What are EMFs?

Welcome to this post: What are EMFs?

Firstly, heads up on a great sale going on from our source for effective EMF protection products. Feel free to use code FEELMOREGOODER anytime for 25% off Airestech EMF Protection Devices.

airestech emf protection emr radiation block

Lately, I’ve seen an increase in EMF awareness in the wellness communities I’m a part of. However, I think there is still a vital need for more widespread education on this topic. And, it’s crucial to note that it affects and will continue to affect every last one of us.

In short, EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies) and EMRs (electro magnetic radiation) are similar to microwaves. Moreover, EMFs are relatively higher frequency radio waves that pose a range of negative health effects. EMF studies show a link between electro magnetic frequency exposure and ailments such as headaches, seizures, cancer, increased oxidative stress, and mental health issues.

Furthermore, these studies continue to take place & reveal more concerns with time. The more time that passes in this age of more cell towers and electronics, the more data there is to collect. However, it’s encouraging to see a brand like Airestech creating products for you to protect yourself and mitigate the negative effects of EMFs.

what are emfs protection

Workspace Awareness

So wow, it’s 2021, approaching a whole new year. Or, maybe time is an illusion! Either way, it feels for pertinent than ever to care for our health. Too, we must consider every contributing factor to our heatlh.

Who started working from home in the last 2 years?! It seems like more of us than ever have a renewed work identity. Too, many have morphed a space within our homes into a workflow-promoting office space.

Too, maybe you bought a new desk, chair, lamp, or planner. Maybe you repainted a room, redecorated, and hung some new wall art. But, many overlook the most important thing to think about when you’re surrounded by devices all day.

work from home desk
work from home emf protection
work from home emf protection
emf protection airestech feelmoregooder

More Devices Than Ever

Moreover, this new workspace gives you a chance to take an inventory of your office. Likewise, what are the health implications of your workspace? As a conscious consumer, you have a chance to add or eliminate items around your house based on their health implications.

Firstly, let’s consider the reality that all of the devices we use create a home atmosphere rife with EMFs. EMF stands for electro magnetic frequencies. Too, the acronym EMRs is used in this conversation, as well. EMRs (electro magnetic radiation) present negative health impacts, as well. Also, these waves produced by electronics are similar to those emitted by the microwave in your kitchen.

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what are emfs protection

You Don’t Need Wifi 24 Hours a Day

The negative effects of EMFs have studied, detrimental effects and it’s important that we protect ourselves. Too, I don’t see it as being obsessive. In fact, since we began incorporating Airestech devices around our home, we have had more peace of mind. Too, we don’t think about the negative effects as much because we feel covered.

Perhaps, we can’t get rid of all devices cell towers, and wifi signals. However, we can certainly be more mindful. Too, we can support companies like Airestech that are creating products with the health of their customer in mind.

How To Healthfully Work From Home emf protection
How To Healthfully Work From Home emf protection
How To Healthfully Work From Home emf protection
airestech emf protection

Cover All of Your Bases

Airestech microprocessor devices are engineered to protect you from 5G, WIFI, LTE, powerlines or electromagnetic smog. Thus, you can feel protected from the implications of our current reality. Also, this brand offers versatility.

There is a microprocessor designed for several components of your lifestyle. You can get protection from your cell phone, laptop, for your pet and for a room (up to 500 square feet of space). Keep in mind, the room device can be used in several different settings, including in your car. Too, the device protection can be used on all of the different tablets.

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what are emfs radiation protection

Is Your Workspace Helping or Hurting You?

Further, items like the air freshener you use, the candles you burn, and the air you breathe are important. Opting for cleaner options will improve the wellness-promoting qualities of your office.

Too, grabbing a HEPA air filter to run in your home will help ensure that your air is clear of mycotoxins like mold and other allergens. All of these things are important. But, it’s the invisible factors that seem to be the most pervasive.

Other Tips to Prevent Harmful Effects of EMFs

  • Help Your Family & Friends Get Educated
  • Turn your wifi router off at night. Nobody benefits from your wifi being on 24 hours a day. And, you don’t need it when you sleep. So, make a habit to turn it off when you’re not using it.

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Earth Hero Online Store Review

Welcome to this post: Earth Hero Online Store Review.

