Dr. Will Cole Review: Epstein Barr & Mold

Welcome to this post: Dr. Will Cole Review: Epstein Barr & Mold. Note, everything I share in this post is solely based on my own experience; this is not medical advice.

About Dr. Will Cole

Firstly, Dr. Will Cole is a leading functional medicine expert. Moreover, he consults people around the world via webcam. Also, he helps patients locally in Pittsburgh. Too, he specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease. Dr. Will Cole customizes health programs for all autoimmune conditions. These include thyroid issues, hormonal dysfunctions, digestive disorders, and brain problems.

Too, Dr. Cole was named one of the top 50 functional medicine and integrative doctors in the nation. Too, he is a health expert and course instructor for the world’s largest wellness brands such as MindBodyGreen and Goop.

Cole Natural Health Centers

Additionally, Dr. Will Cole is uniquely skilled and experienced. Too, he is adept at finding the root physiological, biochemical, and hormonal causes underlying many diseases. Also, Dr. Cole has broken free from the limiting approach of “standard care.” Moreover, traditional medicine most often calls upon drugs and hormones as a first defense against these diseases. Moreover, this is advised without a real inspection as to the root underlying causes. Too, other contributing factors to each individual’s presenting complaints become overlooked.

Personalized, Functional Medicine Care

Also, Dr. Cole uses breakthrough diagnostic testing and analysis. Too, that’s rarely done in conventional settings. And, the goal remains to uncover the hidden causes of why people feel the way they feel. Also, he also takes great pride in delivering personalized healthcare treatment to patients. In addition, he provides an environment that supports and inspires patients to reverse their poor health. See his Functional Medicine tab for more information.

dr. will cole functional medicine patient

Dr. Will Cole Review: Epstein Barr & Mold

I think back to a time before I was a patient of Dr. Cole. I remember thinking that if I could get Dr. Cole’s help, it would change my life. Fast forward to present day on the protocol he has laid out for me, that is definitely true. One of the biggest components at this point is knowing what’s going on inside my body. Too, I learned what’s holding me back. Moreover, I’ve gained a sense of direction to healthfully move forward.

Furthermore, here’s some clarification & backstory. The symptoms that led me to recruit Dr. Will Cole’s help include itching/tingling after meals. Too, general inflammation in the body, joint pain and inability to improve athletic performance. Over the last 2 years, these symptoms have been at a peak, but it’s been affecting me for about 4 years.

Skype Meeting with Dr. Will Cole

Meeting with Dr. Cole has given me a ton of clarity. Too, this may sound trivial, but I’m someone who was trying any and everything to feel better. However, there was no sure direction. Morevoer, I was just trying things left and right. I did not know if they were helping address what’s going on under the hood.

Having a clearer sense of what I need to do to help myself, that has direct correlations to what’s actually going on in my body has been everything. It’s been frustrating to look back at several years of struggling, but also empowering to now have better tools to move forward.

A significant aspect of what Dr. Cole provides was helping me understand an aerial view of my health with all things considered. For instance, he helped me see how my gene variants are impairing my body’s ability to heal from my current infections. Then, helping me understand how to better equip my body to handle those burdens. Too, I have some genetic handicaps (you may as well, it’s not super rare). Thus, my body needs some targeted support to get back to a state of wellness.

A synchronistic side note is that Dr. Cole is on the expert panel for one of my favorite natural supplement brands. He is on the expert panel for NOW Foods. This is a beloved brand who I have partnered with since 2018.

Also, super important to note is that my description of the testing + findings is my own. Thus, I am paraphrasing (to the best of my ability). Moreover, these are the biggest takeaways from the information I was provided. As always, I’m not suggesting this for any of you. Furthermore, I’m simply sharing my experience with the hopes that it provides insight.

Testing I Had Done

-Advanced Intestinal Permeability Screen (Blood draw)

-Dutch Test (Urine/Saliva Collection)

-Cyrex (Blood draw)

-Quest Diagnostic Blood Panel (Blood draw)

-Stool collection

-23 and Me Genetic Testing (saliva)

The Test Findings


-3 types of mold found in my system

-Several genetic variants: (Single SNPs: MTHFR A1298C, MTR A2756G, SHMT1 C1420T and Double SNPs: COMT V158M, COMT H62H, VDR Taq, MTRR A66G, CBS C699T)


Functionally high glucose. Iron imbalance (see HFE results). Immune imbalance. Functionally high TSH. Thyroid antibodies. Functionally low selenium. Functionally low iodine. Liver imbalance. Functionally low CO2, Functionally low BU, and Functionally low calcium. Too, Functionally low magnesium RBC, Functionally low vitamin d, and Functionally high leptin. C3a – low. MSH- low.

