100 Percent Pure Healthy Foundation

100 Percent Pure Healthy Foundation is a full coverage, fruit-pigmented liquid foundation for a flawless complexion. Soothing aloe, oil-absorbing rice powder, and antioxidant-rich superfruit oils make this clean and effective pick. On the spectrum of dewy finish to matte finish, I would say this one trends towards matte, but lets your skin’s natural shine come through so that it doesn’t look too flat/unnatural.

This formula is skin-perfecting, full coverage, and matte-leaning foundation enriched with antioxidant-packed superfruits, vitamins, and other skin-nourishing nutrients. Think of this foundation as a creamy liquid formula that sets with a pristine matte finish for velvety smooth, soft skin. Rice powder and gorgeous fruit pigments deliver 100% opacity. 100 Percent Pure Healthy Foundation for is ideal for absolute full coverage of dark circles or hyperpigmentation, controlling shine, and balancing excess oil on your face.

With 9 options in their shade range, 100 Percent Pure offers a decent amount of options in terms of shades. If you find yourself more tan in the summer and lighter during the colder months, I like to keep two different shades on hand so that I can mix to match where my skin is at.

This formula, like all 100 Percent Pure makeup products is cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and made in the USA.

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