The way I shop has changed a bit over 10 years of blogging. In college, I became obsessed with walking the isles of quaint little health food shops that had shelves of mindfully curated superfoods, personal care items, and supplements. Too, it became my happy place. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even buy anything. I just enjoyed learning about things stocked at a health foods store, reading ingredient lists, and discovering new brands that are changing the landscape of consumerism.

Earth Hero candle headphones balm socks bath salts soak makeup cutting board

As a consumer, you make choices. You vote with your dollar. What you spend your money on is what you’re supporting. Most of all, it’s really gratifying for me to support shops & brands I learn about that run their business ethically, mindfully, and with wellness in mind.

Earth Hero Online Store Review pet toy girlfriend collective sports bra baby products

EarthHero is an eco-friendly, online market that reminds me of when I first became immersed in this world of better-for-you and better-for-the-planet products.

Too, the first place I heard about Earth Hero in the internet world is in content that this youtuber creates. Shelbi is an excellent resource for sustainable living, if you’re interested in getting inspired & informed.

Earth Hero Online Store Review flip flop sandal candle klean kanteen
food storage hat apparel hi bar shampoo

Earth Hero offers a better way to shop for yourself & for your home. It’s not about sacrificing quality at all, it’s about supporting brands that make products that which treat our planet kindly.

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earth hero better materials organic bamboo sustainably harvested wood upcycled cotton recycled rubber

Furthermore, Earth Hero has done the legwork so you don’t need to do extensive research to find mindful brands. On Earth Hero’s online marketplace, you can choose from products that are sourced, manufactured, and shipped in a manner that protects the future of our earth. Moreover, each brand in Earth Hero’s shop has been thoughtfully chosen because they’re helping to create a more sustainable future. Learn more about what EH brands are doing differently.

Earth Hero Online Store Review cleaner production low impact dyes energy efficient sustainable manufacturing handmade bpa free

Earth Hero’s goal is to make it second nature for you to buy responsibly. And, they’re on a mission to normalize mindful consumption. Conversely, they are working to make it less the norm to shop in a way that has a negative planetary impact.

This company drives home that its focus is not singular. Earth Hero’s focus is on all of us as a collective. If you’re reading this post, you care about the future of our planet. It’s stokeworthy that you’re here. Because it takes all of us.

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earth hero lower carbon footprint offset carbon recycled packaging compostable packaging made in the usa

Furthermore, consumers are becoming conscious of the weight of their purchases. They’re not only waking up to the environmental implications. But, they’re entertaining the fact that one shopping decision can make a real difference. Think about how many times you buy something you’re excited about and then share it with a friend, family member, or coworker. When you do that, in a way you are advertising that product. Thus, it makes more sense to increasingly take more accountability for what we are promoting.

As a species, we are changing the habits of companies. Also, our patterns are influencing consumers’ thoughts, tastes, and opinions. Even public policy is being impacted. It is easy to get complacent with our shopping habits. But, every single purchase has an impact. Every single shopping experience you have supports one system or another. Moreover, you can feel empowered to make choices that align with the true greater good.

earth hero less waste compostable bpi certified compostable recyclable curbside recyclable recyclable in special facilities
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Additionally, it’s important to take inventory of all of the businesses that currently exist with all of these sustainability practices in mind. And, Earth Hero is an extraordinary (truly extra ordinary) resource and vetted spot for many of those businesses. Perhaps, you are currently under the impression that there are not affordable, accessible options to living a greener lifestyle. Well, I’m here to clarify that! I don’t believe it’s true. Earth Hero’s online marketplace is a testament to that.

Earth Hero makes it easier for you to discover and bring these brands into your home. No deep diving and researching required. The standards of Earth Hero are likely to surpass your standards for brands you support. Hey, they surpassed mine! In addition, Earth Hero has opened my eyes to many different aspects to look at in regards to business practices behind brands.

All of this is worth it. Thus, for our kids, our familiar, our peers. We all deserve a better, more mindful future.

Earth Hero Online Store Review high quality recycled stainless steel sustainable lifestyle wool sustainable harvested rubber recycled cotton

Some of my favorite brands I’ve been introduced to thru Earth Hero include:

In our new apartment kitchen, organizing our goodies from Earth Hero: and wearing Girlfriend Collective Joggers!

