Purity Coffee

Purity Coffee is completely focused on health from bean to bag.  Purity roasts for the highest levels of antioxidants and the lowest levels of acrylamide. Their coffee is also lab-tested to be free of molds, mycotoxins, and pesticides. One of the easiest changes anyone can make to their diet is to switch to healthier coffee!

Purity believes the best coffee hits a high standard for every step of the coffee production process. From coffee plant to coffee pot, they call this complex combination of health and good taste “The Purity Standard.”

For Purity, a holistic approach to coffee and health is crucial. They believe consumers deserve to know how their coffee is grown, harvested, processed, stored, tested, and shipped. At Purity Coffee, they strive to hit the marks that they’ve set for themselves, but they are well aware that there’s always room for improvement. For transparency, they see it as important to let Purity Coffee customers know how they measure up.

In 2022, Purity bought their first coffee farm in Colombia and have begun partnering with their other producers to combine efforts & grow the healthiest coffee possible year after year. The healthiest coffee means that while it is free from harsh contaminants such as pesticides, mold, and mycotoxins as a baseline; it is also highest in CGA and other antioxidants. Purity Coffee is in the process of studying best practices in regenerative farming, which they believe produces coffees highest in nutrition and compounds that make you feel good and ready to take on what life throws at you.

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