Viral loads: EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) – showing a possible reactivated or past infection. We are looking to keep these from retriggering as they lay dormant in the liver and thyroid.

Horowitz Score = 83


Normal Bacteria

Enterococcus spp. – high, Clostridia (class) – low, Enterobacter spp. – high, Bacteroidetes – high, Firmicutes – high

Opportunistic Bacteria

Bacillus spp. – high, Enterococcus faecalis – high, Enterococcus faecium – high, Pseudomonas spp. – high, Staphylococcus aures – high, Streptococcus spp. – high, Methanobacteriaceae (family) – high, Klebsiella spp. – high


Candida spp. – high

Intestinal health

Elastase-1 – low 

Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment 

Zonulin – high, DAO- low, Histamine – high, DAO: histamine ratio – low, LPS IgA – borderline high

Urine/Saliva (irregular cycling female) 

Estradiol – borderline high. Progesterone – low. Testosterone – low. Total cortisol – low. Metabolized cortisol – low. Imbalanced cortisol pattern. Vitamin b12 marker – borderline high (potential deficiency). Vitamin b6 marker – borderline high (potential deficiency). Norepinephrine/Epinephrine metabolite – borderline low. Melatonin – borderline low.

Protocol for Healing

To start, I learned on my Skype call with Dr. Cole that my labs are looking like I could be on the verge of an autoimmune condition if left untreated. Too, I’ve learned a good amount through my own autoimmune research. Furthermore, it seems as though many autoimmune conditions are correlated to underlying infections or burdens (i.e. Epstein Barr virus, mold, etc.). To me, it’s encouraging & empowering to know that. As such, it means I need to focus on getting rid of the infection. Since I’ve been looking for a focus, that is a pursuit that’s helpful for me.

Dr. Will Cole told me on our call that had I not already been in such hot pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, seeking stress-mitigating practices, etc., I would be in a much different/worse health spot. Thus, I want to share that for those of you out there that already feel like you do so much for your health but are not healthy. Just know that it does make a difference. Moreover, it’s just about continually acquiring more tools. The aim remains to help yourself & dedicating yourself to keep putting the puzzle pieces together.

Healing Approach

-Remove mold exposure (in this case, we are moving to a new residence at the beginning of August). Dr. Cole recommended this site for mold removal/remediation. I’ve also heard Dr. Kasey Holland recommend Mold Finders.

-Donate blood to combat hemochromotosis (I’ve already donated one time; double red, and plan to do that once more)

-Start suggested supplementation.

*Important: several of the supplements that were recommended were ones I already had stocked at home. Too, several of the brands I mention here are those brands. Also, I did purchase the majority of the recommended supplements sent over by Dr. Cole’s team (by brands I’m familiar with in the integrative medicine world, like Xymogen). Just wanted to give you the full scope with that. I am in a unique position currently having such a vast supplement cabinet thru my partnership with NOW Foods. However, I plan to refer to the recommended list from Dr. Cole when I need to restock.

My personalized supplement protocol includes a gut health focus. To start, Probiotics, l-glutamine & aloe drink, and digestive enzymes aid gut health. Too, calcium magnesium butyrate helps efficient digestion. Anti-viral & anti-fungal tinctures help uphold intestinal microbe balance. And, Activated Charcoal (a binder) helps the body purge before sweating. Also, I take a good source of omega-3s to address inflammation.

-Adopting a keto approach to nutrition while mold exposure is present. Too, I will likely continue this thru detox/healing protocol. Also, I’m focusing on eating foods that are easy to digest. Moreover, I focus on foods that don’t noticeably cause an upset stomach nor inflammation. You could say I’m taking a highly intuitive approach to the nutrition aspect.