Finally, there’s no time like the present to join this amped-up community that’s stoked on sustainable living. Here’s to exercising hope and perseverance for a beautiful future together.

Earth Hero Online Store Review

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Try These Non Alcoholic Beer Wine and Liquors

Welcome to this post: Try These Non Alcoholic Beer, Wine, and Liquors.

Firstly, this interest of mine has come out of left field. Due to all of the detoxing I’m doing, alcohol is currently pretty tough on my system. Thus, I became interested in ways to still enjoy a drink without the negative impact of the alcohol content. Sure, you can absolutely sip on water. But, for me, when I go to group gatherings where everyone else is drinking, I find joy in having a mocktail that creates a good feeling sans booze.

Moreover, I’ve been incredibly encouraged and impressed by the quantity and quality of brands in this realm. Too, these brands have blown me away with their enthusiasm for nonalcoholic drink options. I am so thrilled by their range of offerings. Also, it brings me a hefty dose of joy to know that you will now have this resource!

non alcoholic drink alternatives

So, here they are! 19 options for nonalcoholic bubbly drink alternatives. Too, there are a few non-bubbly drinks and unique offerings in here, as well. My wish is that you continue to honor what feels good to you and make choices that align with that. Happy Holidays, everyone!

non alcoholic bubbly drink moment


Designed to give you a meditative feeling. Moment meditation drink contains no caffeine. You won’t find any artificial flavors in this formula, either. Too, Moment can provide you with a reset to help you get back to taking on the world. Also, adaptogens & botanical water round out these formulas.

0g sugar in this Rooibos & Blood Orange flavor. Also, these drinks are backed by science. Also, the flavors include Hibiscus Dragon Fruit, Tulsi Lemon, Blueberry Ginger, and Orange Thyme.

L-theanine provides clarity, while ashwagandha naturally increases alpha brainwaves. Moreover, it’s gluten-free, vegan & non-GMO.

non alcoholic bubbly drink moment
non alcoholic bubbly drink moment
non alcoholic drink free rain

Free Rain

More flavor, more function, more you. Free Rain was created out of a desire to elevate sparkling water. In each can, you’ll find natural ingredients that help unlock more of you. Here, you’ll find adaptogens paired with natural ingredients. Ingredients like maca, ginseng, and passionflower complete these potions.

Too, Free Rain makes 4 different formulas that match up with different end goals. Amongst these are Energy, Focus, Arousal, and Calm.

Also, there’s only 5g of sugar or less in each flavor. Also, each can contains approximately 18% juice on average (varies from flavor to flavor). Too, Free Rain drinks are gluten free, vegan & non-GMO.

non alcoholic drink free rain
non alcoholic drink free rain

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non alcoholic beer athletic brewing

Athletic Brewing

Non-alcoholic brews made with 4 clean ingredients. Athletic Brewing made about 15 tweaks to the normal brewing process to make their fully fermented, non-boozy beers.

Moreover, Athletic Brewing offers an IPA, Golden, Hazy IPA, Extra Dark, and Light Copper. Too, they have several seasonal, limited availability releases for you to get excited about.

Upside Dawn is crafted to remove gluten. Also, know that Athletic Brewing beers contain less than .5% ABV.

non alcoholic beer athletic brewing
non alcoholic beer athletic brewing
non alcoholic beer surreal brewing

Surreal Brewing

These gluten-reduced, non-alcoholic beers were created out of a lifestyle pivot by founders Tammer & Donna. Moreover, they desired a different craft beer option after Donna’s experience with a breast cancer diagnosis.

In addition, this duo couldn’t find anything on the market they were excited about nor pleased with. Surreal Brewing was born. A few things that make them different are their ultra-low-calorie feature and their rad branding.

Further, Surreal Brewing makes a Kolsch-Style, Porter, Hazy IPA, and several other IPAs.

non alcoholic beer surreal brewing
non alcoholic beer surreal brewing

Flora Hemp CBD Spirit

Use Flora Hemp Spirits coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Flora is all about drinking differently. These hemp-infused libations are designed for social cannabinoid consumption. Too, natural herbs and botanicals like rosemary, juniper, lavender, and fresh citrus round out their Essence product (pictured).

