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Welcome to this post: Lambs EMF Clothing Review.

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lambs emf clothing


  • Wireless & radiation proof apparel
  • UPF 50+
  • Antimicrobial
  • Heat-diffusing
  • Breathable

Brand Information

  • Uses advanced fabric technology
  • Featured in GQ, Men’s Health, & Forbes
  • Backed by serious science
  • Utilizes wavestopper technology

Health Benefits

  • Blocks external stressors
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Enhances cognition & reduces brain fog
  • Promotes good sleep
  • Clearer, healthier skin
lambs emf apparel
You’re reading: Lambs EMF Clothing Review.

In the current time we are in, my awareness of the effects of WIFI, EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), and EMRs (electromagnetic radiation) has risen. More than ever, we are surrounded by WIFI signals and electromagnetic signals. Too, the impact on human health is becoming more apparent as science catches up to gut feelings many of us have had for years now.

NASA Technology

Perhaps the coolest part about this brand is that they utilize the same technology as NASA does.

Here’s where Lambs comes in. Lambs’ apparel uses SilverFlex™ fibers that mitigate your EMF exposure. They are toxic-free, do not use any nano-particles, and cannot be scratched off or washed out. Check out more about Lamb’s technology on their website.

In addition, the science behind Lamb’s EMf protection clothing is pretty neat. I would encourage you to dive into the research they’ve done.

Lambs EMF Clothing Review

After extensively looking into all the ways that Lambs EMF clothing can help my livelihood, I was quick to start spreading more information about his option. Too, I even bought a few Lambs pieces for my Dad for his birthday recently. I truly believe that we can all benefit (even in invisible ways) from protecting ourselves from the fallout of the modern convenience of WIFI signals.

The Lambs Clothing products that I’ve either acquired for myself or purchased for family include:

EMF-Proof Beanie by Lambs

Faraday Boxer Briefs by Lambs

Women’s Faraday T-Shirt (Women) by Lambs

Men’s Faraday T Shirt (Men) by Lambs

Lambs Antibacterial Crew Socks by Lambs

The Feel of the Fabric

If you are considering Lambs clothing and are curious what to expect, think cozy, staple items. Though every item contains silver protective fabric, these pieces are not bulky nor uncomfortable. When I wear the Faraday shirt, I often forget that I’m wearing EMF clothing because it is so comfortable. Too, the pieces feel substantial and high-quality. They are low-profile, go with a myriad of outfit styles and are particularly ideal for traveling.

Protection When Traveling

I’ve enjoyed having more peace of mind when traveling, knowing that I have some bodily protection from the x-ray airport scanner, WIFI signals, and other EMRs present. I think of Lambs EMF apparel as similar to investing in a good water filter (use code FMG10 for 10% off). My passion for doing what you can to help yourself stay vital was a catalyst for writing this Lambs EMF Clothing Review. In other words, you can’t necessarily feel the difference in a big way, but you have a clear conscience knowing that you are taking measures to protect your health.

Lambs vs Any Competitors

Lambs EMF Clothing is the best of its kind as best I can tell from my research. As always, I would advocate for you to do your own reading on this, too. There’s a good chance you’ll learn something new, especially since this conversation is not super mainstream. They offer several apparel pieces to outfit yourself, with a variety of colors, too.

You’re reading: Lambs EMF Clothing Review.
lambs emf clothing

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No matter what brought you here, I’m glad you made it and I truly appreciate your support. I’ve been blogging on holistic wellness since 2012 and the more I learn, the more stoked & reignited I get to continue researching & sharing. I truly hope this Lambs EMF Clothing Review.

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