vegan.

I take these right before bed as I’m winding down. Too, I tend to rotate which one I’m taking for a sense of ingredient variety. Moreover, I noticed that I feel well-rested the next morning when I take them consistently. There was no grogginess or struggle to wake up. It was a different experience than taking melatonin.

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hatch sleep clock sunrise meditation natural circadium rhythm cortisol stress

Rethink Your Alarm Clock

When is the last time you thought about an alternative to your morning buzzer? If you’re like me, then you hadn’t thought about it much. That is, not until you heard about Hatch. Hatch has reinvented the morning wake up routine. It’s even amplified your sleep routine, too.

Hatch allows you to wake up with light. The light starts dim and increases in brightness to trigger your waking. This way mimicks the way our ancestors woke up. They were in tune with the sun rise and sunset. It helps your cortisol levels and circadian rhythms to get back to that.

Wear a Sleep Mask

When the body detects light through the eyes (or even the skin!), it becomes alert and awake. Since sleep is meant to be a state of restfulness, it’s best to limit all light exposure when sleeping. Especially if you have any ambient light (even small amounts like from an electronic charging), this can be very helpful.

Wearing a sleep mask is a ritual I’ve found makes a big difference when there’s ambient light. I like this one from The Detox Market.

Also, investing in black-out blinds in your bedroom can make a big difference, as well.

pillow mist 7 Habits for Better Sleeping

Use Botanicals to Create a Calming Environment

Botanicals sprayed into the air & onto your pillow are another simple way to boost your sleeping environment. I love this pre-bed habit. After I spray my chosen mist, I take a few deep breaths to take in the aroma & chill out a bit.

I like this Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist by OSEA. Use code FMG10 for 10% off. Also, this Palo Santo Aromatherapy Mist by Primally Pure is my favorite if I need to clear bad vibes before I go to sleep. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. For a wildcrafted essential oil blend that you could use in a diffuser, I love the Sweet Sleep Serum by Living Libations. Use code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off.

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cbd oil 7 Habits for Better Sleeping

Incorporate CBD Oil

Cannabidiols, the active compound that’s more commonly known as CBD, has been a helpful sleep aid for me. I love that it’s a natural plant compound with no side effects. It’s THC free, so there is no “high” feeling attained. In addition to ingesting a CBD oil sublingually, I like to use topical CBD lotions on my achey parts to aid recovery & mitigate inflammation/pain.

For CBD oil, I have a few in my rotation, but Biofit360 Revive CBD Oil is one of my favorites for internal use. For topical use, I like the Biofit360 Relief Cream. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off.

Other habits to support better sleep include:

-Getting off of screens at least 30 minutes before bed

-Sleeping with your electronics in a different room (turned off if you’re able to)

-Having a bed & bedding that you look forward to sleeping in (we love our Naturepedic EOS Classic Organic Mattress. Game changer for us)

-Our bedding is from the Jungalow and it really creates a vibe that feels inviting and nice to be in. Use this link to get $10 off your order.

Thanks for stopping by this post: 9 Habits for Better Sleeping.

Have any habits to add that have made a difference to you? I would love to read them in the comments below!

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