Also, Flora uses domestically sourced hemp and third-party testing for cannabinoid potency.

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non alcoholic drinks curious elixirs

Curious Elixirs

Booze-free cocktails with adaptogens to elevate your mood. Too, Curious Elixirs aim to be unusually delicious and good for bodies.

Their offerings include notes of Pomegranate Orange, Pineapple Ginger Jalapeno, Cucumber Grape Lemon, and Blood Orange Grapefruit. Further, these unique blends are handcrafted with organic ingredients.

Additionally, Curious Cocktails contain no refined sugar and pack bold flavors.

non alcoholic drinks curious elixirs
non alcoholic drinks curious elixirs
non alcoholic drinks hiyo


Hiyo drinks are made with the intention of giving you a new feeling, sans booze. Too, functional mushrooms like lion’s mane, cordyceps promote mental clarity. Further, superfoods like turmeric, ginger, and ashwagandha ramp up the body’s defenses. Also, these ingredients fuel gut health, combat inflammation and equip the body to deal with stress.

5g of sugar, 0 alcohol and 25 calories per serving. Also, the tasty flavors include Watermelon Lime, Peach Mango, and Blackberry Lemon.

non alcoholic drinks curious elixirs
non alcoholic drinks curious elixirs

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non alcoholic liquor gin whiskey tequila free spirits cocktails

Free Spirits

Free Spirits libations (LOVE the name) are all about helping you feel! Too, they are driven to achieve this without alcohol. Moreover, their mission is to help you break free from anything in your life that is holding you back.

Also, Free Spirits are gluten-free and vegan. Furthermore, each serving contains 1g sugar and 5 calories. In addition, these drinks are meant to provide the warmth & bit of an alcoholic spirit. Thus, you can prepare them in a cocktail just as you would normally treat spirits.

Too, their offerings include a Gin, Bourbon, Tequila options. Free Spirits is not advocating a strict lifestyle. Conversely, they desire for us to have more choice in what we consume.

non alcoholic liquor gin whiskey tequila free spirits cocktails
non alcoholic liquor gin whiskey tequila free spirits cocktails
non alcoholic beer h2ops water

H2ops Water

Hop Water’s mission is to make a healthy alternative to beer. Too, these brews are very inventive, as it appears to be the first of their kind. Moreover, the flavors include Original, Grapefruit, and Mango.

Further, each serving of Hops Water contains 0 calories, 0 alcohol, and 0g sugar. Thus, you get the flavor and satisfaction of beer without the negative effects. Also, this brand use organic extracts to add each respective flavor.

non alcoholic beer h2ops water
non alcoholic beer h2ops water

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non alcoholic beer bravus brewing

Bravus Brewing

Use Bravus Brewing coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

These unique alcohol-containing beer alternatives are brewed to remove gluten and contain no added sugar. Too, they are vegan and come in at around 100 calories per can/serving. Bravus Brews less than .5% alcohol by volume. Therefore, this is considered nonalcoholic here in the United States.

Bravus proves to be the non-alcoholic beer alternative with the most brew options that I’ve seen. Thus, you’ll find offerings for IPA, Blonde, Oatmeal, Breakfast Dark, Oatmeal Dark, Amber, and Blood Orange IPA.

non alcoholic beer bravus brewing
non alcoholic beer bravus brewing
non alcoholic liquor gin whiskey tequila lyre's spirits cocktails

Lyre’s Spirits

Lyre’s makes a range of non-alcoholic spirits that are truly impressive. Too, they taste just like the classics and pay homage to those flavors you may enjoy. Also, these formulas are made with natural essences, extracts and distillates.

This brand’s offerings include Amaretto, Gin, Bourbon, Absinthe, Rum, Coffee Liquor, Aperol Style, Campari Style and Triple Sec.

Too, they serve up a Sparkling Wine alternative option. Lyre’s range is sure to suit anyone’s palette and preferences.

non alcoholic liquor gin whiskey tequila lyre's spirits cocktails
non alcoholic liquor gin whiskey tequila lyre's spirits cocktails

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non alcoholic drinks cocktails ghia


A spirit-free aperitif adapted for modern times. Ghia is inspired by founder Melanie’s childhood summers near the Mediterranean. There, Aperitivo is a way of life. Moreover, it’s a pre-meal drink and cultural ritual. In addition, the notion of Ghia is to foster life’s simple pleasures & bring attention to community & the present moment. I love Ghia’s mantra: “All of the spirit, none of the booze.”

