Protection from EMFs with Airestech

Welcome to this post: Protection from EMFs with Airestech. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 25% off, sitewide. Protection from EMFs with Airestech Electro magnetic frequencies, meet Airestech. Electronics are integrated into every part of our lives. Unfortunately, our exposure to EMFs is higher than ever. Too, this reliance on tech may be impacting our wellness inContinue reading “Protection from EMFs with Airestech”

Wellness Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Welcome to my Wellness Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Thanks for stopping by! It doesn’t matter if I’m buying gifts for my husband, family member or friend. There’s nothing I feel better about gifting than products that promote health. Moreover, anything to do with fitness, wellness and non-toxic living are my aims. Too, I want myContinue reading “Wellness Holiday Gift Guide 2020”

Crossrope Jump Rope Review

Welcome to this post: Crossrope Jump Rope Review. Crossrope Jump Rope Review About: Crossrope is a unique jump rope fitness experience designed to give you a fun and effective workout in under 30 minutes, anywhere. Our interchangeable system of ropes allows you to easily and quickly switch between different weights of ropes to give youContinue reading “Crossrope Jump Rope Review”

Superfeet Run Comfort Women’s Insoles Review

Welcome to this post: Superfeet Run Comfort Women’s Insoles Review. Superfeet Run Comfort Women’s Insoles Review About: Designed using women-specific dimensions, Superfeet RUN Comfort Women’s insoles can help runners reduce foot fatigue while gaining efficiency. The Superfeet shape personalizes the shoe to your foot. The EVOLyte carbon fiber cap and AeroSpring Dual Comfort foam combineContinue reading “Superfeet Run Comfort Women’s Insoles Review”

Manduka Yoga Mat Review

Welcome to this post: Manduka Yoga Mat Review. Maybe you landed here because you were searching the web for “Manduka Yoga Mat Review” or “Manduka Mat Review” or “Manduka Pro Mat Review” or “Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Review” or “Manduka Reviews” or “Manduka Yoga Mat Review”. No matter what you’re typing into your search engine,Continue reading “Manduka Yoga Mat Review”

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