You can try the probiotic I take, by the brand Seed, and save 15% on your subscription with code FMG15. Too, for quercetin, I take this brand, use code FEELMOREGOODER to save. Also for tinctures, I look to Nutramedix; use code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. Too, for digestive enzymes, I like Seeking Health; use code FEELMOREGOODERSEP for 10% off. Also, for activated charcoal, I use Now Foods. Use code JES for 20% off. Too, as an omega-3 source, I take Sunwarrior’s Vegan Omega-3 from sea algae; use code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off.


Firstly, I’m just at the beginning of this protocol. Thus, I will come back and update this post as time passes. Besides, getting out of the mold exposure is step number 1. Therefore, it feels like a bit of a waiting game since we are not moving until August. Furthermore, note the tinctures are in an alcohol base. I am unable to take them in our current home, as they elicit a histamine/tingling/itching reaction. However, I’m doing everything I can in the meantime and plan to begin them again promptly after moving.

Dr. Will Cole’s team offers ongoing support and follow-up testing as much as the patient desires. However, I’m still implementing and digesting all of the findings and information I’ve been given. Eventually, I may recruit Dr. Cole & his team to assist me after 6 months. Or, if removing the mold exposure on this protocol doesn’t get me to a healthier spot. But, I’m feeling pretty hopeful that the move will be huge. Also, I am aware that detoxifying and cleansing on this deep a level takes time.

Furthermore, I’m just happy right now to not be having the reactions to food. Besides, that felt pretty stifling when it was happening at every meal. Taking digestive enzymes, a source of Omega 3s, & quercetin with every meal has made the biggest difference right now.

In addition, other practices I am doing regularly are saunas (around 200 degrees) and chiropractic visits.

10.8.21 UPDATE: I am feeling better every day! No more reactions to food and zero rashes. Additionally, I just started the Microbe Formulas Foundational Protocol to continue my healing. Too, this protocol doesn’t contain pictures with an alcohol base. Thus, I deem it more suitable for all stages of healing.

Thank you for coming to this post: My Patient Experience with Dr. Will Cole.

Do you or have you had any similar experiences with your health? I’m always curious to hear others’ stories and support each other. Feel free to comment below!

5 Green Home Cleaner Products

Welcome to this post: 5 Green Home Cleaner Products.

When switching to natural alternatives in your lifestyle & household, it’s easy to overlook the most obvious products. Perhaps you grew up (like I did), not completely aware of the ingredients that comprise most generic cleaning products. They are filled with chemicals and are not good for your skin, your lungs and our planet.

The aim for me has always been to minimize the toxins that I’m exposed to on a daily basis. It’s not obsessive, but it’s most definitely a conscious effort to seek out & support brands that are doing things right. These are a few brands that continue to remind me that a clean home and chemicals don’t have to both exist in the same space.

5 Green Home Cleaning Products

zum clean indigo wild laundry soap green cleaner

Indigo Wild – Zum Clean


The mingling of coconut oil soap and an ultra-clean essential oil blend naturally fights stains and freshens clothes. This low-sudsing formula contains zero harsh chemicals and no ingredients with more syllables than your head deserves. The highly concentrated formula nets you 32 loads, 32 ounces = 32 loads.

How I Use:

Zum Clean is a staple right next to our washing machine. Laundry detergents are historically full of cruddy ingredients that irritate the skin and increase the toxic burden on your body. Zum Clean is not a detergent. Rather, it’s an entire shift in how you do your laundry. This laundry soap packs all the cleaning power without the junk. The Lavender Cedar & Sweet Orange scents are my favorites. Zum’s other scents include Sea Salt, Frankencense – Patchouli, Frankencense – Myrhh, Lavender, Lavender – Cedar, Patchouli and Tea Tree – Citrus.

branch basis concentrate starter kit green home cleaner

Branch Basics – Premium Starter Kit

Get $10 off


  • The Concentrate (33.8 fl. oz.)
  • Oxygen Boost (2 lbs.)
  • Plastic (Reusable) All-Purpose, Bathroom and Streak-Free Bottles (24 fl oz)
  • Reusable Plastic Foaming Wash Bottle (10 fl oz)
  • Reusable Plastic Laundry Bottle (32 fl oz)
  • Works for Standard and HE Washing Machines

How I Use:

One non-toxic concentrate with heaps of uses! I love the simplicity of what Branch Basics has created. It’s a complete reframe from this idea that we need tons of different cleaning products to clean our homes. From glass cleaner, to bathroom cleaner, to all-purpose cleaner, to laundry soap and a foaming hand wash–the cleaning possibilities are abundant.

clean rebellion castile soap cleaner products

Clean Rebellion – Castile Soap


Founded by Teju Owowe, Clean Rebellion includes beautiful affirmations on their bottles. I have massive gratitude & resonance with this!