Ghia’s libations are made with pure, natural extracts. Too, their goal is to naturally promote energy while also calming the mind.

The Aperitif contains 4g of sugar per serving. Moreover, Le Spritz, Ghia’s canned & sparkly beverage, contains 12g or less of sugar per serving depending on flavor. Furthermore, Ghia drinks are vegan, kosher, and caffeine-free.

non alcoholic drinks cocktails ghia
non alcoholic drinks cocktails ghia
Non alcoholic drinks kin euphorics

Kin Euphorics

Shop the sampler pack

This is one of the most popular non-alcoholic drinks that I’ve come across. It seems to have created quite the buzz on social media.

Moreover, Kin Euphorics features ingredients like Vitamin B6, Niacin, and Folic Acid. Too, Kin includes a proprietary blend of euphoria-enhancing ingredients like GABA & Rhodiola.

Kin contains 6g of sugar per serving along with 50mg of caffeine. Furthermore, their High Rhode product offers flavors like hibiscus, licorice, and orange.

Non alcoholic drinks kin euphorics
kin euphorics Non alcoholic drinks

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Non alcoholic delta 8 thc drinks sip loki drink


A perfect intro to Loki can be found right on their website: “The world doesn’t need another hard seltzer, and you don’t need another hangover.”

Loki enhanced seltzers contain 20mg of Delta-8 hemp per can, 0g sugar, and 5 calories per serving. They have one flavor right now. And, to me, it has a light, citrusy profile to it.

Delta-8 THC (D8) is the lesser-known relative to Delta-9 THC (D9). Too, they are similar in that they are both psychotropic. However, D8 is approximately ½ – ⅔ as potent as D9.

Delta-8 THC creates physical relaxation and can help you feel more in tune with yourself.

Non alcoholic delta 8 thc drinks sip loki drink
Non alcoholic delta 8 thc drinks sip loki drink
Non alcoholic drinks psychedelic water

Psychedelic Water

Psychedelic Water has come out with the world’s first legal psychedelic blend of kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea leaf extract. Also, these waters can help you feel creative and in a flow state.

Furthermore, Psychadelic Water is sweetened with monk fruit. Also, there are only 2g of sugar per serving.

Flavors like Blackberry Yuzu, Hibiscus Lime, Oolong Orange Blossom round out this line of drinks. This brand’s goal is to create hangover-free, elevated experiences.

Non alcoholic drinks psychedelic water
Non alcoholic drinks psychedelic water
Non alcoholic wine rose gruvi prosecco


Use Gruvi coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Gruvi was created out of a desire to bring tasty & innovative options to the world of nonalcoholic beverages. Too, this brand has tackled both wine & beer. Also, they are on a mission to help you live in the moment in a healthy way.

Gruvi’s beer options include a Stout, IPA, Pale Ale, and Sour Weisse. Moreover, their wine options include Bubbly Rose and Dry Secco.

Each serving of wine contains 13g of sugar and 60 calories. Also, each beer contains about 12g of carbs (0g sugar) and has 45 calories.

Non alcoholic wine rose gruvi prosecco
Non alcoholic wine rose gruvi prosecco

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drink root kava

Drink Root

Use Drink Root coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off

Kava is a relaxing beverage, made from the root of the kava plant (piper methysticum).

Drink Root offers kava drinks to promote relaxation and a chill vibe. And, with 3 different varieties, there is a drink for everyone that wants to feel calm. As this product comes in powder form, Drink root provides dosing instructions for your desired effect.

drink root kava
dirnk root kava
Non alcoholic proteau botanical drink


Proteau zero-proof botanical drinks were formulated by mixologist John deBary. Too, it comes ready to drink, right out of the bottle.

These formulas come comprised of a balanced concoction of fruit, bitter, and floral. Proteau’s complex potion offers blackberry, fig, licorice, black pepper, and chamomile.

Contains 6g of sugar per serving. Also, Proteau contains no added sugar and is suitable for vegetarians.

