Organic Olivia Herbal Teas

Organic Olivia Herbal Teas are created by Herbalist Olivia Amitrano. She has masterfully formulated this conscious line of herbal teas. Her line of teas offers a range of functionally-formulated potions. For instance, this tea line includes tea blends for aims like Gut Support, Immune Support, and even dropping into the heart chakra.

Organic Olivia Herbal Teas line offers a modern approach to traditional herbal medicine. The Organic Olivia team blends science with intuition to create focused formulas that address the root cause of systemic imbalanced. Herbs are for everyone, and team OO wants you to feel welcome to the club.

Organic Olivia was born because Olivia believes it is her life’s work to share the information she needed when she was struggling. She is passionate about offering plant remedies to the collective in a way that resonates with people from all walks of life. Her goal is to bring balance to the conversation without any judgement. Olivia is someone who understands that both herbs and modern interventions have their place.

What started as a blog cataloguing her health journey, sharing what diet changes helped her, and what herbs made a difference… turned into an Organic Olivia community and now a company where she gets to share her toolbox with others.