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Welcome to this post: Work From Home with Quartet Boards.

Work From Home with Quartet Boards

Fortunately for me, I started working from home for my full-time job months before our current planetary situation. My make-shift standing desk was a source of pride. It was set up in our living room to create an accessible workflow for me. This set up allows me to stay in the action for letting Kona. She is our black labrador mix rescue. I get to let her outside when she needs to go out; this is important to me. Going outside is just a few steps into the kitchen for a quick coffee refill and/or snack.

Though I’ve generally been happy with my set-up, I truly didn’t know about the potential for the space. I didn’t know what I was missing. Also, being someone that’s a fan of keeping my workspace somewhat decluttered, I wasn’t looking for more things to add to my desk.

My stance on that completely changed when I learned about Quartet Glass Dry Erase Boards, computer pads and home office additions. Here’s a little background on Quartet:

Established in 1954 as Quartet Manufacturing, the Quartet brand quickly became the premier provider of whiteboard products. ACCO Brands acquired the company in 2005. They continue to build on its history of innovation and superior quality. By expanding its selection of dry-erase and glass boards, they equip education audiences. 

Courtesy of
quartet glass dry erase boards

Here are the attributes that initially drew me to Quartet as a product line that could feasibly work in my space:

  • Beautiful designs
  • Practicality + usefulness
  • Quality + durability
  • Efficient designs take up minimal space
  • How they serve as a reminder to dream + create

The Quartet Products I’m Using:

  • Notepads – in White/Marble
  • Computer Pad – in Marble

work from home computer pad dry erase

You’re reading: Work From Home with Quartet Boards.

desktop easel dry erase board
Quartet Desktop Easel
Boards notepad dry erase
Quartet Notepads
computer pad dry erase
Quartet Computer Pad

Overall Experience with Quartet Glass Dry Erase Boards

It’s obvious that my workspace has received a major upgrade both in terms of design aesthetic and practical tools to make my workflow more efficient. What’s not so obvious is that I’ve truly felt more encouraged to write things down. Whether it’s a few words I recently heard that are inspiring me, or a few things I need to get done, or somethings to brainstorm on; I’ve found myself reaching for these boards.

Something about the appear of having them sitting pretty on my desk has served as a reminder to keep creating. Especially in a time like this, any reminder to go inside of myself and stay in my flowstate is a good thing.

There have been times where I used one of the boards for weekly to-do’s, the computer pad for daily to-do’s and then the other notepad for how to prioritize them. I’ve also found myself differentiating them by work stuff vs. blog stuff. Since blogging is not my full time job, I sometimes feel like I’m juggling a lot in terms of time allotment for both things.

Since I have such a deep enthusiasm for my work as a blogger, I care a lot about the quality and workmanship that goes into my content. It needs to feel both authentic to me and provide value to my community and/or the brand I’m sharing about.

Additional Specs

Each Quartet product comes with a dry-erase marker that comes equipped with an eraser on the cap. Quartet also provides multi-colored packs of markers as well.

In addition to their small space friendly boards, Quartet also makes several other board sizes and materials such as cork boards and fabric boards. If you have a larger space that you’re looking to outfit, be sure to take a look at their full product line to find the best fit for your space.

Thank you for stopping by to check out this post: Work From Home with Quartet Boards.

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