Candelles Clean Soy Candles

Candelles Clean Soy Candles offer all natural fragrance oils, soy wax, lead free wicks, and phlalate free fragrances.

Because soy wax is the cleanest and most efficient wax to burn, Candelles candles have excellent burn times. Their standard candles will burn 80-120 hours, their petite candles will burn 30-50 hours, and their tumblers will burn 75-100 hours.

Before Candelles was even a seed of an idea, Candelles Clean Soy Candles founder and owner Kelley enjoyed candles so much that she started dabbling in making them at home for herself, and quickly fell in love with the process. She found it incredibly therapeutic creating something bright and beautiful from raw, all-natural products.

A few years later, Kelley heard of Etsy and just knew she wanted to create and sell something on this up-and-coming marketplace. She thought candle-making would be the perfect avenue since she already had the passion, supplies, and skills. In the weeks of February 2013, Candelles was born.

Essentially, Candelles was not an overnight success. Kelley felt like she had flopped within just a month or two. After producing a wood wick candle that just didn’t stay lit, Kelley’s burgeoning operations were put on hold after the money she had invested into this project had depleted from refunding all unsatisfied customers.
Present day, Kelley makes beautiful Candelles Clean Soy Candles with scents that are inspired by and suitable for each season.
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