A base of water and saponified organic olive oil is complemented by different essential oils (each formulation is unique, respectively).

Teju chose to use organic olive oil in her saponification process (versus coconut oil), because the process of saponification (soap making) transforms coconut oil into a tough cleanser that she believes is better suited for household use.

How I Use:

Castile soap is the single-most useful cleaning product in our entire home. I like the thoughtfulness of the oil choice to make these blends ideal for use on the body. They’re great as a body wash, shaving soap & even shampoo. I also love to clean my makeup brushes with these soaps.

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dr bronner castile soap green home cleaner products

Dr. Bronner’s – Castile Soap

For me, Dr. Bronner’s as a brand was one of my initial entry points into clean home products. They are one of the OG’s. I’m actually currently in the process of reading the new book by David Bronner & the lead of their supply chain, Gero Leson. It’s truly in depth & fascinating.

The Peppermint Castile Soap (with the navy blue label) is my first choice. I also play around with the Tea Tree Castile Soap & Rose Castile Soap formulas for my sometimes acne prone & red facial skin.

Also, I use this soap for anything and everything. Along the lines of the uses mentioned above, I use this castile soap to clean our floors, in loads of laundry, to clean our bathtub and even as a dish soap. It’s truly the most versatile cleaning product you can stock in your home.

clean cult all purpose green home cleaner products

Clean Cult – All Purpose Cleaner


Powered by coconuts & citric acid to deliver a complete, chemical-free clean. Clean Cult’s sustainable refill system allows you to reduce waste. Their innovative refill system makes it easy for you to clean sustainably, with 100% recyclable packaging made in the USA, carbon-neutral shipments, and natural, biodegradable formulas. After you refill your bottles, recycle your cartons. Or, join their free recycle back program and they’ll take care of it for you. Easy peasy.

How I Use:

I happily keep a bottle in any room of the house where I clean frequently. Kitchen, bathroom, basement; it performs on the dirtiest surfaces. Moreover, it’s another one of the brands I’ve mentioned in this post that do a great job of reminding you that you don’t need chemicals to clean your house. You’re so much better off without them.

In addition, Clean Cult has also created dish tabs, hand soap, laundry soap, hand sanitizer & bar soaps to choose from. You are even able to choose the color of your refillable bottle. I like the clay color!

In the world of cleaning products, I afford all of you that it’s a zoo. It’s tough to tell the good from the bad. The best I can tell using my personal judgement and experience, these brands are welcomed & appreciated in our home. I look forward to hearing about which of these formulas you try.

Lastly, comment below what your experience has been like switching to green, clean & non-toxic home cleaner products. Have a brand you love that I haven’t mentioned? I’d love to learn about it!

Thanks for stopping by this post: 5 Green Home Cleaner Products.

8 Clean Haircare Shampoos to Try (& 3 That Didn’t Work for Me)

Welcome to this post: 8 Clean Haircare Shampoos to Try (& 3 That Didn’t Work for Me).

8 Clean Haircare Shampoos to Try (& 3 That Didn't Work for Me)

8 Clean Haircare Shampoos to Try (& 3 That Didn’t Work for Me)

Recently, I’ve been on a mission to experience more non-toxic, clean hair care products. Several of these brands I was able to try this year as a 2021 Clean Beauty Awards Judge (woop woop! What a treat.) In this post, I go through each one and share my thoughts on the formulas overall. At the end, I’ll mention my favorites. In addition, I’ll give you some honorable mentions to look into!

Keep in mind, I did a double shampoo with each of these. A double shampoo simply means doing two separate shampooing mini-sessions. In other words, I shampoo once with a small amount, rinse, and then repeat. Furthermore, I don’t necessarily use more product overall when I do this. It’s more of a small/medium amount twice versus a large amount once. I’ve found that for me, doing it in two separate layers works well. The first shampoo is the formula making contact with the grease, sebum & build up on the scalp and help breaking it down. Then, the second shampoo session allows the restorative ingredients in the shampoo formula to make closer contact with the hair & scalp.