Non alcoholic proteau botanical wine
Non alcoholic proteau botanical wine
Non alcoholic superfrau drink whey


Superfrau is a german-culture inspired, fresh whey-filled, fizzy beverage. They upcycle whey to add natural electrolytes and mood enhancers to this effervescent, unique drink. Moreover, comes naturally nutrient-dense and full of vitamins.

This brand proves to be on a mission to make dairy more sustainable. Thus, they are helping this cause by incorporating whey instead of disposing of it.

These drinks are perhaps the most unique that I’ve tried. Also, Superfrau contains no added sugar and contains 18g of naturally occurring sugar per can. Furthermore, fresh whey innately provides this sugar content. Too, they offer flavors like Peach Mango, Cucumber Lime, and. Pineapple Ginger.

Non alcoholic superfrau drink whey
Non alcoholic superfrau drink whey

Have you tried any of these brands? If so, which ones? If you are new to these brands, which ones are you the most excited about? We are enjoying rotating all of these! I am especially loving the liquor-inspired libations.

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6 Clean Hand Creams for Dry Hands

Welcome to this post: 6 Clean Hand Creams for Dry Hands.

osmia osea blissoma follain clean beauty skincare

The cooler months are upon us! Many of us may find ourselves washing our hands more than normal these days. Thus, that frequency paired with the cold temps often makes for dry hands. Too, hand dryness can quickly lead to cracks in the skin, broken cuticles, and an overall unpleasant crusty feeling.

In other words, it’s hand cream season! I say, get the heck away from really bad skincare and get the pure stuff. There are so many good options. Know that many generic lotions and hand creams contain ingredients like artificial fragrance, phenoxyethanol, and dimethicone. These are associated with allergies, endocrine disruption, skin + eye + lung irritation, and organ system toxicity. The Environmental Working Group lists these ingredients as concerning.

So, here’s a solid opportunity to keep a clean skincare option on hand to prevent this dryness. It won’t be a surprise that the hand creams I recommend are non-toxic & have clean ingredients. Moreover, this means that these formulas nourish and quench skin without exposing your body to chemicals.

I’ve included a few of my favorite picks below for non-toxic hand creams. Further, these formulas are mindfully curated. I truly believe you’ll look forward to using them. Also, I’d suggest keeping several around your house/car/purse so that you have it when you need it.

Also, know that hand cream formulas commonly differ from many body lotion formulas in that they are denser. Since your hands have the natural oil (sebum) stripping from them often, then need more moisture. Thus, hand creams ideally present as a rich, luxurious, dense product.

osea anti-aging clean hand cream

OSEA Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Code FMG10 for 10% off

OSEA doesn’t disappoint with this antioxidant rich hand potion. Also, ingredients like Bearberry, Damiana Leaf, and Gigartina marine algae amplify this formula.

So, I do prefer “health-supporting” as a phrase over “anti-aging”. However, I know that some consumers search for that as their skin starts to mature. Thus, I understand a brand using that wordage.

osmia organics vanilla shea hand cream

Osmia Organics Hand Creams

*As of 11.30. Osmia has released 3 NEW hand creams and discontinued the Vanilla Shea & Linden Rose creams they offered before.

Osmia’s vanilla shea formula (they also make a Linden Rose version) is rooted in shea butter & aloe vera. Moreover, this potion is the remedy for miserable hands and will soak into your skin within a few minutes. Too, you’ll notice there’s no goopy residue.

Also, organic ingredients like Sweet Almond, Rose Geranium, Atlas Cedarwood, and Vanilla Planifolia CO2 extract make this product special.

follain hand cream

Follain – Hand Cream

Code WELCOME$10 for $10 off your first order

Follain, a clean beauty online marketplace offers a hand cream that’s vegan and non-GMO. Moreover, the base of this cream is shea butter glycerin, and squalane. Also, it provides an effective yet non-sticky barrier on the skin.

Too, Follain’s hand cream is free of synthetic fragrance and awakened by orange peel extract and paeonia albiflora flower.

the wonder seed nurturing hemp hand cream

The Wonder Seed – Nurturing Hemp Hand Cream

The Wonder Seed’s creamy hand product features virgin organic hemp seed oil. Also, the special characteristics of hemp seed oil are abundant. It includes all 10 amino acids that humans require and it helps calm inflammation.

