Lululemon Athletica Running Apparel Review

Welcome to this post: Lululemon Athletica Running Activewear Review. I have had a recent affinity for buying (and receiving as birthday, Christmas, and “just because” presents) lots of running apparel from Lululemon Athletica. For several years as a runner, I almost exclusively wore Under Armour Frosty Tights when running. They have a great fit, theyContinue reading “Lululemon Athletica Running Apparel Review”

BraceAbility Posture Support Review

Welcome to this post: BraceAbility Posture Support Review. BraceAbility Posture Support Strap About: “This figure-8 clavicle brace provides ultimate support, and its simple design and hook-and-loop closure means it is easy to apply. The clavicle support brace is intended for treatment of clavicle fractures and poor posture. This is a little dry, but it’s importantContinue reading “BraceAbility Posture Support Review”

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