Top 4 Picks

evolvh ultrashine shampoo 8 Clean Haircare Shampoos to Try (& 3 That Didn't Work for Me)

Evolvh Ultra Shine Moisture Shampoo

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off


Increases shine & elasticity while transforming texture to smooth and youthful softness, and improving hair health. This beloved and best selling shampoo normalizes hair – adapts to what you need most. A custom blend of nourishing antioxidants, plus amino and fatty acids that work from within. Color safe.


You know when you don’t have to try to like a new shampoo? You just like it right away and it just syncs up really effortlessly with your hair? That’s Evolvh. This product delivers the shine through how nicely it cleans. It’s a gentle but effective clean, helps lift my roots and leaves my mane purified without being in desperate need for conditioner. I usually will use a bit of their UltraShine Conditioner to detangle my ends before stepping out of the shower. Smells like apricot + passionflower, to me. Mmmm.

One thing I would change:

More Evolvh products in my bathroom! Looking forward to trying their InstaVolume Cleansing Treatment & Elixir, next.

sootsoap shampoo coupon code 8 Clean Haircare Shampoos to Try (& 3 That Didn't Work for Me)

Sootsoap Shampoo

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off


Sootsoap harnesses the power of Binchotan White Charcoal and other natural ingredients to draw out harmful chemicals, pollutants and impurities from the skin and hair for a deep, natural, detoxifying clean. Naturally-derived. Cruelty free.


I’m a clay & charcoal superfan. Any time they are in the products I’m using, they have historically become my favorite. From my experience with my own skin & body, the cleaner (on a toxic level) I am, the healthier I am. After using this shampoo, my hair felt really good. An impurities-be-gone kind of clean, rather than a you-took-all-my-belongings kind of squeaky clean.

If I could change anything:

A pump would be my preference for the bottle, maybe with the optional snap-shut lid for traveling. Also, would love a natural scent; maybe spruce.

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everist waterless shampoo concentrate Clean Haircare Shampoos to Try That Didn't Work for Me)

Everist Waterless Shampoo Concentrate


Knowing that most shampoos are more than 70% water, and packed in single-use plastic, Everist had a better idea. They have introduced first waterless shampoo concentrate. A 100% plant-based paste-textured concentrate that is activated by the water in your shower. Free from: parabens, sulfates, silicones, dyes, synthetic fragrances & preservatives. Color-safe, proudly vegan & cruelty-free.


Since this such a pivot from traditional shampoo formulas, it would have been understandable for me to have low expectations for Everist. But, I somehow had a good feeling about this product. Thankfully, they fully delivered on that feeling. This toothpaste tube of shampoo is rad for so many reasons: a little goes a long way, it nourishes and cleans at the same time, and is easy to travel with. It’s truly a unique product. Moreover, the formula being as good at the concept is pretty cool.

If I could change anything:

I’d love a forest-y or vanilla-y scented shampoo concentrate.

desert essence red raspberry shampoo

Desert Essence Shampoo


Shine-enhancing shampoo formulated with Organic Red Raspberry Leaf, Bilberry and Maca Root. Gently cleanses, infusing hair with radiant shine and a sweetly refreshing Raspberry scent. Certified to NSF Organic Standard.


This shampoo has been in our shower for many years now. My husband and I both have long hair and it’s one of the shower mainstays because of how great a product it is. Organic ingredients & cleans without stripping. Leaves hair smelling incredible & nourished. I follow up with their raspberry conditioner, of which the detangling power is unreal.

If I could change anything:

More scents! (even though they already have a bunch!). I will be continuously excited to try new scents that Desert Essence releases. Another favorite is the Coconut.

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4 Honorable Mentions:

calia purifying shampoo normal hair

Calia Natural Purifying Shampoo


Made with Spanish Rosemary and Clary Sage, Calia’s newest shampoo offers the added benefits of Rosemary, known for its growth stimulating properties. Use on hair that is normal to oily, or for treating an oily scalp without harmful chemicals. Great for anyone looking to nourish hair naturally. No sulfates. 100% vegan.