Too, the formula is rounded out by organic water lotus blossom extract, gingko herbal extract, and organic green tea extract.

blissoma neroli healthy hand cream

Blissoma – Neroli Healthy Hand Cream

Lots of hydration and restoration, without the greasiness. As usual, Blissoma has created a mindful & beautiful potion with this product. Too, it’s loaded with carotinoids, antioxidants and phytosterols that promote healthy skin.

Cupuacu seed butter, shea butter, and sesame seed oil form the foundation of this hand cream. Too, a multitude of other thoughtfully chosen, synergistic ingredients reside in this product. Thus, you’ll also find frankincense, lavender, and sea buckthorn CO2 extract.

cannafloria be sensual hemp hand creme

Cannafloria – Hemp Hand Creme

Notes of neroli and sandalwood ground this sensual formula. Cannafloria’s Hemp Hand Creme packs essential oils and is infused with hemp seed oil THT. Moreover, THT stands for thera-hemp terpenes. These are found in hemp cannabis.

The restorative benefits of hemp fortify this already silky formula. Too, this product absorbs easily and provides Omega-3 & 6 to the skin. Lastly, the pure ingredients in this formula aim to relax & reconnect. The idea is to reconnect to the present moment thru the power of botanicals. All while having moisturized, happy hands.

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3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle

Welcome to this post: 3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle.

3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle

For every human who gets their period, we can all commiserate for a second. But, let’s not stay in that place! Let’s continue to educate ourselves on all of the natural options out there. Moreover, there are many ways to support your cycle, with zero side effects.

In this post, I dive into ways to contain your period blood and supplements that can support you. Also, I go into some practices to implement that may help symptoms like mood swings and bloating.

Too, know that change and real healing take time. You likely need to supply your body with these tools for a while to notice gains. In addition, be patient with yourself. Also, be kind to yourself and keep persevering. I’m someone who has had debilitating menstrual cramps since age 12. I understand the frustrating feeling.

If you have extreme menstrual discomforts from PCOS or endometriosis, know there are natural ways to help. Surgery is not the only option. Also, there is no place for judgment here for those that have gone that route. Everyone is different. Perhaps, supplements are not the choice for everyone. But, through dietary changes and targeted supps, you can reduce your symptoms by a long shot. Additionally, I found this resource by Natural Doctor Aviva Romm very useful. Some of the supplements listed proved new to me in the context of menstrual pain.

Firstly, incorporate targeted herbs.

herbal supplements period menstrual

Incorporate Targeted Herbs

These are the products I look to:

Hilma Natural Remedies: Tension Relief Use Hilma coupon code FEELMOREGOODER20 for 20% off

Hilma’s Tension Relief product serves as a natural pain relief option. Swap out your NSAID and try a heavy dose of this herbal blend. The recommended dosing from Hilma is different. However, I’ve used it in a way that noticeably helps mitigate the pain. A higher dosage proves more effective for me.

Wishgarden Herbs: Monthly RescueUse Wishgarden coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off

Wishgarden specializes in a wide range of herbal tinctures. Too, each of their formulas caters to a different aspect of health. I love the Monthly Rescue, Womb Kind, and Liver Strengthener formulations.

Elix – Cycle Balance Use Elix coupon code FEELMOREGOODER15 for 15% off

Elix’s tincture comes personalized & based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s also unique because their tinctures are alcohol-free. Moreover, this herb blend helps to correct Qi flow through the body. Qi (pronounced chee) outlines a large portion of TCM. Ideally, the body’s energetic flow is fluid & not stagnant. TCM focuses on addressing the stuck energy in your body. Additionally, taking care of stagnant energy leads you to your healthiest self.

Nooci – Menstrual Support

Nooci’s Noo Moon product is an herbal formula that helps support the menstrual cycle. Too, it provides relief from common premenstrual symptoms like moodiness and low energy.

You’re reading: 3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle.

Elix made its way into my routine at a good time. I struggle with painful menstrual cramps. Some months are better than others. However, they pose an issue, nonetheless. I take Elix all month long to support my body. Though, they also recommend the option of taking them just before your menstrual cycle begins.

Additionally, know that Elix is an alcohol-free tincture. Thus, glycerin-based tinctures can prove well-tolerated by those sensitive to alcohol.

