Wellness Holiday Gift Guide 2020

This is my Wellness Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Thanks for stopping by! Firstly, this post contains affiliate links; meaning I receive a small percentage of your purchase back in commissions. There are also coupon codes listed throughout this post for you. Thank you in advance for using these links! It doesn’t matter if I’m buyingContinue reading “Wellness Holiday Gift Guide 2020”

4 Tips: Fitness Motivation for Home Workouts

Wow, what a year. Considering all that 2020 has introduced to us, there’s never been a better time to take a look inside of ourselves and recalibrate. With many gyms closing, it’s an opportunity to create a home workout routine that helps you maintain your bliss, mental fortitude and gratitude for your health. This post;Continue reading “4 Tips: Fitness Motivation for Home Workouts”

Featured in The Good Face Project

In moments like this, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that Feel More Gooder is being seen. Check out my feature in The Good Face Project; an app + community that can help you discover clean beauty brands & products that are geared towards your specific skin type/goals. The Good Face Project: 13 CleanContinue reading “Featured in The Good Face Project”

Video: Long Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth

Video: Long Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth Video: Long Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth. In this video, I share my long hair care routine including all of my tips and tricks for healthy long hair. Watch this video to learn about long hair care, hair brushing, scalp massaging, hair styling, and shampooing withContinue reading “Video: Long Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth”

Real Ways to Improve Body Image

Real Ways to Improve Body Image 3 Ways to Improve Body Image. Hey everyone! In this post I really feel compelled to touch on the relationship we have to our bodies and physical appearance. I don’t want to tell people what to do (ever) but being a woman and hearing how so many people talk,Continue reading “Real Ways to Improve Body Image”

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