Calia is a brand that came highly recommended to me. I was excited to finally experience their products. This is a really reliable shampoo, it does exactly what it says it does, packs clean & organic ingredients and helps rebalance my normal to oily scalp. In a way, it’s pretty straightforward. In other words, it’s a clear formula with clean ingredients. I’d recommend it to someone that isn’t interested in fancy frills, just goodness for your hair. I do really love their Intensive Conditioner for a deep moisture quench.

If I could change anything:

I found myself wanting an elevated scent n this formula (in addition to the benefits of the clary sage & rosemary oils) to wake up my scalp. Perhaps, a minty essential oil to invigorate the roots.

candor shampoo hair care cbd

Candor CBD Shampoo

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off


Sulfate free, phthalate free, paraben free, artificial fragrance free shampoo infused with cannabidiol (CBD). Safe for color-treated hair. Scent: water blossom.


I love the creamy texture of this formula. It leaves my hair clean but not stripped. The CBD ingredient with regular use helps me prevent flakiness & an irritated scalp. That is key because sometimes when a shampoo performs well, I get dry skin visible on my scalp a few days later; that wasn’t the case with Candor. Also, the conditioner that pairs up to this shampoo provides so much slip & has great detangling power. Important to note: CBD is trending and can be thrown into products to take advantage of that buzz word. However, Candor has thoughtfully chosen this as an ingredient to mitigate any scalp irritation; I love that. I also see this product as likely being enjoyed & benefit-reaping by several different hair types.

If I could change anything:

I enjoyed the light natural fragrance but would love more of it.

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lowens shampoo is betta

Lowen’s Shampoo is Betta


Lowen’s vegan hydrating shampoo is sulfate free, coconut based, cruelty free & good for sensitive skin. Extremely light- yet incredibly effective. This shampoo helps to replenish using unrefined, cold-pressed, locally-sourced: hemp seed oil.


I really enjoyed the overall experience of this shampoo. The scent is incredible; it’s such a pleasant minty aroma. I’ve used peppermint essential oil in scalp masks before to help with irritation and for an invigoratingly clean sensation. I love that it’s the scent they chose for their formula. In this case, it’s peppermint & rosemary essential oils that provide the scent. Sidenote: rosemary is a great essential oil to stimulate hair growth.

If I could change anything:

I’d love a pump bottle for this product.

odele smoothing shampoo

Odele Smoothing Shampoo


Sulfate free, 100% natural fragrance, color safe, not rested on animals. Women owned & operated. Straight to wavy, fine to medium. Not recommended for oil-prone scalps.


I’ve had the privilege to try Odele Beauty’s Smoothing Set (also contains a conditioner & leave-in conditioner), as one The Good Face Project’s Expert Panel. Overall, this shampoo cleaned my hair well & I liked the creamy consistency of the shampoo. Also, the accompanying products detangled like bosses. This shampoo one I would pick for daily washings. If I were to go multiple days in between washing, I’d opt for a different formula, as this product is not recommended for oily scalps. If left unwashed for a few days (+ my normal sweating/exercise), I definitely fall into the oil-prone scalp category. For washings in line with my regular washing schedule, their Volumizing Set, which is suggested for oily scalps.

If I could change anything:

I see a pattern here, I’m always wanting more scent! This scent is mellow, but I would be down for some invigorating essential oils to ramp up the zesty effect.

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3 Shampoos that Didn’t Work for Me:

masami mekabu shampoo bottle haircare

Masami Mekabu Shampoo


Although I really loved the scent of this formula, I found that it left a gunky, grippy feeling on my hair. This is likely due to the fact that this blend contains several oils that are meant to be hydrating for hair. Since my hair runs oily, I simply think this formula would be more suitable for someone with a dry scalp and/or dry hair.

The texture of the formula was nice & thick, so if this did work for you, this bottle would likely last you longer than you think.

upfront cosmetics purple shampoo bar enightening blonde brassy tones blond

Up Front Cosmetics Shampoo Bar


The most obvious reason this bar didn’t stand out for me is that I don’t have blonde hair. However, I would totally recommend this bar to blondes that have been on the search for a “purple shampoo,” which can help mitigate any brassy tones in your hair color.