Rethink The Blood Catching Part

Things like tampons make our periods more convenient. But, what about what our biology suggests? The older I get, the more I wonder what the body really intends. Moreover, when the body is shedding uterine lining, does it make sense to obstruct it? Are there any negative effects of obstructing your flow? I don’t hear many people talking about this.

Furthermore, I imagine there is potential for (even slight) bacterial build-up when the blood isn’t exiting the body like it’s meant to. It makes sense that letting it flow on your period would be more in line with biology.

Additionally, it’s a personal decision what you do. Also, what feels good to you now might change in the future. Maybe, since you’re working from home now, you are open to using something like period underwear instead of a tampon. Thus, there may be health benefits to using tampons and menstrual cups less. It’s all one big continuum. I see conventional tampons as the worst option. Then, organic cotton tampons being a better option. Better than that comes menstrual cups. This reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrome.

Moreover, options like period underwear are an even better option that perhaps aligns better with our biology. So, secondly–consider period underwear.

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period underwear saalt pads saalt lilova

Consider Reusable Period Underwear

Period underwear is just like it sounds. It’s essentially a super-chic, low-profile diaper. In other words, period panties offer a way to get added protection that’s built into your undergarments,

Keep in mind, there are several popular period underwear brands that are made with toxic materials like PFAS. This negates a big reason to switch up your period routine, right? Brands like Saalt & Lilova (shop this link for $5 off) are making it easier for you to free bleed and look stylin’ doing it. Another great option for reusable protection are these panty liners. They’ve got no toxic adhesive or plastic layers. Yet, they are very absorbent.

3 Ways to Support Your Menstrual Cycle period cup pixie cup

Menstrual Cups over Tampons

If wearing period underwear still feels like a stretch for you, consider a menstrual cup. Besides, most tampons are rife with chemicals, dyes & bleaches. Moreover, those are not ingredients you want inside your vaginal canal. With a menstrual cup, you can accommodate a heavy flow. Too, you’re able to eliminate those toxins by using a silicone means of catching your blood.

Pixie Cup: XL use Pixie Cup coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

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Use Targeted Supplementation


If you have extreme menstrual discomforts from PCOS or endometriosis, know there are natural ways to help. Everyone is different. Perhaps, supplements are not the choice for everyone. But, through dietary changes and targeted supps, you can reduce your symptoms by a long shot.

Pycnogenol comes derived from french maritime pine. This supplement proves potent as a free radical scavenger. Endometriosis expert Dr. Aviva Romm recommends taking 30mg, twice daily. I look to this Pycnogenol product by Dr. Vitamin Solutions.


Omega 3s are vital. This means we need them to function our best. One of the biggest implications of omega-3s in the diet is reduced inflammation. Since PMS & menstrual cramps are associated with inflammation, this is big. You may also notice benefits like less joint pain and more glow in your skin.

I choose cod liver oil as my omega-3 source because of its low content of PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids), which can activate prostaglandins that cause cramping. This fermented cod liver oil by Medicinal Foods is my choice. Use Medicinal Foods coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. I also like this vegan source, Sunwarrior’s Algae-Based Omega-3. Use Sunwarrior coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off.

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Curcumin, the active compound in the turmeric root, boasts numerous health benefits. It helps serve your immune response, gut health and also combats bodily inflammation. Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, curcumin can help address menstrual pain. Dr. Aviva Romm recommends curcumin at a dosage of 500mg, twice a day.

I like this curcumin product by Seeking Health. The liposomal quality makes it absorb readily. Use Seeking Health coupon code FMGAPR for 10% off. This formula also includes resveratrol, a potent polyphenol that is helping me recover from EBV activation.


In recent times, I’ve noticed melatonin getting a back reputation as a sleep aid that can be habit-forming. However, it can be helpful to know that melatonin affects more in the body than just sleep. Melatonin proves effective as an anti-inflammatory & immunoregulatory. Too, melatonin offers efficacy as a detoxifier.

Dr. Aviva Romm reports 10mg of melatonin per day as her recommended dose for treating endometriosis. I have never been formally diagnosed with endometriosis. However, I know that cramping is related to inflammation in the pelvic region, as is endometriosis.

I look to this Melatonin product by Hum Nutrition.

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