I found the lemongrass scent to be pretty intense, and lemongrass isn’t my favorite scent in general. If you’re like me, you may enjoy their other bars more. A few of the others have scents like tucuma orange & rosemary mint.

aromatica quinoa protein recharge shampoo haircare

Aromatica Quinoa Protein Shampoo


This shampoo was one I figured I would love most after a glance at the label. But, the protein in this formula felt like it was too heavy for my hair. My hair tends to be oily and needing a boost at the root level. However, it’s a good product, just not for my hair type. I see Aromatica’s Quinoa Recharge being a good pick for someone with damaged hair that’s really focusing on rebuilding a healthy head of hair.

When trying so many different shampoos, it seems like a natural process for me to love some more than others. Keep in mind, there are many variables at play here. My preferences (i.e. scent related), my washing frequency and my hair type are all big reasons why I liked or didn’t like the products I tried. I hope you found this breakdown helpful. Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions! Have you tried any of these shampoos? Let me know below!

Thanks for stopping by this post: 8 Clean Haircare Shampoos to Try (& 3 That Didn’t Work for Me).

Interested in more clean living? Check out this post about my top 5 non-toxic home cleaners.

Follow Your Heart

Welcome to this post: Follow Your Heart.

In the world we live in, it’s so easy to gaze at & hone in on what’s happening around us. While that awareness & openness can be useful, it causes us to become increasingly more disconnected with ourselves. Our inner knowing is a vast well that can be accessed at anytime. I’m simply just here to remind you that you have the power to live the life that you want to live, despite the doubts and criticism that you face on that path. That low vibrational energy doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you are a happy, fully expressed human.

follow your heart

Follow your internal compass.

you know

You hold a knowing inside of you.

inner knowing

It’s a matter of trusting it, despite your doubts.

You’re reading: Follow Your Heart

don't doubt yourself

And, despite the doubts that society assigns to you.

trust yourself

Trust your compass, regardless.

it will set you free

It will set you free.

Rooting for you in your journey inward, back to yourself. From this place, I believe we are able to show up more fully and more present for the people in our lives. We reach new levels of happiness because of the alignment we are in. Also, the resonance created within our beings from honoring ourselves is contagious. You are helping heal the world, the collective, the big tribe on planet earth.

Along the way, too–you can hopefully cultivate a lifestyle that helps make that process for fluid for you. I’ve put all of my favorite fuel in one spot. For starters, learn more about my favorite superfood coffee brand.

Thank you for stopping by this post: Follow Your Heart.

4 Tips for Switching to Clean Beauty & Makeup

Welcome to this post: 4 Tips for Switching to Clean Beauty & Makeup.

4 Tips for Switching to Clean Beauty

New to the world of using non toxic, clean beauty products?Here are some pointers to keep in mind.

get to know the brand clean beauty tips
  1. Firstly, with clean beauty industry gaining traction, let’s make some distinctions. It is pertinent to sift thru what’s out there. This helps to decifer the good versus the sketchy. Learning about the roots of the brand can help you get a feel for what the motivation is. Moreover, this is often linked to the ingredient quality, sourcing & company culture.
ewg environmental working group good face project

2. Brands that have things to hide have found crafty ways to rename ingredients so that they don’t sound as harsh. These 3 resources/apps can help you look up specific ingredients. Through these apps, you can also look up specific brands. This way, you have a better idea of what you’re actually getting.

4 Tips for Switching to Clean Beauty & Makeup

know yourself skincare beauty

3. Going into your clean beauty journey knowing your skin, hair and body is a vital place to start. Consider any issues you’ve had with products in the past. This will help guide you towards the best products and practices for you. You don’t want to get suckered into products (via fancy marketing) that aren’t even clean or aren’t formulated for your skin/hair type.

clean beauty tips brand reach out

4. It lights me up to talk to passionate teams & founders. Many of them jump at the chance to answer product questions. Also, they are eager to give recommendations. It’s a good sign when they are open & enthusiastic to talk about their products. Don’t hesitate to connect with them if you are new to their brand or ingredients and don’t know where to start.

I hope you find these insights helpful for you. As you begin (or continue) to explore the world of skincare & beauty, I’m rooting for you. Consider my site a resource for you if you’ve departed from the use of harmful contaminants.

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